Sunday, June 30, 2019

HOT HOT Wandering Jets

Have you read the news lately? France is a new Hell and is burning up.

Clams are baking in there shells its so hot. Is it really that hot? Well yes it is. Is it the hottest its ever been, well no. But But is it hot? Hell ya its hot. Is the world burning up and are we all going to die from heat in twelve years. Not really. If you look at the list below, note one item on the list. The item is extremely hot.

Bitter Cold
Extremely Hot 
Biblical 1000 Year Floods
Huge amount of Snow and Ice in some locations
High Winds
Very Large Hail
Huge to almost Complete Crop Losses
Loss of life
Social Upheaval
Human Migrations
Fall of Governments
Electromagnetic Displays
Hot Dangerous Lightning
Increased Large Earthquakes
VEI3 to VEI7 or greater Volcanic Eruptions
Atmospheric Compression
High Cosmic Ray Environment

If you look at the above list, you can see that the world goes crazy during a Super Grand Solar Minimum. None of this happens at the same time, but it does happen and its gets more intense as the SGSM progresses. Just go back and look at history. Many of the above things happened during very cool periods. Many of the things in the list are caused by wandering jet streams, Normally jet streams are rather predictable, but as the earth's magnetosphere wanes, jet streams go out of their normal predictable paths. These jets then pull up and push down warm and cold temperatures as shown in the NASA graphic below. NASA of course said that its all about global warming. The SGSM says something else.

So how can France become a new Hell? It could be an intense area of high pressure or it could be warm air out of Africa being pulled up into Europe. So all of a sudden temperatures can become African like. Much like happened in the US this winter when temperatures associated with the North Pole were pulled down into the States. Remember, weather is not climate. Climate causes weather. Our climate is changing and all of the things on my list will happen. The global warming heads want you to think that weather is climate and will use any example they can find to push that into your face, even Hell!

Thanks for reading my short blog. Again and Again - start growing your own food, Have some way if at all possible to protect it or item 7 (seven) might cause problems. Oh my, its 4:00 AM in the morning, and I started this blog at 2:00 AM. Probably need to get back to bed you crazy old man.
Cheers and wishing the best for you and yours.

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