Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Clouds Beautiful Clouds

Well they weren't so beautiful until recently. That's before I had cataract surgery on my worst eye which was the right one. I thought the doctor had messed up as things started looking really blue in that right eye as it healed. In an explosion of understanding I finally realized I was seeing clouds and the sky like I had never seen in the last - well who knows how many years. If you ever need this type of surgery go for it. I am having the left eye done next week. I smile every morning as I close the right eye and see how dull and sort of yellow the sky looks through the left. Wow! what an amazing difference. So what does my right and left eye have to do with the Super Grand Solar Minimum? Well it's simple I am going to talk about clouds.

To understand what I am writing about see the following video here at this URL

 Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery

I hope this video is there for you for a long time as its is a large part of global cooling and understanding what is happening now and in the future, Be sure to watch it.

So think about your own experience when you walk outside. I am sure that you will notice that it is cooler when there are heavy clouds than when it is perfectly clear. If you are like me, and it's warm, the sweat starts rolling into my eyes. If you stand out side and face the sun, you should also notice that the front of your body is warmer than the back of your body. This correlation between what happens to you and the surface of the earth works the same way. When it's cloudy, the water (mostly oceans) cools and when there are less, it heats up. Because water covers most of the earth, it also controls the temperature of the earth. This is a no brainer I would think as I use a non-word.  I am not going to spend a lot of this blog talking about what is in the video, but just sum it up as I like to do in all my blogs. That summary is below:

Cosmic rays (which have an high energy level) react with particles, junk and pollution in the atmosphere and cause a reaction that make cloud formation possible.

When the Sun is more active (loads of sun spots), it's magnetosphere is larger and it protects the earth from cosmic rays to a degree.

There are always cosmic rays hitting the earth and there is also always high altitude cloud formation.

At the moment we are going into the Super Grand Solar Minimum and the sun is going into a very quiet period with fewer and fewer sun spots. This means a reduction in the suns magnetosphere which will allow more cosmic rays to get through and cause clouds which in turn, will cause the earth to cool.

Its actually that simple - more clouds = a cooler earth

So what is happening now? Well cosmic rays are at historical (modern) levels. See the graphic below. The reading are done by students and others. They do us a great service by doing this. 

The increase shown in the above graphic (the one above is not the latest) continues. This increase can be correlated to a quiet sun and will fully contribute to the intensity of the SGSM.
Cheers and thanks for reading all the above. I hope the video made you think. It certainly made me think. Svensmark is a very cool guy. (and a real scientist) 

Additional Comments:

As you saw in the video, we seem to go into very extreme cooling when our solar system goes through a spiral arm of our galaxy every 130 million years. Does that 130 million strike a bell in your head? There are many cycles that control the earths climate, and this spiral arm part is a really huge one. At the moment we are perhaps moving into a time where all the cycles will peak and we will indeed go into an ice age. Only time will tell, and there is not much left to actually prepare for it. Keep your chair warm, and the popcorn popping. I plan to continue to do this blog until I can't.

And one last thing: The video should open your eyes even if you have cataracts! The fact is that climate research has been captured by governments who have an agenda, and will only fund those who fit that agenda. We really need to get back to true science where the truth has nothing to do with consensus. There is no such thing as science that can't be criticized. The welfare of the human race may depend on it - OR I could be wrong!


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