Sunday, July 7, 2019

OK It's Almost Time

I keep telling myself the above thing as well. Its time, its time. I can hear it ringing in my ears, but I keep living my life as if it will go on forever, just like it did the past twenty years.  If you are reading this blog with any regularity. then you know what I have been writing about. Its not how wonderful things are and how they will continue. Is it fear porn or gloom and doom? Not really. That would be true only if it was a lie, and I can tell you that I don't lie, and I am finished speculating.

What is coming is REAL.

It's not a fairy tale or fiction. Its not a made up game to draw people to this blog and the few others who are calling out that it's getting cooler and we will soon be in trouble if something is not done. In my case I could better use my time taking care of my family than typing on this keyboard, but I really do care about people. I care about the people I met today, and yesterday and the check out clerk at Walmart. The nice lady I gave some microgreens to yesterday and the person who made me a soft drink this morning as I headed for work. All of these people deserve to know about what is coming. And there are people out there that don't want that to happen. So for the next year or so, it will be up to you and that old  guy and his blog to get the word out. Others like Adapt 2030 and the Ice Age Farmer are in the middle of this as well. There are very few others that are blowing trumpets and making any noise at all about this. Our country needs to get moving and it isn't. The world needs to start communicating and it isn't.

For the past few weeks, there has been some startling news, mostly about crop failures and really nasty weather. The Chinese just starting purchasing soy from the US and they will eventually loose a huge amount of their corn crop from drought, floods and the latest attack of corn worms. I told a good friend of mine that the Chinese would eventually come begging, as they will soon have a huge problem feeding their people. While we are not now looking at worms here in the US, we are looking at a really bad planting season. If you like anything with corn products in it you eventually (very soon) should expect huge price increases. Europe, Africa and Australia are doing no better as drought and floods take their toll on crop outputs. Countries and regions that once supplied huge amounts of grains are becoming importers. What does this true story tell? It tells a story of huge shortages and price increases.

One other thing that seems to be happening is an increase in earth quakes and volcanoes that are pushing their explosive blasts which contain a lot of sun reflecting chemicals into the stratosphere where it will circle and cool the planet. This has a collective effect as it will circle the earth for up to two years. The more we have these explosions the larger the cooling effect.

The above is the truth. As I stated, it is not fear porn or gloom and doom. What I am stating are the facts and the truth. It's documented news and you can prove it to your self by just looking at it as I did.

 So what are we to do? I must admit that I am just shaking my head. There might just be a tiny gleam of hope for this world as some of those who called me crazy are now saying - hmm - well lets see what happens. I just hope there is time.

Sooo if you have friends and family, now is the time to get in their face. Collect some information and present it to them. Encourage them to look at David's Adapt 2030 site or Christian's site the Ice Age Farmer. If you are really desperate you might suggest my blog.

So looking at the sun clock at the top of this page. Is it really 5 minutes to the start of the Super Grand Solar Minimum? The answer is really no, as it started more than ten years ago. Things are just getting started and are becoming more visible. Get ready for some really interesting times, but this time things could quickly become dangerous.
Get the word out, prepare and start growing your own food.
So they said smile, things could be worse. So I smiled, and guess what? They got worse.

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