Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Happy 4th. of July 

Ya, happy 4th. Independence day. The day the English king was told to suck a rock. It's one day early, but close enough. I had considered what I would write about in my blog, so here is it's basis:

I Love the United States, but NOT SO MUCH IT'S LEADERS. 

I grew up in the 50's and 60's. I like being free but not so much a free range slave. At one time I thought this country was actually run by people who voted for their representatives.  Boy was I wrong. As I look back in American history, I can see it failing from the start. The British never really gave up on the US and the bankers are still here today. Our politicians were probably bought off from the very start. I actually love the English and England, and there is English blood along with some German and French too flowing through my veins and are a part of my DNA. The French and German part came here to get away from Kings and taxes. Some of the English part on my wife's side was put on a ship and dumped here because they probably did not have any employment. Good way to rid a country of it's poor I would say. All of my relatives saw coming here as a new opportunity. I have Pirates, English Sea Captains and some of the very first truck drivers (minus the trucks). One of my grandfathers was a teamster and transported freight from the coast into Central Texas. My English Sea Captain was actually in charge of taking all those French trouble makers in Canada down to New Orleans.  Ya you can thank him for all the good food. My French relatives came to this Continent before the American Revolution. So where am I going with this blog?

What I am really sad about today is that all the hopes, joys and hard work done by generations before me has been muted and replace with slavery that they initially fled from. So you say you are not a slave? Just own a home, and don't make a payment. Don't pay your taxes. Don't get a drivers license, Don't get your car inspected. Don't have some sort of ID. Do all this and see how quickly your world comes crashing down, Many will say that doing all the above things is good, and I would agree with some of it. But it really points out what life has become as it revolves around money and control and power. Yes we here in the US are like our chicken friends. We are free range chickens slaves. You are controlled and manipulated by people and organization you don't even know. You just think you are in control.

OK enough of that. I am happy about one thing, and that is I am in control of my very soul. No one can manage or own that except me. And in the end, things will work out for me even if they don't.

So what am I thinking about as July 4th. comes and goes. I am thinking about family, My children and my grandchildren and how lucky I am to have lived through some of the best and worst times this country has ever experienced. Sorrowfully I think that this has and is coming to an end at the speed of the SGSM. If you have a mother or father or children or a wife or some one that is really special, go give them a hug and tell them how important they are to you. Then start planning for your and their futures.

One last note: As I traveled around the world, many asked me where I was from. They were surprised that I said 'Texas".  While there are some real problems here, Texas is what the rest of the world needs to look at. Texas is a great addition to the US. I plan to do a blog on Texas soon. Texas has a heritage of all sorts of people. Spanish, French, Mexican, Indian and people from all over the world that came here with their dreams. Texas would not be Texas with out them. As one guy once said, "you can all go to hell, but I am going to Texas". (or something like that).

Wishing you and yours the best of everything on this 4th.. If you are not from the US, I am sorry for what this country has become. If I had it my way, I would never treat this world as an apple to be picked or eaten, Try not to be a free range chicken slave.

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