Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Two Eyes Better than One

Well I am finished with both eyes. The right eye is getting there, the left one has a way to go. It looks like my cataract surgery went well yesterday. Its kind of depressing as it looks like this is an old persons problem. So every place I went there were only the old like me there. I guess I am lucky as I can still string two words together that has some meaning.

This brings up what I saw with only one good eye. Ill make sure to reconfirm what I saw with both of them later.

The following is what I saw and was amazed. Totally amazed - well sort of amazed. It read:

NASA Sees Climate Cooling Trend Thanks to Low Sun Activity

I suspect the headline is caused by the following picture. Well not the picture but because of their monitoring of our upper atmospheric heating and cooling caused by what is NOT seen in the picture. What is missing is sun spots. It's blank and will probably stay that way for much of the time.

If you have been following the sun and sun spots like I have, I am sure you have noticed a reduction during this cycle. Even more amazing is that NASA is seeing even more reduced sun spots (well Climate Cooling) the next one.

 And when they really had the chance, they blew it big time. When this great moment arrived, nothing was said about crop failures, people freezing or any of those really fuzzy types of things. No what they really thought was cool to use that word was about some nonsense like less atmospheric drag on satellites. 

I don't know about you, but I cant's eat satellites very easily. I suspect they have released this to cover their posterior / rear / backside and other places you can't see from the front. So are we headed for a Little Ice Age or cooling levels that happened during the Maunder Minimum? Well much of what we are seeing points to that or perhaps even worse. Things like increased Cosmic Ray Flux, absolutely crazy climate variations, jet streams going really wobbly (cool word there) and unbelievable atmospheric compression.

If you have been following the spring planting season here in the US, you know what is happening in the US bread basket states. Many have been washed out, and what was eventually planted is not doing very well. This is not only happening here in the US, but in others places that have supplied grains for the world over the years. I think its quite obvious that this great CO2 based warm period is coming to an end. All these CO2 heads may one day wish that they had been correct. I sure hope they would have been too. Yes I truly want the now waning global warming to continue.

Cash your ticket in. Choose to be one out of the ten that will have seen this coming. I would expect our government in the next year or so to start doing some really crazy things as food prices go ballistic.
Cheers and the best of everything. See you (with both eyes) the next blog.

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