Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Signs of the Times

We truly live in interesting times. If you can read the signs of the times you can predict what is coming. You will be able to predict the future. You will be like the Oracle of Delphi.  Well not really but its sounds good - that is the Oracle part anyway. I understood that the Oracle of Delphi gave very ambiguous predictions of the future. The SGSM is sort of that way. We know its coming, but we are not sure how bad it will be.

Uunderstanding the signs of the time is quite doable. The signs are all over the place if we only look. There are some really strange and crazy things happening and we only have to interpret them. I love bullet points, so here are some that are signs that need looking at.

  • The US 2019 spring planting season.
  • The incessant IPCC pushing global warming and CO2.
  • Crop failures and Pig Flu in China.
  • Australia importing wheat,
  • China importing Soy Beans.
  • The push out of  5G,
  • The magnetic pole shift and possible flip.
  • Increase of large volcanic eruptions.
  • Increase in earth quakes.
  • Increase in Clouds.
  • Increase in Cosmic Rays.
  • Canned peas not available at Walmart.

I am not going to cover all the above bullet points, but every one of them has been in the news or can be researched by using a search engine. Remember I am preaching to the choir?

Note the car in the above graphic. It's been driven by a crazed Brit as he is driving on the wrong side of the road (He Thinks) but he is in the US and is confused. It's the same for the SGSM, it's a road to confusion, but soon mapped out by time.

The US 2019 spring planting season.
The winter and spring of 2019 has been a brutal one, This winter we saw arctic temperatures come as far south as  Illinois.  Canada had a rough time of it, and we saw piles of snow and then rain cover and eventually flood the central planes and our breadbasket here in the US. Corn really took a hit this spring during the planting season. We saw massive state wide floods and rivers overflow and actually inundate stored grains. River traffic was brought to a standstill and as I write this (July 17) the Mississippi is still flooded. Just ask the people along it and in New Orleans. Crops like Wheat, Soy, Rice and Corn have had their planting opportunities pushed forward. Some of the listed crops never got planted, and some that were planted are not looking very good because of poor planting conditions. It is not confirmed, but we may see a reduction of 30 to 40% in corn harvest this year.

Below is a picture of failed corn about a mile from where I live. Its been tough here in Texas on corn. We had a very cool spring, rain, wind, a dry period followed by heavy rain and then it warmed up. Most corn around here has failed as the conditions were just not right.

The above (rather poor) picture of the corn shows stalks that are a  bit larger than my smallest finger. There is no corn on these stalks and wont be. I followed this corn from the first planting. When the corn came up, it looked very good, but as the environment changed so did the outcome. Two years ago this same plot looked great.

IPCC Those guys at the UN who know it all with their settled science. It's not really about climate but about you. It's about control and taxes and money and power. I hope all these people sleep well, but if you have no conscience you can sleep anywhere and with anyone and even down a rabbit hole. I would run and run quickly away from anything coming out of the UN. Even the Pope like these guys.

Galactic cosmic rays
Galactic cosmic rays consist primarily of energetic protons, The flux and energy distribution of galactic protons reaching a planetary surface is modulated by the solar cycle. See graphic below. You will note that  a decrease in sun spots which reflects the energy from the sun is directly related to  the amount of galactic cosmic rays. Because the sun is cooling we are seeing a slow increase in these rays. See the two graphics below. Note, the data plotted is from the neutron counting rates at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

The graphic below is a recording from a balloon of solar radiation over time (2015 to 2018). Note the increase in galactic cosmic rays. This matches up with the above graphic. The red dot marks where the balloon flight took place in California. Increased Cosmic Rays means more clouds and a cooling planet, along with more rain.

UPDATE - See Graphic below. Here is the latest update from our moon. Yes Cosmic Rays are increasing even around the moon.  More and more clouds and you know what that means.

Australia to import wheat for first time in a decade 
This importing comes as a severe 2-year drought continues to plague Australian wheat producing areas. The Wheat is being purchased from Canadian wheat sellers. What I am worried about is that this will not continue (at least from Canada) as the SGSM becomes more intense and Canada goes off line as a wheat supplier. Also, the drought is expected to continue in Australia for years to come.
From the news, it is looking like Australia will experience a brutal winter. I hope things improve for our friends in Australia.

Crop failures and Pig Flu in China.

The headline reads: Pig Ebola” is spreading uncontrollably in China and Vietnam. China produces 60% of the worlds pigs.

While dead pigs cannot be blamed on the SGSM, it puts pressure on food supplies that have been reduced because of it. China is experiencing much of the same corn problems we are experiencing here in the US. Drought, floods and cold weather have created the same problems we have experienced this spring. While there is this back and forth squabbling between the US and China over imports and exports, China will soon need to import huge amounts of food to feed its people. All of this is not looking good, as China and the US produce much of the worlds corn. While farmers are understandably mad at our leaders, I have a feeling soon there may not be much available to be mad about because of reduced crop output. Next winter and spring of 2019 / 2020 will tell the story.

Increase in Clouds.
Wow its cooler when its cloudy - Hear that IPCC and others? If you have children, they probably know that. But for those non believers here is a graph below.

You can get the PDF covering the paper on this subject at this URL. Hope this links stays up. Another thing that the IPCC ignores is that the suns output is always changing and is cyclic. as in 11, 200, 400 and 3200 years and with digital regularity goes into an ice age.

Canned peas not available at Walmart
And then there is Walmart and those peas!! I am not sure what to make of this. My wife came home from Walmart and told me she had seen the same produce shortage warning (explanation??). I understand that the food chain Kroger had (has) a similar thing but explained it as crop shortages. Some said that peas are being used to make fake meat, Some say its the military sucking as much food into their underground bunkers. Me? I have no idea, but there is an explanation behind it all, and its probably not good. See an article titled "Due To A Poor Harvest Season, We're Experiencing Shortages On Many Canned Vegetable Items" at Zero Hedge. Here is the URL.

OK, so start reading the signs of the times. If you do, it will put you far ahead of the next door neighbor. I would really suggest that you start growing your own food. When is it a good time to start? The answer is your are years behind and had better get caught up quickly.

Update: My wife just made a trip to our local HEB store, HEB pretty well rules Texas and kicks Walmart's ass on prices and availability. Its a huge Texas grocery chain. My wife also saw rows of empty shelf space for canned vegetables, but no notices. So its not just Walmart or Kroger, its HEB. This leads me to think that there is really a shortage. Why all of a sudden makes me wonder. Was this a well kept secret? Or was it something else? Is this happening all over the US? And is there one large producer of canned vegetables? Is the Gov. behind this or what. I have questions but no answers.

I am wishing you the best of everything - Think community.

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