Saturday, July 6, 2019

How to Kill Society

If you have been following the news, you may have noticed:

That it's now a bad thing to be nationalistic. Being nationalistic is just a hate crime. The world cannot work if every one is nationalistic. We all need to come together in one great homogenized glob of humanity if we are to save the planet. We need a centralized world to do this, as who knows, those pesky French or Italians or Russians may go off on their own and be hard to control.

That seems to be the way we are being pushed. Lately, some countries have almost lost their identities. Europe is slowly becoming - Well not European. It is my opinion that culture and nationalistic identities are the best thing that humans have developed over the last few thousand years. I spent many years traveling around this world, and what I enjoyed the most about my massive CO2 generating travels was this wonderful mix of cultures and peoples that made each place unique. So below is a statement that I find to be really true:

There is no peace in a world that is culturally dead.

In fact a world that has no culture is a very dead place. It will be a place that has been stripped of its very best things and replaced with a mediocre existence. Its right out of the book "1984". It's a "one size fits all" sort of thing. It's a "We Know Better" sort of oppression by the few.

So what is this blog about and how does it fit in with Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum? If you have read other blogs that I have written, you know that I push community. In a homogenized world there can be no community, just a strange oneness or hopelessness. If we as nations, peoples and societies and cultures are to survive what is coming, then we must soon and really soon think about communities. The following are my reasoning for this:

  • Mono-culture growing of food will soon fail and it has already started all over the world.
  • There is technology available to survive the cold, but we need to implement it now.
  • We need to educate everyone on what is coming.
  • Billions of people have no idea what they would do if we have a breakdown in commercial growing and transportation of food, medical needs or just basic sanitation. 
  • People have no idea how to obtain or purify safe water.
  • People have no idea how to keep warm when there is no power.
  • People need to learn how to grow food.
  • We need thousands of communities that contain enough people to grow and feed many thousands and eventually millions of people all over the planet. 
  • Countries must work together to combat what is coming.
  • Nothing- Nothing will happen if we keep our dead science pointing to global warming and CO2.
  • Only with a warm climate can we continue to feed 7 billion plus people on this planet.
  • There is no Joy for you or for your family or for the world in watching people die from lack of food or basic needs.
I could possibly write pages more of bullet points, but I am sure the reader gets the idea where I am going. So I am hoping that you understand that the human race has been blessed with global warming, not cursed. This is coming to an end soon, and the blessing will disappear and we will be left with the curse of global cooling. It will continue to be a curse unless we do something. so enjoy it while you can. Note that the global warming we enjoyed is your blessing because if it did not occur, you and I would probably never have been born.

So what can be done about what we are facing. It's coming at us at almost ballistic speed. Society now has many problems of which all could have world crushing implications. The worst and most bitter and damning is apathy. With apathy as king, communities will never happen. 1984 may become a reality. Nationalism and societies may vanish from the earth. And each of us could become the enemy. How does one person get the word out that we may soon pray for warmer weather? How does one person cause anything to happen? I have no idea except that millions must speak out. But as long as the world continues to be oppressed, and the beer is cold and the Pizza a cell call away this will never happen. Apathy will reign king.

What are your ideas? Will it really take hard times before people wake up, and will it be too late?


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