Monday, June 17, 2019

Rules for the SGSM

Well these are my rules. You may have different ones. And someone else may have different ones as well. One thing is for certain, if there are no rules there cannot be a game. And if you don't play by the rules there can only be chaos.

Shelter – A place to call Home

Rule 1

There is no shelter in the city In bad times.
If you can help it don’t go there and don’t live there.

Perhaps shelter paints a different picture that home does? In tough times, a home can be a shelter if located in the right place.

When I think about the word because of my age, I think of weathering a storm in a shelter. Its windy, wet or cold and dangerous outside, but I am “Sheltered” in. The shelter is warm, safe and there is food and water. Also my family is there and I have a way to defend my shelter from those would take or destroy it.  In the coming times you need to think of your home as a shelter as well, As rule 1  states, there are no shelters in a city during bad times.

Shelter is a place that protects you from weather. It will keep your warm and it is a place to be safe. Probably all your storage food will be in your shelter. Shelter will be different during the SGSM. If you live in Canada or the North East, you know what is needed during the winter. You probably use wood, gas, oil or electricity to keep warm, cook your food and keep the lights on.  So what would it be like in your shelter if the temperature was -20 degrees F. or lower with no heat for a week or more?  This is what you should be asking yourself. If your shelter is not livable at this temperature, then you will have to move. The only other option is to live underground.  If you live above 35 degrees latitude, it will be really hard during the winters and if you are above 40 degrees latitude it will probably be impossible (without power).Cold weather is hard on the electrical grid and gas lines. If for some reason the grid goes down for weeks or months, then you could be in danger. One of the problems with shelter (housing) is that they have all been insulated and built for a warm period. I live at 30 degrees latitude, and my house is built for the weather in Central Texas. Its hot in the summer and cool in the winter. Some years we only have 1 day of freezing. The infrastructure is also built for this weather. If for some reason we got New York weather for a month, we would probably loose our water because of freezing. Our pipes are not all that deep in the ground.

If we have a 400 year SGSM, then all bets are off. I am writing this in the winter of 2019 and there was some of the coldest days in many previous years in the North East. Its not over yet and things might get worse.  Trains and power plants shut down, and interstate gas distribution had problems. As the years progress and we get deeper into the SGSM, what happened this year will get progressively worse.

While I have no idea at this point how bad things will be, the best thing one can do for shelter is move south if possible. If we have a really bad SGSM, then we will need to live underground during the winter. I sure hope not!

Rule 2

A shelter is worthless unless you can defend it
If you cant defend it move to a place that you can.

Are you a tough guy? I am and my grandchildren call me “Grumpy Grampa”. Its in my nature to be that way, but what about you? The world would be a better place if we were all meek, kind, non-violent, loving and caring.  
In reality, the world is not that way and if you are of the meek persuasion then you need to be with some one that is not. In the world of competition, nice guys never win. The reason for that is the non nice guys have no morale's, and only play to win no matter what they have to do. In tough time this is the type of people you will face. 

Rule 3

You will start dying in three days if your shelter has no water. If there is no water then move to a place where there is. Most of us have never had to worry about having good drinking water. It was always there so most people don’t understand how important it is. Humans on the average drink and use about two gallons of water a day.  Your shelter should contain a source of water, be it a well, stored or a stream or river. If the water is dangerous to drink it will have to be purified. Purifying water is a skill few people even have thought about.   

Rule 4

When there is little food available having long term stored food is essential.
Long term food is food that could last up to 30 years. 

Most long term food is freeze dried or dehydrated. It is usually stored in cans or Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Long term food should be the last thing you eat as you will want short time food and food that you grew in your home or in a garden outside,  Long Term foods can be things like rice, wheat, corn and meals and meat that are offered commercially. There literally are many hundreds of long term food products on the market. You need to start storing them now.  

Rule 5

Use as much short term storage as possible.
Short term food is food that could last up to 10 years. 

Short term food can be purchased and processed in many ways. Commercial canned food is a good start. You can also dry can (discussed later) a large amounts of dry type foods (like grits) purchased at the grocery store. From a usage standpoint your short term food should be used with your shelter grown and outside grown foods. Eating out of a can while is a good option, having a mix of canned and fresh is much better.
Tip: Rotate your canned food, First in Last out sort of thing. Use the Best By date to rotate

Rule 6

Grow food inside and outside.
 Store and eat this food first.
We have covered this, but your shelter will need a garden of some type,  Even  during a SGSM there will be summers where food could be grown, You can grow indoors all year and extend your seasons outdoors with a greenhouse or cold frame. When not sleeping think about the 4 things below.
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water 
  • Safety


This is probably one of the most important parts of this blog. As we approach the SGSM and we have crop failures and progressively more expensive food costs, at some point I will not have the finances to purchase food. I will have to decide if I want to eat or pay my electric bill. This will happen to many millions of people as many of us are just getting by. You will also be told that the reasons for the price increases is because of global warming. It's your fault and they need to tax you to fix it. 

Just think about it. If there is not enough food for everyone, and food is so expensive that no one can afford it, what will you do? How will you feed your family? Of all the things I have talked about, food shortages are a certainty. 

This is where family and community come together. If you live in the city, then you are in for some severe trouble. What would a city look like if there were no food? 

I would not even like to think what it would be like.

Get out of town

If you really believe that the SGSM will happen, then you need to get out of town. If you have a large family, pool your resources and purchase or rent a home in a small outback community.  If you are above latitude 35 degrees sell your home and move south to south Florida or Texas. If you can't loose your job, keep it but send your family south. When things really get dicey, you will need your family and those around you to survive. In a small community, make as many friends as possible. What do they offer? Are they farmers, ranchers? Do they grow food? Do they see things like you see them (like minds)? Can you trust them? Be careful and join the local church and other organizations. Know the local sheriff and police. Get evolved in community service. All these people can be your community. Who has the food, grain and other local supplies? Who are the local doctors and nurses? Who are the trouble makers?  When things get really bad, because of your knowledge, you can be a local leader. 

Develop your skills. How about your family? Try living for a week without power or water. Cook and eat food just like you would if there was no power or grocery store. Don't use your computer, cell phone or the internet. No TV or any type of entertainment. No lights, read a book, get to know your family. Train your kids. Wash your clothes and take baths in cold water. Flush your commode with a bucket of water. Practicing saving dish and bath water. Practice security: some one up 24 hours a day using radio communications.

Set up codes for different parts of your environment. Have nick names for all in the family. Have an alert code and signal and where to go if there is a security problem. Practice using your family radios. Practice like the world has gone crazy and you are trying to be safe and secure. Don't use your real names. Explain this to your family and make sure that they are OK with the idea. 

Set up a radio security system with all your neighbors. Setup a base station and solar charging system for the radios. Have codes that everyone understands. See Radio Communications (in later blogs). 

Make a list of everyone in the family and their kills, same with your neighbors and community. Make a list of food and water sources. Make sure that those who you trust are armed and skilled.  If you don't have night vision get some. 

Health, food and security is what has plagued man forever. It's what he worked for, sought out and even fought for. While here in the US at the moment things are a bit quiet, it doesn't take much to change that. While it may be in the back of peoples minds, these three things will jump forward and become a primary concern. If we face this now and develop solutions, then we will have already jumped over the first hurdle. I did this years ago even when I was ridiculed by my immediate family and people looked at me funny when I brought it up. I may soon be vindicated but there will only be bitterness and no joy in it. 

OK, well this finishes this blog. Tomorrow I will have my left eye repaired. It will be nice to see how wonderful and beautiful the sky, clouds and a sun set is once again. Ill be back in a few days and give you a report. If it goes as well as my right eye it will be a good one.
Wishing you all the best - Dennis

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  1. I'm put off as soon as I read "move south", in any article. I'm not moving south, I live in northern Minnesota; number one reason: people will be moving south. Try getting to where I live when the gasoline pumps stop working. 7 months of the year (at least), you have a choice: die of hypothermia or freeze to death. I have been preparing for very cold temperatures; plenty of people managed to survive such weather without the things we have today, in places like this. This winter the ground froze so deep that showering was out of question unless I wanted a flood in the basement because water was not draining. I adapted and found that I can bathe just fine with a small amount of water. Just pretend you are camping. And take advantage of sales at the end of winter for winter clothing. I'm a woman and short but what I look for is men's wear because they are made for real winters, not women's that are made for sitting in front of the fireplace. I know how to sew. Like they say the devil doesn't know more because he is the devil, he knows more because he is old. In case anyone is wondering, I think "Strategic Relocation" by Skousen is garbage, that took "inspiration" from an older book that had most of the same charts and maps without the pretty color pages. Go to Utah, a desert state where the government owns all the water, including your gray water because Mormons have storage (and guns which are sanctioned by the church). Or go to Florida, a state with things like hurricanes, terrible hot muggy weather, swamps, and all kinds of wildlife, like alligators. Nice site (aside from the go south advice). You should contact your utility companies to see what they are doing to prepare. Our natural gas company has made changes that will allow it to continue working if the electrical grid goes down and they can provide natural gas, but since most furnaces use electricity, they will be useless, unless you have a 100 year old house with a very old gas insert in your fireplace that does not use electricity. Our electrical company will be able to provide electricity to the hospital and emergency providers, because it has maintained the equipment that generated power more 100 year ago, even after upgrading. We even have a celebration every year for our dam. Ask questions. I have a cistern under the house, the guy who built the house was a genius.