Saturday, June 15, 2019

Will it be this or that? Or perhaps that?

As the Super grand solar Minimum approaches its climax, there will be a narrowing of the seasons and the growing seasons. Not only will they narrow, but the weather that will accompany them will become brutal. Our present agriculture (monoculture) way of growing is a very fragile thing. This
climate collapse will take out complete regions of agriculture production that have fed millions and billions their daily bread. With this type of not so nice uncertainties looking us in the face, how can we keep track of what is coming our way? 

Well in a nutshell it’s the sun.

We only have to observe and track the sun. If you actually believe in the carbon foot print or CO2 thing and global warming you will never know what is actually happening. I am seeing a huge uptick in countries and organizations starting to push the idea of taxing us out of our cars, eating meat and generally just consuming less. The GREEN THING” is being weaponized for sure. Have you notice the no meat thing lately? Perhaps not as most people have no idea what our “Leaders” are up to. They really want to control everything we do on a daily basis.

If we look at the cosmic ray flux, we will see that it is increasing to levels never ever before observed. This level really tells us a lot about what is happening on our sun. An increase in the flux levels is caused by a weakening sun. Things like Solar Radio Flux and sun spot numbers are also decreasing. Again all of this can be correlated to a sun that is heading for a much lower level of solar output or possibly descending into a low glow mode which is a collapse level of perhaps 70%.
If and when this collapse takes place will determine when a new Ice Age starts. At the moment the exact date is uncertain, but if we track all the above things mention we can predict what is coming our way.

 Please note that a SGSM and an Ice Age are really two different things.

A SGSM is just the sun going into a low level of output which cools the earth. It is caused when the four magnetic fields of the sun go in and out of phase. Please note that magnetic fields can aid or oppose. If you ever owned two magnets as a child you probably observed just that.

When the sun’s fields go out of phase, there are few or almost no sun spots. The number of sun spots can be correlated with the sun’s output. It looks like we are headed for a period of perhaps fifty years of these four fields going in and out of phase or sink.

I plan to have a blog on this very thing as I cover what Professor Valentina Zharkova has predicted and her work,

This lady has caused loads of the global warming pushers to exhibit very painful moments.

An Ice Age (a real one) is almost always started when the output of the sun goes into a low output mode or a low glow mode.

In a low glow mode, there is not enough galactic energy that feeds the sun to keep it at its normally high level as we have experienced in this really nice warm period we have just lived through.

Are we (as in governments) planning for the above two possibilities?  Well if what you see in the news and what is coming out of the mouths of politicians the answer is no.

But that's still an open wound and we shall soon see what their agenda is. I have my ideas on this and you probably do to.

See you the next blog - Dennis


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