Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Hello and welcome to the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum Blog.

There has been some very strange climate anomalies the past few years and if you look very closely it all seems to follow a pattern. Our solar system has many pattern as our big blue marble goes through what seems to be four distinct seasons. The strange anomalies that I am referring to is that the seasons are starting to merge. Springs are becoming shorter, winters are becoming longer and what were 100 year (fill in the blanks) are becoming almost normal occurrences. Example: 1 day of rain in one hour. 100 year floods occurring monthly. 50 and 100 year rain, snow and temperature records broken multiple times.

Most people are lost to all this as it doesn't really fit into their daily life. There is a heads up moment only if it directly interrupts their daily what ever. Most people don't understand that climate is not weather. Like the old frog in a pot of heated water, changes to climate are mostly not even realized and certainly not understood.

This blog is about looking at things like climate. The climate of the earth cannot be completely understood by taking a walk through a park. We must look up and see that large ball of electrical plasma we call the sun to understand. It even gets more complicated if we understand that the whole universe is a huge conglomeration of electrical currents and plasma. All that black matter that scientists are looking for is easily understood if we look at the universal electrical circuit we call the universe. The missing matter is there, we just cant see it. The missing matter is plasma. You can only see plasma if there is enough electrical current for it to go into a glow mode just like a florescent light you might have in your kitchen, garage or shop.

So what really determines the earths climate? The easy and simple answer is its the sun and the power or electrical circuit that powers the sun. So blog over? Right?. Well actually its only the beginning. Look at the title of this blog. The word " Surviving" is what this blog will be all about. But survive what and then how will have to be addressed. To do this we will need to understand what the Super Grand Solar Minimum is all about and what is causing and powering it.

This blog will be a trip to places most people never take or even think about. It's important that you understand what is happening now as it will probably be too late in the coming years. So look at this blog as a heads up. Look at it as your ticket to seeing the future. The only way to survive is to prepare. Your ticket then has the words prepare on it. Its time to cash that ticket in. Take your seat and make sure you have loads of popcorn as you will need it.

To finish up this first post, I would like to explain who I am. Actually that will be quite boring, but you need to see where I am coming from. Who knows, you may never return! But that is OK, because you will probably be one of the 9 out of 10 who will not make it through the Super Grand Solar Minimum.

A note about the Blog Author
My name is Dennis DeLaurier. There is nothing special about me. I never attended college, received a Masters or Doctors degree and my high school English teachers who are probably all dead (I am 76) suffered an absolute failure to teach me how to use the English language. With that said, please understand that this blog contains my own words, and my grammar may leave things lacking as well as my scientific explanations, which may be a bit crude. I also believe in a God who loves me and you and gave you a brain and a free will to create just like He does. I firmly believe it is time to start creating.

Things that I have done in my life
Ham Radio Operator, Scout Master, Non-degree Petrophysics Engineer, Radar Technician, Electronics Technician, Trainer and Teacher, Global Server and Storage Support Engineer, Farmer, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Hydroponics Grower and I run a Microgreens business. Last but not least in really bad financial times I was a simple Janitor! Of all the occupations, the janitor part taught me humility and appreciation of people around me. Thank you for viewing this blog. I hope it makes you think and you and your family and your community very quickly start getting ready for the SUPER GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM. Cheers Dennis


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  1. I just started reading the blog and like it so far! It was factual, not preachy and well written!