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Below are what I consider to be good URLs for tracking the Super Grand Solar Minimum. At none of these URLs will you find the global warming agenda - we are all going to burn up - carbon tax -  take your car - tax you into oblivion - type of propaganda.

Wales grand solar minimum channel
This is a really good one on YouTube. They have slides and great music to go along with it. I am amazed about the low viewership of this channel as they lave a great summery of what happens across the world on a daily basis. Most excellent. Sign up for alerts.

Channel can be found at this URL.

Adapt 2930
This YouTube channel by David DuByne is classic Grand Solar Minimum. David has no agenda and puts it out as he sees it.David talks about the historical implications of our climate and cycles which is very interesting. He also covers opportunities and solutions. Highly recommended. David has a prolific output of video to watch.

Channel can be found at this URL.

Ice Age Farmer
This channel covers crop loss which in my opinion is the most important aspect of the Grand Solar Minimum. Christian has his own website that tracks crop problems and losses. Visit his website as well. It's listed in each YouTube post. Christian also covers what he is doing and has recently moved to a better location. He also has very interesting interviews from time to time. Be sure to visit on a regular basis.

Channel can be found at this URL

Thunderbolts Project
This YouTube channel is a must if you want to understand the Electrical Universe. I walked around in a cloud for a week after discovering this channel. It's amazing how this channel brings clarity to the universe we live in. You can't really understand our sun which is the primary cause of our earthly climate unless you follow the Thunderbolts Project.

Channel can be found at this URL

Ice Age Now
This is Robert W. Felix's site. Robert is the author of Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps. Robert is a really nice all around guy worth following. This site has a bunch of news posted by Robert and others. This is a good one and worth bookmarking and visiting on a regular basis.

Site can be found at this URL.

John Casey
John is another all around nice guy who we should listen to. The URL below is the start of  john Casey's Dark Winter documentary. There are 6 of them. Also on YouTube there are many of his interviews. John recently has some health issues. I wish him well. John has his books on Amazon. I have all of them and they are worth the purchase.

Channel can be found at this URL.

This is a good one. On their website they say: Documenting Earth Changes during the next GSM and Pole Shift. Need to bookmark this one as they cover stories from all over the world. If you want, you can sign up for an email alert when they post a new story. I have signed up and like the service.

website can be found at this URL.

There are more, but these are the best. I know about many others, but many of them have their own agendas and some I would not want my grandchildren to listen to. If you have what you really think are good ones, please make a comment below and Ill look them over. I hope to update this blog as I add new ones.  Hope you are tracking the SGSM, and have started your garden. You don't have much more time to prepare as the Super Grand Solar Minimum is closing in on us. As this happens you will see a huge attempt to tax you out of existence as the "Climate Change" agenda is ramped up. Don't let that happen as it will be bad enough just having enough food to get through all this.

Cheers and best of every thing.

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