Friday, June 7, 2019

CO2 is necessary for life and is plant food

At the moment we are at very dangerous low levels of CO2. Looking at the chart below, the earth's CO2 levels have dropped to almost a dangerous level the past 140 million years, (Blue Bar). So the idea of reducing CO2 would actually be a bad one as plants need CO2 to flourish and grow. Also, I am not sure that there is a direct relationship between CO2 and temperature. Also CO2 is a trace gas, but an important one. Ask any Cannabis grower why they add CO2 to their greenhouse. Its all about plant health and growth. At some point, plant growth ceases if the CO2 level drops to a very low level.

So why are we seeing global warming pushed? I personally don't want to go there and as the Super Grand Solar Minimum plays out that question will be answered as it will be in your face figuratively and literally.

If one goes back and looks at leaf fossils, there were some house size plants during periods of high CO2 levels. Think of a 50 pound tomato!! Also note that global temperature has dropped the last 40 million years.

Graphic Below: CO2 after R.A. Berner, 2001 (GEOCARB III)

So what are some things we can see and understand about CO2? From the graph there does not seem to be any relationship between temperature and CO2. From studies I have looked at done on CO2 and plant life, plants grow and produce more with elevated levels of CO2. At some low point, plants will no longer grow if the CO2 levels get too low.. For the past 140 millions years CO2 has been getting smaller and the past 40 million years the earth has been cooling. Cheers and all the best - See you in the next blog - Dennis

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