Thursday, August 8, 2019

A B C You loose

Hello and welcome from where ever your are. From a recent post here is the following:

Heads - The SGSM will destroy the worlds economies. We will go back into the dark ages.
Tails - The few that control everyone will get 5G installed and will control everything.
Coin stands on its side - Ice age. 

Which one do you think will happen? I am thinking of Tails and the internet of everything. Social media and social media control can't happen without 5G. As part of the tails toss, the SGSM will just fit in perfectly. With food becoming short, people will need to be controlled. What would you do if you had no food and your children were hungry? 

I want to talk about The Coin Stands on it's side. This blog has been about the Super Grand Solar Minimum and for good reason. It looks for certain that we are looking at a coming cooling period that will completely wipe out modern agriculture. We are also facing some other real problems,  The three monsters are listed in the graphic below. After thinking about all this coin flipping, I have come to the conclusion that its not a coin flip at all. Its just one big dangerous  A B C sequence.

As I stated above the SGSM fits in perfectly with item B "Global Governance". While Global Governance has been pushed using global warming, I suspect that will change and Climate Change  will quickly become global cooling. If Item A wipes out modern agriculture, then this will become a global problem that needs global solutions.

In the end I see three global solutions. They may be China, Russia and the rest of the world. All is needed now is for the US to become part of the rest of the world. While I have my own opinions on what is coming politically, Ill let you come up with your own ideas.

So lets talk about item C. We are overdue for an Ice Age. As you have seen in some of my blogs, the earth over the past millions of years has been an ice planet with short periods of warming. Here is more from my blog below:

A coming Ice Age is possibly indicated by the Ulysses SWOOPS project. It indicated that the solar wind from our sun is slowly getting less intense over time. The solar wind is a stream of charged particles released from the upper atmosphere of the Sun, called the corona. This corona reduction is a direct indication of the weakening sun. As a proponent of the electrical universe, this reduction is caused my reduced electrical current in the form of plasma transmission which powers our plasma sun. Plasma has three modes (perhaps more). One is a no glow mode, two is a low glow mode and the third is what we see on the sun today. Yes you are looking at plasma and it lights your day. According to the SWOOPS project, the coronal output is being reduced which if the input to the sun is lowered enough will eventually go into a low glow mode. At this point the suns output will be reduced by 70% which kicks us into an Ice Age. "Collapse of the sun's primer field".

The graphic below describes Item C. The graphic is from the website of Rolf A. F. Witzsche. Here is the URL for his website.

Item C is indicated by the reduced solar wind. We are seeing this in reduced SI and increased cosmic rays. From the looks of the graph, we have about 10 years where the sun will go crazy. At around 2029, the sun will really start its reduction in SI and it's decent into it's low glow mode which will happen around 2040. At that point, the Ice Age will begin and will be that way for millions of years. Looks like Item B will have its final run from around 2020 and 2029. Probably at that point, there will be no Global Governance.

One other item not discussed which would probably be item B2. Item B2 would be the pole shift taking place. It looks like in the next 10 years (Global Governance period) the magnetic pole of the earth may shift. This could possibly speed up the entry into item C. As the pole shift keeps changing, the earths magnetic field will become weaker and weaker which will cause even more cosmic rays and cloud coverage.

Big dangerous  A B C sequence.

Item A - 2018 to 2030 - SGSM
Item B - 2020 to 2029 - Global Governance and G5
Item B2 - ???? to 2029 - Pole Shift
Item C - 1998 to 2040 - Ice Age

OK, I need to get to bed as I need to make some Microgreen deliveries in the morning. This is probably one of my more crazy blogs, but I don't think I am too wrong. As things progress, my mind is slowly changing about what is coming in the future.

Cheers and best of everything.

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  1. Food shortages are already beginning to become evident...and worst yield in 20 years from our garden this year...

  2. How about adding Item A2: Volcanic eruptions putting particulates high into the atmosphere and A3: Geoengineering.

  3. Out in the Country in Canada.. perfect spot.... just learned how to run an aquaponics system...look up RAM PUMP for water without power... GOOD LUCK!

  4. Come to Panama where we are preparing a 12 month growing environment, dehydration, organic living, helping to feed and educate the world, and low population but with all amenities of first world, without 5g.

    1. Mate, Panama is geologically unsafe. Whatever you build there will fall. Find yourself a craton to build on.

  5. southern ireland seems a safe area to live..only 3 million humans

  6. also i think a coronal mass ejection and resulting eathquakes and volcanic activity poses the greatest danger for mankind...a direct hit may come 2020 hence they are doing the covid19 control system now before the shit hits the fan.

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