Thursday, July 25, 2019

Due to Bad Harvest

I would imagine that most people reading this blog have never seen the above heading in your local food store before. From the looks of what is happening all over the United States, it seems that last year we had a very poor harvest for things like peas and other vegetables. For those that don't know, if you purchased say a can of corn this year, it was probably harvested last year. That's how the system works. At harvest time, things must be processed quickly. Things like corn, peas, and almost all vegetables must be done that way. When they are ready, they are ready. At some point the vegetables cannot be harvested and put in a can. 

If you have been following what happened this springs planting season, I would think that things will be even worse this coming year. So what can you do as a human that likes to eat a bit of food every day? It is almost a certain that we are looking at a minimum of a SGSM 400 year cycle. This means we will be looking at a minimum what happened during the Little Ice Age. If you are interested, there is a lot out there on the subject. Here is a URL for a video on the Little Ice Age. It's on YouTube. So what are we to do? I can promise you that you need to do something. Don't be one of the 9 out of 10 who will be waiting for the government to come and help and feed you. At best they may arrive at your house and take any food you may have! There are loads of answers. so here comes the bullet points. 

  • Grow your own food.
  • Grow with your neighbor.
  • Stock up.
Grow your own food.
This is what I plan to do. I don't believe in having years of food stuffed away as this make you a target. If you want to do this, then store it in a place only you know about and only store long term food (20 year plus). Even FEMA and other governmental agencies are recommending this. It's a good idea and recommendation. I do believe in having two years of food though. I would recommend that you at a minimum do this. So what does this do for the average guy? At a minimum, it gives you a year or so to learn how to grow food. As in other blogs where I recommend that you eat and store what you grow, and use your two years of food as a supplement. If you are living in the country and can grow your food, this should happen even during good times. 

I purchase a bunch of seed for my microgreen business. I go through these seeds like crazy and don't really store them. From some of the comments I am hearing, seeds may soon be hard to come by as well. This makes sense. If crops are seeing failures, so will seed production.

Get your seeds now!

Now that you have seeds, how will you grow? I have written about this as well and would like to expand on it. Personally I use the Ruth Stout method of growing, but any organic method will work just fine. Ruth Stout produces usable new soil quickly and is my main reason for using this. Search YouTube for Ruth Stout for more information. 

Here is the additional Information. 
You might call it the " Don't store all your food in the same box" sort of thing. Think about it. We have witnessed some really strange weather lately. Things like high winds, hail, cool and hot weather, rain and floods and just weird things. So ask your self. If any of the above happened (and they will) how protected is your food growing operation? If its out in a field, almost any of the above things can damage or destroy you crops. So here are some things you can do:

  • Grow in a green house.
  • Grow in a protected area. 
  • Grow using some type of netting or protection over your plants.
  • Grow in cold frames
  • Grow in the house.
  • Grow in multiple locations (community).

Use your imagination. Like root crops might do better that large plants like tomatoes in a wind storm or hail storm. How about rabbits or chickens. Keep then in protective housing. Chickens will eat almost anything, and you can train rabbits just to eat grass. Have some stealth plants like artichokes and potatoes. And finally if you don't have a source of water, none of the above is even possible. Have you considered what you would do if there was no water or it was not safe to drink? Better start thinking. The Government cannot and will not supply seven plus billion people with fresh pure drinking water. You may be on your own. 

Grow with your neighbor. Community:
I can't say that word enough. Without community you will quickly become one of the 9 out of 10 who will have a tough time or who will not make it through these cooler times. A community can provide a lot of things you may not have. I have gone over and over this in my blogs and community will soon become more important as people finally realize that food has become money and they don't have any.

***********************PLEASE READ THIS********************

How I see the future:

The SGSM really kicks in hard. The USA and every country in the world soon realizes that there will be food shortages. There will be a run on what is available. Because prices have risen exponentially, people will quit purchasing anything that is not necessary and use that money for food. Restaurants, big box stores, clothing stores, movie theaters and any store that sells things that people can do without will fail. This will cause huge unemployment and make matters worse. People that are out of work and who can't afford food will riot. I will let you finish what will happen next...........................

^***********************PLEASE READ THIS********************^

Stock up:
So think about what I have written. 
  • If I am a stupid (wrong) old man and you prepare you will have made a good investment and you can later eat the food.
  • If I am a right old man and you prepare you will have made a good investment and you can later eat the food. 
So there is no loss if you just prepare. The problem is that it will become more and more expensive to prepare if you wait until it gets really bad. So the best time is now, not next week or month. Beans, rice and pasta are relatively cheap now. This will not always be that way.

The above is not meant to be doom and gloom. I would like to shut down this blog with the last blog titled: "Stupid Old Man Was Wrong". Don't bet on it though.

Wishing you the best of everything. Purchase some seed (7 years worth), start a garden, grow some food and prepare. Note: 7 years of seed is not a lot of seed especially if you seed save from your garden. Get a paper back book on this. 


UPDATE: Its been cool here in Central Texas. We have had north wind and lows in the 60's the last few days. Low temperature records for these date (June 23, 24 and 25th.) have been broken all over the state and I have a feeling all over the US. Whats with that? Easy, its the wonky Jet Stream that has gone out of wack which happens every SGSM. It is the reason Chicago had arctic temperatures last winter.  As I looked out over my Ruth Stout garden, I could feel the north wind hitting me in the face. Bet the Main Stream media wont say anything about this, but you now know. In fact, the United States just suffered it’s coldest October to May in recorded history. Below is a GFS graphic of the temperature anomaly. Actually during the SGSM, this is not an anomaly but a regular occurrence.

My pig Joke but true story.
My wife has one of those cute little pigs that later weigh in around 300 pounds. He was found wandering the streets of a neighboring town after he was abandoned by his owner (crappy owner). I guess he became too big for their apartment. The animal control people called us and asked if we would take him out on our farm. One thing though, we could not eat him! This is a very cool pig, and soon it was my wife's most favorite animal except for me on the farm?  We had to name the pig, the first choice was Kevin Bacon! which eventually became his name. The second choice was Hamlet! Suggestion, don't purchase one of these little mini pigs as they grow up and I mean really grow up.

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