Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Wonderful Day in CO2 City

The following is fiction but watch out they (Who is they?) may read this and apply it.

John Stone is nineteen years old. He just graduated from high school at the top of his class. He has applied for college in CO2 city, but his friends tell him that it may take up to two years to be assigned to a college. John is interested in hydroponic growing and wants a degree in this high demand field. John as been assigned to a singles apartment which is about two blocks from where he has obtained a job while he waits for hopefully getting into college.

 John's apartment measures twelve by nineteen foot with a ceiling height of ten feet. A bit cozy thought John, but was better than back home here it was even more cramped. Finally some serious privacy as he had left his brother and sister. The smart apartment was of the latest design. It was completely controlled via the built in interface which controlled everything. Water, temperature, the door and all the appliances. Even the shower was computer and smart grid controlled. The main feature was a large terminal that would have to be logged into each day if John wanted to keep his social credit numbers high. You could customize some things like music, messages and also communicate with friends through the terminal. The apartment had a small bedroom, a small kitchen and a living room if you could call it that. The kitchen had a sink, small refrigerator and microwave. All were computer interfaced as well. John would have to attain a very high social credit score before he could use a cell phone or even have a battery powered bicycle of which there were hundreds on the streets each day. John was new at this and was determined to do it the right way.

It was seven AM when John's alarm system went off. It played some soft music he had chosen from his terminal. It got louder and louder if He didn't go to his terminal to shut it off. After that more music quietly flooded the room as John prepared for getting to work at eight thirty which was two blocks away. He had bathed the night before. Bathing took some getting used to. There were instructions posted on the door of the shower. It listed the following:

Remove all clothing. Enter shower and shut the door. Push the start button on your left facing the shower head. You will have thirty seconds of soak water before the water stops. Push the soap dispenser and soap up. when ready, push the shower button again. You will have three minutes to completely wash up and clean off. Pushing the button again will allow more water but will take a credit to do so.

John had gotten good at doing the shower thing and had become an expert.  Grabbing a towel of which there were only two, John dried himself off and headed for the bedroom. To get to much of his clothing, John had to pull up on his bed which locked up against and onto the wall. Now exposed were all the containers that stored much of his other clothing. His work and weekend clothing were stored in a small closet at the end of the bed. John quickly got dressed. His clothing for the day were his work uniform. All the inhabitants of CO2 city wore much the same clothing except for children, security, police, fire and other special services like medical. Johns clothing had a large patch that said Phil Mor Recycling which was where John worked.  Next was breakfast. All food was prepackaged. and was stored in the small refrigerator. It could hold about three days of food and other things like juices and tea. John chose the bacon and egg breakfast. He also pulled out a small container of what looked like orange juice. John was never really sure of what he was eating or drinking but gulped it down as he was hungry. All the containers were recycled. After breakfast, John logged into his terminal. He checked his social credit level and it looked great. Just logging in gave him more credit. If he didn't that day, his score would be smaller. Looking at the news, John picked a video that gave a credit for watching. The video was by the mayor who was blessing all the inhabitants on what a good job everyone was doing, and how the city's carbon foot print was slowly getting smaller, but more work was needed by everyone. Just be sure to recycle and limit water and energy use. Closing down the video, John's credit score once again increased.

Jumping up, and grabbing his backpack which contained some of his important papers and ID, John closed the door to his little apartment. Swung his hand close to the door sensor, and the smart chip in John's hand locked the door. The readout on the door read "Locked ". The walk to Phil Mor only took a few minutes. Entering the building, John again waved his hand at the door sensor and was allowed entry. Ahh He thought another day at Phil Mor. John's job was recycling electronic equipment. As he sat at his table, a huge container was brought to his location. John noticed that today he would be recycling medical equipment. His job would be to dismantle the equipment. Dump any screws or metal connectors into a drum. Things like copper wire were clipped and dumped into a wire container. All the circuit boards were stripped of any connectors and components and dumped into an appropriate container. All plastic was placed into the plastic bin. If he had questions like things like magnets or other strange things, he contacted his manager who looked out from his office  out onto all the busy little workers. Around Noon, a buzzer announced that it was lunch time. John now had 30 minutes to eat, relax and then get back to work. The cafeteria was all automated, and had packaged containers of food and drinks. Again just a hand swipe was all it took for a meal. John chose the mash potatoes and meat with green veggies. He also purchased a small salad with low cal dressing. Ice Tea with no sugar was his drink. John heated up his potatoes with what was something that looked like meat and sat down and ate. Closing his eyes he thought what he had to do after work. He was running low on soap, meals and drinks. His clothing credit was looking good and he thought about some new socks. After all that was over, he would be ready for bed again. Back at work, John finally heard the work day buzzer get his attention. Going out the door, john once again swiped his hand by the door sensor. Some place in a large server farm, John's social credit would increase because of his day of work. His bank credit if that is what you would want to call it increased as well. Another day another credit and another meal. It had all worked well for John as he headed to the food dispensary store. His social credit score that day was looking good and John was going to keep it there as he wanted to be assigned to that collage and that future in hydroponics

Ahh Yes another wonderful day in CO2 City - Aint it great?

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