Friday, June 14, 2019

Hmmm! Considering the SGSM

Does it take a different kind of person to see the future or even consider that the future may be different from their present reality? I really think it does and is why I am getting so many blank looks lately.
Even people who I really respect are prone to giving me this look.  Perhaps I need a haircut and a PhD diploma in Astrophysics before they will listen? So I have been looking at that more lately, and I think I have discovered why this is happening. I think that its the doom and gloom aspect of the SGSM. People don't handle gloom and doom very well as it goes against what they consider to be normal occurrences. You know, things like pick up the kids, mixed drinks, BBQ on Sunday and popcorn and a movie. Fast food and a trip to the grocery store also come to mind. No where in there is their room for food shortages or a failure of our just in time food delivery system (JIT). I realize that they are probably right in being that way because they don't have the time or inclination to even consider the SGSM. If you have not noticed, I am pretty obsessed with the SGSM, and it has filled my thoughts and dreams for the past couple of years. While I run a business, I have plenty of time to consider what is coming. Obviously I don't like it.

Another fact is that running to the grocery store in your big SUV is not a global thing. Just take a trip to India (which has some very lovely people) or Afghanistan. I was lucky which allowed me to create loads of CO2 in my travels all over the world. I visited large and small,  rich and very poor places.

Some people see doom and gloom and freeze up. Some see it as a non-possibility. Some just don't plain care. Some see it as a tin foil hat thing or doom porn. And some see it as - Stupid Ole Man! LOL. Most just want to be left alone to pursue their idea of happiness. The SGSM is not part of that.

All those Global Warmers do have some good ideas, especially about pollution. We are indeed polluting the world into non existence. We seem to have sliced and diced our world into packets and pieces which we call commodities. So maybe there is something that will come out of the SGSM that will be good. I at one time asked my friend who sold servers and laptops and desk top PCs to large company's what was the limit of how many could be produced and sold and what we would do with them when they were obsolete. He said that he had never thought about it but there would be a solution over time. Well I think we have come to that point and now we really need a solution. This throw away world is just about at its end. Perhaps they will store all that obsolete stuff in our bed rooms?

Before I quit this ranting blog, I would like to leave you with a thought. Look at the graphic at the top of this blog. Note that the sun is displayed with Jupiter. If you look closely you can see the speck below Jupiter which is the earth. Now look at your self and compare your self to the earth and the continent and country and state and county and city and house and the room you are now in and tell me that you are warming the planet and that the sun has nothing to do with climate.

Now go take a nap and think about it. You don't need a PhD to do that
Cheers - Dennis

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