Monday, July 29, 2019

Is It Too Late?

The above is a very good question. Is it too late? Have we arrived at a time in our history where we have come to a make or break decision time? Is it just me? Surely more people than me are looking at what is happening here in the US and around the world politically, socially and financially.  Add that to the SGSM and there are loads to think about. I am almost having heart palpitations when I think about it. I have been thinking about not writing any more on this blog. The reason is that I cannot see how any of this is getting to the general public. Even if it did, I have an idea that no one would read it. I am totally amazed at what people are thinking and talking about and its not any of the things I have listed above.  Here are some of the things I see that will and will not happen:

  • People will not get their retirement money that they have saved for.
  • Prices are increasing on everything but people are not getting increased wages.
  • 5G will be needed to control everything especially your life.
  • Politically the US and the world is in shambles.
  • Most countries are so deep in debt that they can no longer pay it back.
  • Most people really don't know how the world is run.
  • Your bank can actually take your money if they need it to pay debts.
  • Social Media has destroyed people being social.
  • There seems to be more hate in the world.
  • Most people don't see the Super Grand Solar Minimum coming.
  • Most people don't see our global food growing systems failing.
  • Most people don't see that the world is cooling.
So here is my toss up. Lets toss the coin.

Heads - The SGSM will destroy the worlds economies. We will go back into the dark ages.
Tails - The few that control everyone will get 5G installed and will control everything.
Coin stands on its side - Ice age. 

Which one do you think will happen? I am thinking of Tails and the internet of everything. Social media and social media control can't happen without 5G. As part of the tails toss, the SGSM will just fit in perfectly. With food becoming short, people will need to be controlled. What would you do if you had no food and your children were hungry? 

So if tails happens, I can almost assure you that it's our fault. The reason is that nothing was said, nothing was objected to. We were all too busy eating pizza and drinking beer, and we had our cell phones you know where. We either did not see it coming or we didn't really care or we thought that it was stupid or crazy. Or perhaps we were in a dumb stupor from eating fast food and GMO? 

Personally I think it's too late, but it may never be too late. Perhaps the coin we just flipped is a magic one from another dimension and it has four sides. The fourth side is that none of this will happen. Things will be great. CO2 will continue to grow, and plants and trees will get larger and healthier. People will start loving each other and see each of us as their brother or sister. People will wake up and see what is actually happening and how they are being controlled.

So do you really believe that there is a fourth side to a coin?

Wishing you the best and wishing for a four sided coin.

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