Monday, July 29, 2019

Is It Too Late?

The above is a very good question. Is it too late? Have we arrived at a time in our history where we have come to a make or break decision time? Is it just me? Surely more people than me are looking at what is happening here in the US and around the world politically, socially and financially.  Add that to the SGSM and there are loads to think about. I am almost having heart palpitations when I think about it. I have been thinking about not writing any more on this blog. The reason is that I cannot see how any of this is getting to the general public. Even if it did, I have an idea that no one would read it. I am totally amazed at what people are thinking and talking about and its not any of the things I have listed above.  Here are some of the things I see that will and will not happen:

  • People will not get their retirement money that they have saved for.
  • Prices are increasing on everything but people are not getting increased wages.
  • 5G will be needed to control everything especially your life.
  • Politically the US and the world is in shambles.
  • Most countries are so deep in debt that they can no longer pay it back.
  • Most people really don't know how the world is run.
  • Your bank can actually take your money if they need it to pay debts.
  • Social Media has destroyed people being social.
  • There seems to be more hate in the world.
  • Most people don't see the Super Grand Solar Minimum coming.
  • Most people don't see our global food growing systems failing.
  • Most people don't see that the world is cooling.
So here is my toss up. Lets toss the coin.

Heads - The SGSM will destroy the worlds economies. We will go back into the dark ages.
Tails - The few that control everyone will get 5G installed and will control everything.
Coin stands on its side - Ice age. 

Which one do you think will happen? I am thinking of Tails and the internet of everything. Social media and social media control can't happen without 5G. As part of the tails toss, the SGSM will just fit in perfectly. With food becoming short, people will need to be controlled. What would you do if you had no food and your children were hungry? 

So if tails happens, I can almost assure you that it's our fault. The reason is that nothing was said, nothing was objected to. We were all too busy eating pizza and drinking beer, and we had our cell phones you know where. We either did not see it coming or we didn't really care or we thought that it was stupid or crazy. Or perhaps we were in a dumb stupor from eating fast food and GMO? 

Personally I think it's too late, but it may never be too late. Perhaps the coin we just flipped is a magic one from another dimension and it has four sides. The fourth side is that none of this will happen. Things will be great. CO2 will continue to grow, and plants and trees will get larger and healthier. People will start loving each other and see each of us as their brother or sister. People will wake up and see what is actually happening and how they are being controlled.

So do you really believe that there is a fourth side to a coin?

Wishing you the best and wishing for a four sided coin.

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Due to Bad Harvest

I would imagine that most people reading this blog have never seen the above heading in your local food store before. From the looks of what is happening all over the United States, it seems that last year we had a very poor harvest for things like peas and other vegetables. For those that don't know, if you purchased say a can of corn this year, it was probably harvested last year. That's how the system works. At harvest time, things must be processed quickly. Things like corn, peas, and almost all vegetables must be done that way. When they are ready, they are ready. At some point the vegetables cannot be harvested and put in a can. 

If you have been following what happened this springs planting season, I would think that things will be even worse this coming year. So what can you do as a human that likes to eat a bit of food every day? It is almost a certain that we are looking at a minimum of a SGSM 400 year cycle. This means we will be looking at a minimum what happened during the Little Ice Age. If you are interested, there is a lot out there on the subject. Here is a URL for a video on the Little Ice Age. It's on YouTube. So what are we to do? I can promise you that you need to do something. Don't be one of the 9 out of 10 who will be waiting for the government to come and help and feed you. At best they may arrive at your house and take any food you may have! There are loads of answers. so here comes the bullet points. 

  • Grow your own food.
  • Grow with your neighbor.
  • Stock up.
Grow your own food.
This is what I plan to do. I don't believe in having years of food stuffed away as this make you a target. If you want to do this, then store it in a place only you know about and only store long term food (20 year plus). Even FEMA and other governmental agencies are recommending this. It's a good idea and recommendation. I do believe in having two years of food though. I would recommend that you at a minimum do this. So what does this do for the average guy? At a minimum, it gives you a year or so to learn how to grow food. As in other blogs where I recommend that you eat and store what you grow, and use your two years of food as a supplement. If you are living in the country and can grow your food, this should happen even during good times. 

I purchase a bunch of seed for my microgreen business. I go through these seeds like crazy and don't really store them. From some of the comments I am hearing, seeds may soon be hard to come by as well. This makes sense. If crops are seeing failures, so will seed production.

Get your seeds now!

Now that you have seeds, how will you grow? I have written about this as well and would like to expand on it. Personally I use the Ruth Stout method of growing, but any organic method will work just fine. Ruth Stout produces usable new soil quickly and is my main reason for using this. Search YouTube for Ruth Stout for more information. 

Here is the additional Information. 
You might call it the " Don't store all your food in the same box" sort of thing. Think about it. We have witnessed some really strange weather lately. Things like high winds, hail, cool and hot weather, rain and floods and just weird things. So ask your self. If any of the above happened (and they will) how protected is your food growing operation? If its out in a field, almost any of the above things can damage or destroy you crops. So here are some things you can do:

  • Grow in a green house.
  • Grow in a protected area. 
  • Grow using some type of netting or protection over your plants.
  • Grow in cold frames
  • Grow in the house.
  • Grow in multiple locations (community).

Use your imagination. Like root crops might do better that large plants like tomatoes in a wind storm or hail storm. How about rabbits or chickens. Keep then in protective housing. Chickens will eat almost anything, and you can train rabbits just to eat grass. Have some stealth plants like artichokes and potatoes. And finally if you don't have a source of water, none of the above is even possible. Have you considered what you would do if there was no water or it was not safe to drink? Better start thinking. The Government cannot and will not supply seven plus billion people with fresh pure drinking water. You may be on your own. 

Grow with your neighbor. Community:
I can't say that word enough. Without community you will quickly become one of the 9 out of 10 who will have a tough time or who will not make it through these cooler times. A community can provide a lot of things you may not have. I have gone over and over this in my blogs and community will soon become more important as people finally realize that food has become money and they don't have any.

***********************PLEASE READ THIS********************

How I see the future:

The SGSM really kicks in hard. The USA and every country in the world soon realizes that there will be food shortages. There will be a run on what is available. Because prices have risen exponentially, people will quit purchasing anything that is not necessary and use that money for food. Restaurants, big box stores, clothing stores, movie theaters and any store that sells things that people can do without will fail. This will cause huge unemployment and make matters worse. People that are out of work and who can't afford food will riot. I will let you finish what will happen next...........................

^***********************PLEASE READ THIS********************^

Stock up:
So think about what I have written. 
  • If I am a stupid (wrong) old man and you prepare you will have made a good investment and you can later eat the food.
  • If I am a right old man and you prepare you will have made a good investment and you can later eat the food. 
So there is no loss if you just prepare. The problem is that it will become more and more expensive to prepare if you wait until it gets really bad. So the best time is now, not next week or month. Beans, rice and pasta are relatively cheap now. This will not always be that way.

The above is not meant to be doom and gloom. I would like to shut down this blog with the last blog titled: "Stupid Old Man Was Wrong". Don't bet on it though.

Wishing you the best of everything. Purchase some seed (7 years worth), start a garden, grow some food and prepare. Note: 7 years of seed is not a lot of seed especially if you seed save from your garden. Get a paper back book on this. 


UPDATE: Its been cool here in Central Texas. We have had north wind and lows in the 60's the last few days. Low temperature records for these date (June 23, 24 and 25th.) have been broken all over the state and I have a feeling all over the US. Whats with that? Easy, its the wonky Jet Stream that has gone out of wack which happens every SGSM. It is the reason Chicago had arctic temperatures last winter.  As I looked out over my Ruth Stout garden, I could feel the north wind hitting me in the face. Bet the Main Stream media wont say anything about this, but you now know. In fact, the United States just suffered it’s coldest October to May in recorded history. Below is a GFS graphic of the temperature anomaly. Actually during the SGSM, this is not an anomaly but a regular occurrence.

My pig Joke but true story.
My wife has one of those cute little pigs that later weigh in around 300 pounds. He was found wandering the streets of a neighboring town after he was abandoned by his owner (crappy owner). I guess he became too big for their apartment. The animal control people called us and asked if we would take him out on our farm. One thing though, we could not eat him! This is a very cool pig, and soon it was my wife's most favorite animal except for me on the farm?  We had to name the pig, the first choice was Kevin Bacon! which eventually became his name. The second choice was Hamlet! Suggestion, don't purchase one of these little mini pigs as they grow up and I mean really grow up.

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All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ice Age in our future?

What! New York City is burning up and France became a part of Hell. How can there be an Ice Age coming? And look at all that CO2 and all those bad humans pumping out CO2. Even that guy down in Central Texas is driving his vehicle more than he needs to, makes you shudder right?. Look at all those hydrocarbons being produced especially in Texas. You must realize that people are much more powerful than the sun right? That gas emitting cow will just override anything that the sun may do? To save the planet we must - well just stop existing. Then the earth can heal it's self and become the paradise it needs to be, Or we could build monster CO2 absorbing devices that cover the earth. Or perhaps we can modify the sea so it absorbs more CO2, Who knows we may kill off all that plant life that is so dangerous Then - as the moon rises on a planet that is devoid of humans Mother Nature will become happy again.

Naaa don't think so. But as bad as the above is really bad from the prospective of a CO2 head, there is something just as bad or worse that may be lurking out there. You can't see it unless you look closely. and even worse there may be two really bad things lurking. Going to my beloved bullet points, there are:

  • Lurking 1 - The SGSM. All of the suns magnetic fields are going out of phase.
  • Lurking 2 - The sun is headed into a low glow mode which will start a new Ice Age.
  • Lurking 3 - Oops, I forgot about this one. Stupid, double stupid man may start another world war and use atomic weapons. That will show the sun who is boss!
  • Lurking 4- A combo effect. See below.
You will note that in all the above three lurks, that the sun is mentioned. You don't get why the sun is part of lurk three? Well how about all the world burning and blocking out the sun. In world war three no one survives. Either over a short period or an agonizing painful long term one. 

Lurk 1. We have the evidence of Professor Valentina Zharkova. While what she is suggesting and actually proving, it does not include the possibilities of an Ice Age. Just an almost complete collapse of modern agriculture and huge and expensive food shortages, but not an Ice Age. This is bad enough as it will put a large dent in the worlds population. Even worse we can see this happening as I write this blog. Food will at some point in the next few years become money.

Lurk 2. This is indicated by the Ulysses SWOOPS project. It indicated that the solar wind from our sun is slowly getting less intense over time. The solar wind is a stream of charged particles released from the upper atmosphere of the Sun, called the corona. This corona reduction is a direct indication of the weakening sun. As a proponent of the electrical universe, this reduction is caused my reduced electrical current in the form of plasma transmission which powers our plasma sun. Plasma has three modes (perhaps more). One is a no glow mode, two is a low glow mode and the third is what we see on the sun today. Yes you are looking at plasma and it lights your day. According to the SWOOPS project, the coronal output is being reduced which if the input to the sun is lowered enough will eventually go into a low glow mode. At this point the suns output will be reduced by 70% which kicks us into an Ice Age.

Lurk 3. This will make lurk 1 and lurk 2 irrelevant as there will be few around to see it's effects. Of all the stupid, insane and mind blowing and evil things in this world. Atomic weapons are at the top of the list along with atomic power plants. I wont even go here as the consequences are almost mind boggling.

Lurk 4. This is my pick. Because of Lurk 1 and 2, mankind will pull the trigger on Lurk 3. This will be the most stupid thing that man has done even back when he stuck his finger in a fire. It will put an end to all things. My and your hopes and dreams and family will become a radioactive mush.

Jeepers, I don't know how to write this to sound even worse, but I wish I could. You and I are sitting at a crossroad. Three monsters are coming down the road. Any of which could result in Lurk 4.  Its really man's choice. But you know how that goes, Most people cant even agree about the simplest things. If that is true, then we should expect an even greater failure to agree on what I have just written. Which leads me to the following:

You had better wish that there is a God that will prevent us from destroying this beautiful blue marble of a planet and His precious children. When I look at what I have written, I hurt in my heart for the children, the youth and the old and the pure of heart. There are some most wonderful people walking this earth. They are loving and giving and understand what they are capable of. You may be one of them. I meet them every day and they make me smile. There is no greed or hatred in their hearts and they are walking examples of what a human could be if they only choose it, Surly these are worth saving? What if every one suddenly realized that we all could have a blessed future? We can you know, as its just a simple yes that even a child can see and understand. But we are grown up humans and we all know better.

Here is wishing that you see the simple loving child that you once may have been.


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All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Yes We Have Arrived

There is a compression and a quickening coming on this earth that  is coming at us faster and more compressed every day. It is like a leaking dam that will soon burst forth and take even those who have seen all this coming surprised. There are some heavy choices we will soon all individually have to make. Will we choose our basic goodness or will we sit idle while we are consumed by what is coming? The winds of war by man and nature are all around us. Hatred is slowly seeping into the very structures of what we call society. There have become sides, sides that only separate all of our human activities. There is also sides that have taken place in nature. We can hear and see these sides as they compress against each other much like what has been happening in our so called human societies. Men and mankind have arrived at this unique point. It is a point that will require our attention and use of our free will. Will we continue to ignore what nature is telling is? Will we continue to let the few choose for us? Will we remain stuck in our indecision? Will we run and hide as we are consumed by this great tide of destruction? Will we let war reign or will we choose peace and love? Will we choose community against what is coming as cold times approach or will we go on in our own little ways?

Yes we have arrived and there is no going back. Many will not see this and will see what I have written as a ranting by an old man, but even the most cutoff in their own little worlds will waken to the noise and fury of what is going to take place, Things soon will not be business as unusual.

War and global cooling are quickly approaching.
War is a choice
Global cooling is a fact and reality

Both are waiting our decisions. What Will you do?


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All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Signs of the Times

We truly live in interesting times. If you can read the signs of the times you can predict what is coming. You will be able to predict the future. You will be like the Oracle of Delphi.  Well not really but its sounds good - that is the Oracle part anyway. I understood that the Oracle of Delphi gave very ambiguous predictions of the future. The SGSM is sort of that way. We know its coming, but we are not sure how bad it will be.

Uunderstanding the signs of the time is quite doable. The signs are all over the place if we only look. There are some really strange and crazy things happening and we only have to interpret them. I love bullet points, so here are some that are signs that need looking at.

  • The US 2019 spring planting season.
  • The incessant IPCC pushing global warming and CO2.
  • Crop failures and Pig Flu in China.
  • Australia importing wheat,
  • China importing Soy Beans.
  • The push out of  5G,
  • The magnetic pole shift and possible flip.
  • Increase of large volcanic eruptions.
  • Increase in earth quakes.
  • Increase in Clouds.
  • Increase in Cosmic Rays.
  • Canned peas not available at Walmart.

I am not going to cover all the above bullet points, but every one of them has been in the news or can be researched by using a search engine. Remember I am preaching to the choir?

Note the car in the above graphic. It's been driven by a crazed Brit as he is driving on the wrong side of the road (He Thinks) but he is in the US and is confused. It's the same for the SGSM, it's a road to confusion, but soon mapped out by time.

The US 2019 spring planting season.
The winter and spring of 2019 has been a brutal one, This winter we saw arctic temperatures come as far south as  Illinois.  Canada had a rough time of it, and we saw piles of snow and then rain cover and eventually flood the central planes and our breadbasket here in the US. Corn really took a hit this spring during the planting season. We saw massive state wide floods and rivers overflow and actually inundate stored grains. River traffic was brought to a standstill and as I write this (July 17) the Mississippi is still flooded. Just ask the people along it and in New Orleans. Crops like Wheat, Soy, Rice and Corn have had their planting opportunities pushed forward. Some of the listed crops never got planted, and some that were planted are not looking very good because of poor planting conditions. It is not confirmed, but we may see a reduction of 30 to 40% in corn harvest this year.

Below is a picture of failed corn about a mile from where I live. Its been tough here in Texas on corn. We had a very cool spring, rain, wind, a dry period followed by heavy rain and then it warmed up. Most corn around here has failed as the conditions were just not right.

The above (rather poor) picture of the corn shows stalks that are a  bit larger than my smallest finger. There is no corn on these stalks and wont be. I followed this corn from the first planting. When the corn came up, it looked very good, but as the environment changed so did the outcome. Two years ago this same plot looked great.

IPCC Those guys at the UN who know it all with their settled science. It's not really about climate but about you. It's about control and taxes and money and power. I hope all these people sleep well, but if you have no conscience you can sleep anywhere and with anyone and even down a rabbit hole. I would run and run quickly away from anything coming out of the UN. Even the Pope like these guys.

Galactic cosmic rays
Galactic cosmic rays consist primarily of energetic protons, The flux and energy distribution of galactic protons reaching a planetary surface is modulated by the solar cycle. See graphic below. You will note that  a decrease in sun spots which reflects the energy from the sun is directly related to  the amount of galactic cosmic rays. Because the sun is cooling we are seeing a slow increase in these rays. See the two graphics below. Note, the data plotted is from the neutron counting rates at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

The graphic below is a recording from a balloon of solar radiation over time (2015 to 2018). Note the increase in galactic cosmic rays. This matches up with the above graphic. The red dot marks where the balloon flight took place in California. Increased Cosmic Rays means more clouds and a cooling planet, along with more rain.

UPDATE - See Graphic below. Here is the latest update from our moon. Yes Cosmic Rays are increasing even around the moon.  More and more clouds and you know what that means.

Australia to import wheat for first time in a decade 
This importing comes as a severe 2-year drought continues to plague Australian wheat producing areas. The Wheat is being purchased from Canadian wheat sellers. What I am worried about is that this will not continue (at least from Canada) as the SGSM becomes more intense and Canada goes off line as a wheat supplier. Also, the drought is expected to continue in Australia for years to come.
From the news, it is looking like Australia will experience a brutal winter. I hope things improve for our friends in Australia.

Crop failures and Pig Flu in China.

The headline reads: Pig Ebola” is spreading uncontrollably in China and Vietnam. China produces 60% of the worlds pigs.

While dead pigs cannot be blamed on the SGSM, it puts pressure on food supplies that have been reduced because of it. China is experiencing much of the same corn problems we are experiencing here in the US. Drought, floods and cold weather have created the same problems we have experienced this spring. While there is this back and forth squabbling between the US and China over imports and exports, China will soon need to import huge amounts of food to feed its people. All of this is not looking good, as China and the US produce much of the worlds corn. While farmers are understandably mad at our leaders, I have a feeling soon there may not be much available to be mad about because of reduced crop output. Next winter and spring of 2019 / 2020 will tell the story.

Increase in Clouds.
Wow its cooler when its cloudy - Hear that IPCC and others? If you have children, they probably know that. But for those non believers here is a graph below.

You can get the PDF covering the paper on this subject at this URL. Hope this links stays up. Another thing that the IPCC ignores is that the suns output is always changing and is cyclic. as in 11, 200, 400 and 3200 years and with digital regularity goes into an ice age.

Canned peas not available at Walmart
And then there is Walmart and those peas!! I am not sure what to make of this. My wife came home from Walmart and told me she had seen the same produce shortage warning (explanation??). I understand that the food chain Kroger had (has) a similar thing but explained it as crop shortages. Some said that peas are being used to make fake meat, Some say its the military sucking as much food into their underground bunkers. Me? I have no idea, but there is an explanation behind it all, and its probably not good. See an article titled "Due To A Poor Harvest Season, We're Experiencing Shortages On Many Canned Vegetable Items" at Zero Hedge. Here is the URL.

OK, so start reading the signs of the times. If you do, it will put you far ahead of the next door neighbor. I would really suggest that you start growing your own food. When is it a good time to start? The answer is your are years behind and had better get caught up quickly.

Update: My wife just made a trip to our local HEB store, HEB pretty well rules Texas and kicks Walmart's ass on prices and availability. Its a huge Texas grocery chain. My wife also saw rows of empty shelf space for canned vegetables, but no notices. So its not just Walmart or Kroger, its HEB. This leads me to think that there is really a shortage. Why all of a sudden makes me wonder. Was this a well kept secret? Or was it something else? Is this happening all over the US? And is there one large producer of canned vegetables? Is the Gov. behind this or what. I have questions but no answers.

I am wishing you the best of everything - Think community.

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All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Radio Communications

I have been communicating using radio for the past 67 years. I started as a Ham Radio Operator that many years ago as a young boy. Using  radio communications equipment is a very good way to communicate over a distance, Depending on the frequencies used it is possible to communicate just down the street or globally. If you have a radio, then you can be miles ahead of the competition. A radio allows you to keep in touch with as many other people that have a similar radio. This is call communications at a distance. Ya I know that you don't really want to learn about radio communications, but knowledge is always valuable. Beside, in the case of a grid down, there will not be any way to communicate except through radio.

Basic Radio Communications

You talk the other person listens. You listen and the other person talks. You and the other person transmit and listen on the same frequency so you can't talk or listen at the same time. This is the way most radios are set up. A radio is not a cell phone.

A cell system is a duplex system where you can talk and hear at the same time. If the cell tower is not working, then your cell phone is a worthless piece of junk. Also the internet must be working as it keeps track of what tower you are using and will switch you from tower to tower as you move about. I don't expect the internet or cell towers to be working during the deep days of the SGSM.

Simplex Repeater
A repeater is a powerful radio transmitter and receiver. They are usually put on towers or high buildings ( The antenna any way). Repeaters allow some one with a low power radio to talk over long distances. Here is how it works:

The repeater uses two frequencies. One that it transmits on and one that it receives on.
The repeater can receive and transmit at the same time. When a user uses the repeater, the user will transmit on the repeaters receiving frequency and the repeater will re-transmit on the repeaters transmit frequency. All the other users are listening to the repeaters transmit frequency as you transmit (talk).

A repeater user can only do 1 thing at a time - Transmit (Uses the repeater) or receives (Listens to the repeater. If the repeater is down, then the system will not work. This type of system is used by most city and state agencies - Also Ham Radio Operators.

How far can you talk?
The distance is determined by a bunch of different things. For most communications you will be doing (VHF and UHF) radios and will be line of sight. You can transmit further than line of sight by increasing the power of the transmitter on both ends, or clime a tree or go to the top of a tall building which increases the line of sight. Most portable radios are the Handy Talkie (HT) type that are low power and have very small antennas. In a radio system there can be a Base station. Usually a base station has a more powerful transmitter and it's receiver is connected to a higher gain antenna that may be higher in the air. This allows the base station to talk with lower power HTs.. 

Most communications that use VHF or UHF frequencies are vertical polarized, The example below is a vertical system. Note: VHF = around 150 MHz and UHF = around 450 MHz. 

If you are purchasing some of the cheap walkie talkies (HT) be careful. The range stated on the advertising is mostly crap. You will be lucky to get  a few blocks using these radios. Later in this blog, I will talk about how to set up a community system. 

OK, so you don't really like all those cheap HT's. Range sucks and and you need to communicate over longer distances. There are only two ways to do that. One is the Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). And the best of all is Ham Radio or Amateur Radio operation.  All the above are controlled and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Most all countries also have the equivalent to the FCC. 

Below are examples of FRS and GMRS radios.

Ham Radio License

Now even Stupid dummies can get a Ham Radio License if they have a good memory. The dumbing down of America. - Dennis

OK I got that off my chest. so here goes. If you need to communicate better than the above family radio equipment, then you will need a ham radio license. Note, most Hams frown on any child like play on the ham bands. You will be quickly told about anything that seems silly or child like. Also the FCC monitors the comings and goings on the ham bands. All ham band frequencies are first come first serve. It is unlawful to purposely interfere with communications on the ham bands. Your transmitter must also meet the FCC's requirements for proper operation. The Ham Bands are not broadcast bands (like AM and FM radio). The purpose of the license is to communicate with other hams. You cannot transmit music on the bands. The Ham Bands are at times used for emergency communications. This type of communications overrides the first come first serve operations. So if you are looking for a place to play, this is not it. You could also be fined or jailed for improper use of your license or possible loose it..

There are three types of licenses for ham radio operators being granted today: 
  • Technician
  • General and 
  • Amateur Extra 

By taking progressively more challenging exams, you gain access to more frequencies and operating privileges. 

After you pass a specific test level which is called an element, you have permanent credit for it as long as you keep your license renewed. Elements allow you to progress at your own pace. A ham radio license is good for ten years and you can renew it without taking an exam.

Ham Radio License

Technician Class
All amateur privileges above 50 MHz; limited CW, Phone, and Data privileges below 30 MHz
General Class
Technician privileges plus most amateur HF  (high Frequency) privileges
Amateur Extra Class
All amateur privileges and small exclusive sub-bands are added on 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters.

The Technician class is the easiest to get or to start with.

Nearly every ham starts with a Technician class license, also known as a Tech license. A Technician licensee is allowed access to all ham bands with frequencies of 50 MHz or higher. These privileges include operation at the maximum legal power limit and using all types of communications including repeaters. Technicians may also transmit using voice on part of the 10 meter band and Morse code on some of the HF bands below 30 MHz. The test for this license consists of 35 multiple choice questions on regulations and technical radio topics. You have to get 26 or more correct to pass.

Morse code is no longer required, but it still makes up a great deal of amateur operations. The author learned code when he was 16 and I can still copy code and I am 75 at this writing.  If your interested you can get a book on taking the exam, and how to actually operate your radio. Also the lingo and codes used in ham radio. There are also free internet sites that will help you pass the exam  (practice sites). Exams are usually given by Ham Radio clubs. Search the internet for Ham Radio Clubs in your city or just talk with a Ham Radio operator if you know one. 

They should be really happy to help you. 

SGSM communications
As I wrote about it in the Family and Community section, radio communications will become important for security. You can make this a local thing by purchasing some of the FRS radios for your family and those community members around you. Because there may not be any commercial power available during the SGSM, you will need to have a way to keep the batteries charged. A solar DC battery system running an inverter would be perfect as all the chargers use AC power. 

Here are some things that are not legal at the moment and I am not suggesting that you do it. One of the problems is that most of the HT's have a small antenna which limit distance. Although illegal, some people are purchasing the cheap Chinese HT's that can be programmed on the FRS frequencies or come programmed from the factory. These have an antenna that is removable. They are then connecting high gain antennas to the HTs to increase range. My thinking on this is that I normally would never do this, BUT if the SGSM goes crazy and the SHTF, all bets are off. 

Note: it is desirable to have a small lap top with programming software and USB programming cable for the HT's.  I use CHIRP radio programming software which is free, open source software that’s used with a third-party programming cable. CHIRP really works nicely and I have never had any problems using the software. 

CHIRP runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and the Mac OS X version. It also runs on Linux, and there is a Linux-based LiveCD that has CHIRP pre-installed. This will boot on almost any system and provide a highly-compatible CHIRP environment without the need for fussing with a driver. It will not modify your system in any way.

Cheap radios

I have about 12 of the BaoFeng BF-888 radios.

See at this URL.

You can get them for about $15.00 each. If you purchase in bulk (Amazon) you can get the cost down to around $10.00 which is amazing. The BF-888 has 16 programmable channels. I program them for ham radio repeaters in my area. I have them all over the farm, Home, office, green house and two cars and van. I get really good performance from them and good audio reports all the time. I have even use one as a base station. The HTs have a removable antenna and I connect it to my high gain vertical base antenna. I also have a microphone for the HT. 

Another radio I use for my car when I take trips or vacations is the BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band radio,

See it at this URL

The 5R has 128 programmable channels and costs around $25 or more depending on what radio you purchase. As I pass through towns that have repeaters, I just select the channel I programmed before I took the trip. As I travel a lot, I have many files that I have saved on my PC that I can load on the HT. I also use a microphone on the HT. You can also get battery cigarette adapters if you wish.

If you get your Ham License, it will not cost much to get started.

Long Range communications

If you want to listen or talk to others, you will need some low frequency equipment and a Ham Radio License. While VHF and UHF radius can be used for local communications, only lower frequencies can be used for skip communications. Depending on the solar and geomagnetic conditions. It will be possible to communicate with other Hams all over the world. Yes, even the suns cycles can make for bad or good radio communications. Some low band frequencies are 3.5, 7, 14, 21, and 28 MHz. For long range conditions to be possible, you must know the MUF frequency. MUF is the Maximum Usable Frequency. Frequencies above the MUF are not usable for long range communications. The MUF varies during the day and over solar cycles. Below is my equipment that I use for long range communications. .  

Description: The Yaesu FT-857D is the worlds's smallest HF/VHF/UHF multimode amateur transceiver.

See the FT-857D at this URL.

The above transceiver, while is expensive, it does just about everything and is the reason I purchased it. It covers all the low bands as well as VHF and UHF frequencies. It's a all mode radio and can do side band (LSB/USB), code and FM, repeaters and others. This radio runs off 12 volts DC.. I have a power supply to run the radio, but could be run off a battery if needed.

Radio in the SGSM
So why would you use a radio during the SGSM? Obviously if you have a community or family, you will need local communications. If I was going to do this, I would have a VHF or UHF base station that runs on solar power, and small cheap HT's for everyone else. If you put the base station antenna up high enough, you could communicate overs miles with just simple equipment. Because the HT's need to be recharged, you will need AC power to run the chargers that come with the radios. One other thing. If there is a grid down caused by the sun or from an enemy, you will need some sort of Faraday Shield to protect the equipment.

Below is my Base Station Radio. It can also be used in my van. Here is the advertising on this radio. The Yaesu FT-8900R quad bander gives you incredible power and flexibility on the road. Operate 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 centimeters. High power output is featured with 50 watts on 10, 6 and 2 meters and 35 watts on 430 MHz. It is like having two radios in one with dedicated Volume and Squelch controls on each side. Built in features include: duplexer and CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode. Over 800 memories are available. It is WiRES compatible.

See the FT-8900R at this URL

Thanks for reading this blog. I would suggest that you get your ham license, and learn all about antennas and other things. It can be a lot of fun,

Super Grand Solar Minimum Radio and Survival Equipment Store at this URL


All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Global Suicide

Mankind has been causing global suicide from the very start of his existence. That does not say much for us does it? It's really kind of crazy if you look at it. I am not sure, but it really looks like most people are rather poor thinkers. Some are really good though, as the human has some amazing capabilities and possibilities if we only use our brains and get out of the box called settled science. Its even worse than that. Science, math, creative thinking and personal values and possibilities are on a huge down hill slope. Possibilities are not an option in the day to day activity of most people.  It seems once something amazing or new thing is created, there is a herd of people that seem to want to burn the person at the stake. We have seen this over and over through history. It is really apparent in our scientific communities for the past 100 years or more. Science seem to have stopped thinking anymore as it all became settled. I am amazed that someone can actually say the science is settled.

The problem with all this non thinking is that we are all trapped in our present reality. Any other reality is not part of our day to day thoughts. I am total amazed at what humans do to each other. Are You amazed? Why so much violence? Why so much stupidity? I have come to the conclusion that society in general will not be here in the next 40 or 50 years. If we don't kill each other, then nature will do it for us.

Which is the the reason for this blog. Besides all the crazy human infested problems. there are two other nature caused problems coming down the human freeway, These two are the following:

  • The Super Grand Solar Minimum.
  • The coming Ice Age

So if we don't get really stupid and kill each other with guns, bombs, disease, laws, religion, greed, power or just plain evil, then the other above items will do it for us. We don't have to do any of this. Stupidity is a choice. Also letting the above bullet points kill us is a choice as well.

So how can a person turn the lights out? There are three ways. 1) Flip the breaker in your home. 2) Burn down your house. 3) Do nothing and just don't pay your light bill.

Personally item three can be applied to the above bullet points. Just do nothing. Ignoring the two will really puts the world's lights out.  There are so many really good things about people, our children and society in general that are worth saving. But it's really a choice and we don't seem to have much time left. If we choose to fight what is coming in the two above bullet points, we might just get around the guns and bombs thing.

If we ignore the above two bullet points, I can almost say for certain that the guns, bombs, disease, laws, religion, greed, power or just plain evil will happen and cause even more Global Suicide.

Thank you for reading this blog. What are you going to do? We all have a choice.

Super Grand Solar Minimum Radio and Survival Equipment Store at this URL


All the equipment in my store is used personally by me or recommended by me.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL