Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ice Age in our future?

What! New York City is burning up and France became a part of Hell. How can there be an Ice Age coming? And look at all that CO2 and all those bad humans pumping out CO2. Even that guy down in Central Texas is driving his vehicle more than he needs to, makes you shudder right?. Look at all those hydrocarbons being produced especially in Texas. You must realize that people are much more powerful than the sun right? That gas emitting cow will just override anything that the sun may do? To save the planet we must - well just stop existing. Then the earth can heal it's self and become the paradise it needs to be, Or we could build monster CO2 absorbing devices that cover the earth. Or perhaps we can modify the sea so it absorbs more CO2, Who knows we may kill off all that plant life that is so dangerous Then - as the moon rises on a planet that is devoid of humans Mother Nature will become happy again.

Naaa don't think so. But as bad as the above is really bad from the prospective of a CO2 head, there is something just as bad or worse that may be lurking out there. You can't see it unless you look closely. and even worse there may be two really bad things lurking. Going to my beloved bullet points, there are:

  • Lurking 1 - The SGSM. All of the suns magnetic fields are going out of phase.
  • Lurking 2 - The sun is headed into a low glow mode which will start a new Ice Age.
  • Lurking 3 - Oops, I forgot about this one. Stupid, double stupid man may start another world war and use atomic weapons. That will show the sun who is boss!
  • Lurking 4- A combo effect. See below.
You will note that in all the above three lurks, that the sun is mentioned. You don't get why the sun is part of lurk three? Well how about all the world burning and blocking out the sun. In world war three no one survives. Either over a short period or an agonizing painful long term one. 

Lurk 1. We have the evidence of Professor Valentina Zharkova. While what she is suggesting and actually proving, it does not include the possibilities of an Ice Age. Just an almost complete collapse of modern agriculture and huge and expensive food shortages, but not an Ice Age. This is bad enough as it will put a large dent in the worlds population. Even worse we can see this happening as I write this blog. Food will at some point in the next few years become money.

Lurk 2. This is indicated by the Ulysses SWOOPS project. It indicated that the solar wind from our sun is slowly getting less intense over time. The solar wind is a stream of charged particles released from the upper atmosphere of the Sun, called the corona. This corona reduction is a direct indication of the weakening sun. As a proponent of the electrical universe, this reduction is caused my reduced electrical current in the form of plasma transmission which powers our plasma sun. Plasma has three modes (perhaps more). One is a no glow mode, two is a low glow mode and the third is what we see on the sun today. Yes you are looking at plasma and it lights your day. According to the SWOOPS project, the coronal output is being reduced which if the input to the sun is lowered enough will eventually go into a low glow mode. At this point the suns output will be reduced by 70% which kicks us into an Ice Age.

Lurk 3. This will make lurk 1 and lurk 2 irrelevant as there will be few around to see it's effects. Of all the stupid, insane and mind blowing and evil things in this world. Atomic weapons are at the top of the list along with atomic power plants. I wont even go here as the consequences are almost mind boggling.

Lurk 4. This is my pick. Because of Lurk 1 and 2, mankind will pull the trigger on Lurk 3. This will be the most stupid thing that man has done even back when he stuck his finger in a fire. It will put an end to all things. My and your hopes and dreams and family will become a radioactive mush.

Jeepers, I don't know how to write this to sound even worse, but I wish I could. You and I are sitting at a crossroad. Three monsters are coming down the road. Any of which could result in Lurk 4.  Its really man's choice. But you know how that goes, Most people cant even agree about the simplest things. If that is true, then we should expect an even greater failure to agree on what I have just written. Which leads me to the following:

You had better wish that there is a God that will prevent us from destroying this beautiful blue marble of a planet and His precious children. When I look at what I have written, I hurt in my heart for the children, the youth and the old and the pure of heart. There are some most wonderful people walking this earth. They are loving and giving and understand what they are capable of. You may be one of them. I meet them every day and they make me smile. There is no greed or hatred in their hearts and they are walking examples of what a human could be if they only choose it, Surly these are worth saving? What if every one suddenly realized that we all could have a blessed future? We can you know, as its just a simple yes that even a child can see and understand. But we are grown up humans and we all know better.

Here is wishing that you see the simple loving child that you once may have been.


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