Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Roller Coaster Ride

The earth has been on a Roller Coaster Ride for millions of years. The earth, sun and our solar system and galaxy all seem to be intimately entwined in a multitude of cycles. There is a harmony there with occasions of great violence.

At this very moment, the earth is at the top of a roller coaster peak called global warming. As we have discussed in other blogs, it has been a wonderful period to grow food, have babies and expand the human race. Because of mans propensity for evil and war and conquest and greed and and and etc. we have not really appreciated how lucky we have been to live in the warm period we call the modern era. I am not sure we would call what we do to our fellow man modern, but Ill leave it at that.

All of that will soon come to an end as the Super Grand Solar Minimum approaches. It is happening if you only look and follow the news. Soon the human race will have to make a choice. There are two choices. The first choice is will human existence become a free for all with all that goes with that? The second choice is a choice of community, love, caring and using the human ability to overcome almost anything. I really hope it is the second choice. I know that will be mine and I hope it will be yours.

As a grandfather I care about my children and grandchildren and only wish the best for them. This is the reason for this blog and is the reason I will continue to write until my fingers no longer work or the technology that enables all this is no longer available. So what are you doing about all this? Do you think I am mad? 

In subsequent blogs I will focus on food and community. But before that will stay focused on what I think are important areas that actually give evidence to what I think is happening.

Thanks for reading this short blog. Its 1:30 AM in the morning here in Central Texas and time for some sleep. It has been a rather cool two days here in June, as we had north wind blowing the last two days. Strange weather for June.

Cheers - Dennis

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  1. Don't think people are capable of the second choice!