Thursday, June 20, 2019

Where to live during the SGSSM (Super Grand Solar Minimum)

Yuck, this is a hard one. If I had my druthers I would live on another planet for awhile, and come back in 30 years and take a look. I am not really sure what I would find. If the CO2 Global Warmers are right, I would see a bunch of hotels and palm trees right in the middle of Greenland, and property for sale in the Antarctic.  If there was an ice age starting then I would see new cities being built on the Equator. Would there be any people in Canada or England or Australia or in places that once had large populations? If it's a 400 year cycle, is the old Roman Bread Basket booming with wheat fields?  What will the central part of the US look like. Green fields or a washed with bunches of weeds and abandoned farm houses and grain storage silo's? Take your pick I guess. One thing for certain is that the Global Warmers will all be dead and they all probably froze to death or ran out of food. Just their umbrellas, shorts and sun screen will still be there!

Pick your place on this planet and you can be assured things will play out differently. Obviously the closer you get to the equator the better it will be as far as temperature. Some people following this temperature thing are suggesting plus and minus 15 degrees north and south of the equator. Personally I am thinking plus or minus 30 degrees. 30 degrees would be survivable but tough. Winters here could be brutal. Besides I want to stay in Texas. I am sure you will want to stay where you are living now as well. We will all have to see how that all works out. Because we all live on this planet, we are all in the same boat.

As you get older like me, you don't need as much sleep as you did when you were younger, so I sit up at night pondering and thinking about all of this. What I need is a get out of dodge test point. It would be a sort of "if this happens I do this or that etc." So I came up with some of the things that I could track and then come up with a plan. You know Plan A or B or C if A or B or C happens.

Obviously you and I know that you can not trust the Lame Main stream media, or the government and most other tax payer run organizations for your information so you will need to improvise.

Here are some Test Points that you might look for. These Test Points should be monitored from now on (its June 2019 now) until the end of winter 2021. If its nice and warm by the end of 2021, I will shut down this blog, but I don't think so. Below are some of what I thing are good test or monitoring points

  • Local News
  • Food Prices

Local News
No no, not your local news. You need to monitor TV station websites across the country. Book Mark all these URLs. Make a URL list of TV station web sites that are way north as possible or south if you are below the equator. Then come south by states or countries. I am here in Texas. I might start in northern Canada and Alaska and then come south. I would end my list in South Texas and go on into Mexico.  Print out a small map and with a pen, mark up all the TV stations. Some places may not have TV stations but radio stations streaming to the internet. Check out the weather once a week at all the locations. Make a city list of the temps and weather. Most radio and TV stations will be reporting what is actually happening weather wise locally. None of this will you find on CNN or the BBC or what ever. As the months and years go by you will get a good idea what is happening weather wise and local conditions. You might also want to make up a global URL list. and do the same monitoring. This will be your way of tracking the SGSM weather and climate patterns. From this information and your local weather, you can map out just how bad things are getting and if you should stay where you are currently living. I am just starting this and its amazing all the local information you can get. Of course, if the internet goes down, you might want a short wave radio. 

Food prices. 
Flood prices are not as hard to track as weather especially in the US and other large countries. Prices for items that are produced by large company's will be sold for generally at the same price across the US. Tracking prices for meat, bread, cornmeal, cereal and canned products like vegetables and meat will give you a good idea of what the weather is doing to the prices. I fully expect things that use corn or grain to increase in prices because of the horrible planting season here in the US.  If these prices continue to increase year after year, this should be a heads up for you. Is the increase because of a one time things or is because of climate change and worsening climate world wide. You will certainty know the answer to that if you track local news and food prices. 

So where will you live? If you are like me, you are hoping to stay where you are. I sure do not want to move, and it will only be life threatening conditions that would cause that. So be smart and do your own investigation and plan accordingly. Be one of the one out of ten that will survive the Super Grand Solar Minimum. Think about plan A and B and C. Perhaps Ill cover that in another blog.

Cheers and best of everything - See you the next blog. Dennis.

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