Friday, July 19, 2019

Yes We Have Arrived

There is a compression and a quickening coming on this earth that  is coming at us faster and more compressed every day. It is like a leaking dam that will soon burst forth and take even those who have seen all this coming surprised. There are some heavy choices we will soon all individually have to make. Will we choose our basic goodness or will we sit idle while we are consumed by what is coming? The winds of war by man and nature are all around us. Hatred is slowly seeping into the very structures of what we call society. There have become sides, sides that only separate all of our human activities. There is also sides that have taken place in nature. We can hear and see these sides as they compress against each other much like what has been happening in our so called human societies. Men and mankind have arrived at this unique point. It is a point that will require our attention and use of our free will. Will we continue to ignore what nature is telling is? Will we continue to let the few choose for us? Will we remain stuck in our indecision? Will we run and hide as we are consumed by this great tide of destruction? Will we let war reign or will we choose peace and love? Will we choose community against what is coming as cold times approach or will we go on in our own little ways?

Yes we have arrived and there is no going back. Many will not see this and will see what I have written as a ranting by an old man, but even the most cutoff in their own little worlds will waken to the noise and fury of what is going to take place, Things soon will not be business as unusual.

War and global cooling are quickly approaching.
War is a choice
Global cooling is a fact and reality

Both are waiting our decisions. What Will you do?


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