Thursday, June 13, 2019


Don't run into the brick wall of lies

Little lies, big lies and DANG outright lies. Below are some of them:

What The Science Says:
Peer-reviewed research, physics, and math all tell us that a grand solar minimum would have no more than a 0.3°C cooling effect, barely enough to put a dent in human-caused global warming.

Climate Myth: A grand solar minimum could trigger another ice age

A grand solar minimum probably isn't imminent

Human Influence on Climate Change is Bigger than the Sun's. ( Absolutely love this one) Big ole man and small teeny sun.

Peer-Reviewed Research Says Global Warming will Continue

Fortunately, Solar Output is Stable (this one is not all that bad).

Little Ice Age? No. Big Warming Age? Yes.

Personally I will be glad when all this is over. I am not sure what will happen as the race is on. The race is between the craziness of taxing carbon and pushing CO2 (global warming), and the Super Grand Solar Minimum (global cooling). Both could be deadly not only to your freedom, bank account and ultimately your life.

While I may try to inject some of my poor humor into some of this, its not really all that funny. Life, and death, freedom and imprisonment are never to be taken lightly. Beside, most people like to be the captain of their own ship. If we are all forced to operate our ship down a small one lane river, we will never know what we may be missing out there on the open waters of the sea.

That seems to be where we are headed and it looks like there is not a lot of resistance. My hopes and wishes seem to be in-bedded between a rock and a hard place. On one hand I am wishing that this crazy politicized world fails miserably. On the other hand I am looking at what crop failures and icy conditions may do to the common person on the street. It seems that none of it has a really good outcome. My only sanity point is to look closely at my family and my wife of 53 years. I only smile when I think of her and look at my grand kids. They are the reason for my concern.

I think some one said that if you repeat a lie enough times that it will become the truth (or something like that). If you only hear (and can only hear) lies then what will people believe?

Wishing you the best of everything - See you the next blog post

PS - One little note before I head off to a soft pillow and close my eyes. If you are not now growing your own food, then you need to start. I will cover that in detail later in future blogs. If you want to get started early (and quick), search on YouTube "Ruth Stout Garden". Its about the quickest way to start a garden as I know. It's what I use. If you don't have land, think about getting together with others and rent, purchase or share land to grow on. If you have a small backyard it will amaze you what and how much you can grow. I also cover Ruth Stout gardening in my Amazon book. Tonight for my evening meal, almost everything I stuck a fork into came from my little 50 x 100 ft garden.

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  1. It is interesting to note that many of the solutions to the problem of AGW are the same as the solutions to the problem of the GSM. For instance using hydroponics and renewable energy sources on your small farm (even if operated somewhat differently) so for the undecided you are looking at a win-win should you decide to prepare for either.