Sunday, June 30, 2019

Grid Down

The grid down I am worrying about is caused by the sun. Here is what happened to the province of Quebec, Canada. The story is from NASA

On March 13, 1989 the entire province of Quebec, Canada suffered an electrical power blackout. Hundreds of blackouts occur in some part of North America every year. The Quebec Blackout was different, because this one was caused by a solar storm!

On Friday March 10, 1989 astronomers witnessed a powerful explosion on the sun. Within minutes, tangled magnetic forces on the sun had released a billion-ton cloud of gas. It was like the energy of thousands of nuclear bombs exploding at the same time. The storm cloud rushed out from the sun, straight towards Earth, at a million miles an hour. The solar flare that accompanied the outburst immediately caused short-wave radio interference, including the jamming of radio signals from Radio Free Europe into Russia. It was thought that the signals had been jammed by the Kremlin, but it was only the sun acting up!

On the evening of Monday, March 12 the vast cloud of solar plasma (a gas of electrically charged particles) finally struck Earth's magnetic field. The violence of this 'geomagnetic storm' caused spectacular 'northern lights' that could be seen as far south as Florida and Cuba. The magnetic disturbance was incredibly intense. It actually created electrical currents in the ground beneath much of North America. Just after 2:44 a.m. on March 13, the currents found a weakness in the electrical power grid of Quebec. In less than 2 minutes, the entire Quebec power grid lost power. During the 12-hour blackout that followed, millions of people suddenly found themselves in dark office buildings and underground pedestrian tunnels, and in stalled elevators. Most people woke up to cold homes for breakfast. The blackout also closed schools and businesses, kept the Montreal Metro shut during the morning rush hour, and closed Dorval Airport.

The Quebec Blackout was by no means a local event. Some of the U.S. electrical utilities had their own cliffhanger problems to deal with. New York Power lost 150 megawatts the moment the Quebec power grid went down. The New England Power Pool lost 1,410 megawatts at about the same time. Service to 96 electrical utilities in New England was interrupted while other reserves of electrical power were brought online. Luckily, the U.S. had the power to spare at the time…but just barely. Across the United States from coast to coast, over 200 power grid problems erupted within minutes of the start of the March 13 storm. Fortunately none of these caused a blackout. (end of story)

What does the SGSM have to do with the electrical grid? Actually it has some major implications. During a SGSM. the suns magnetic field which is coupled directly to the earth is reduced. Because of this coupling, the earth's Magnetosphere is also reduced. The earth's Magnetosphere acts as a shield which protects everything electrical from a geomagnetic storm. These storms induce voltages and currents into any thing conductive. Power lines (as above), and any thing with wiring can have induced currents and voltages. Because most of our electrical and electronics run at low voltages, the induced voltages which can be in the thousands of volts can damage sensitive low voltage devices like your PC or cell phone. It can also induce huge amounts of external power into our electrical grid and destroy transformers.

So as we enter the SGSM, there is a very real chance that we will have a grid down problem. How bad it will be depends on how large the solar flare is. But with the SGSM and reduced protection from our magnetosphere, it will take smaller and smaller flares ( geomagnetic storms) to inflect real damage on our power grid.

If we lost the power grid here in the US for many months or years, we would be back in the horse and buggy days instantly. It has been estimated that there would only be 90 million people alive in the US if the power grid went down for a year. Because we must have electrical power to run this country, nothing would work anymore. No water, power, hospitals, food, gas and the financial system would be down. The US would just about cease to exist.

So what can you as an individual do about grid down? You can forget having gas powered equipment. If your equipment made it OK and still runs, you will eventually run out of fuel. The only option is to have your own power system. This means water or solar. If you wanted to light your home or run appliances, you would need a solar powered system. Solar panels, solar controllers, batteries and inverters would be needed and they would have to survive the solar storm. If you are planning a system like this, make sure you have backup controllers and inverters. Make sure that they are in a Faraday cage.  You will need a 12 volt system as there are so many things that run on 12 volts DC. Your inverter will take care of your AC appliances, but Just forget heating and cooling using solar. 

If you cannot afford a large multi-KW system, at a minimum have a 400 watt system. Also, make sure your batteries are the deep cycle type and probably lead acid. If you take care of your batteries, they can last up to 5 or 6 years or more. Also low power wind generators are a possibility.

I am probably like many who will view this blog on grid down. You probably don't have the money to really purchase a large solar panel system. As above, I would suggest that you at least have a minimum system, but purchase as large a system as possible. As a young child, I lived with out cooling here in Central Texas. It was pretty bad in the middle of the summer, and in school I sweat all over my work in class. I can only imagine what people would do if the power failed. 

I am totally amazed that NASA didn't blame the Canadian grid down on global warming, but that was before we bad humans started breathing out all that CO2 I guess. And then there are those cows.

Thanks for reading this blog. I am wishing all of you the best. Remember, grow your own food, and at a minimum get your self a small solar panel system.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

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HOT HOT Wandering Jets

Have you read the news lately? France is a new Hell and is burning up.

Clams are baking in there shells its so hot. Is it really that hot? Well yes it is. Is it the hottest its ever been, well no. But But is it hot? Hell ya its hot. Is the world burning up and are we all going to die from heat in twelve years. Not really. If you look at the list below, note one item on the list. The item is extremely hot.

Bitter Cold
Extremely Hot 
Biblical 1000 Year Floods
Huge amount of Snow and Ice in some locations
High Winds
Very Large Hail
Huge to almost Complete Crop Losses
Loss of life
Social Upheaval
Human Migrations
Fall of Governments
Electromagnetic Displays
Hot Dangerous Lightning
Increased Large Earthquakes
VEI3 to VEI7 or greater Volcanic Eruptions
Atmospheric Compression
High Cosmic Ray Environment

If you look at the above list, you can see that the world goes crazy during a Super Grand Solar Minimum. None of this happens at the same time, but it does happen and its gets more intense as the SGSM progresses. Just go back and look at history. Many of the above things happened during very cool periods. Many of the things in the list are caused by wandering jet streams, Normally jet streams are rather predictable, but as the earth's magnetosphere wanes, jet streams go out of their normal predictable paths. These jets then pull up and push down warm and cold temperatures as shown in the NASA graphic below. NASA of course said that its all about global warming. The SGSM says something else.

So how can France become a new Hell? It could be an intense area of high pressure or it could be warm air out of Africa being pulled up into Europe. So all of a sudden temperatures can become African like. Much like happened in the US this winter when temperatures associated with the North Pole were pulled down into the States. Remember, weather is not climate. Climate causes weather. Our climate is changing and all of the things on my list will happen. The global warming heads want you to think that weather is climate and will use any example they can find to push that into your face, even Hell!

Thanks for reading my short blog. Again and Again - start growing your own food, Have some way if at all possible to protect it or item 7 (seven) might cause problems. Oh my, its 4:00 AM in the morning, and I started this blog at 2:00 AM. Probably need to get back to bed you crazy old man.
Cheers and wishing the best for you and yours.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019


Below are what I consider to be good URLs for tracking the Super Grand Solar Minimum. At none of these URLs will you find the global warming agenda - we are all going to burn up - carbon tax -  take your car - tax you into oblivion - type of propaganda.

Wales grand solar minimum channel
This is a really good one on YouTube. They have slides and great music to go along with it. I am amazed about the low viewership of this channel as they lave a great summery of what happens across the world on a daily basis. Most excellent. Sign up for alerts.

Channel can be found at this URL.

Adapt 2930
This YouTube channel by David DuByne is classic Grand Solar Minimum. David has no agenda and puts it out as he sees it.David talks about the historical implications of our climate and cycles which is very interesting. He also covers opportunities and solutions. Highly recommended. David has a prolific output of video to watch.

Channel can be found at this URL.

Ice Age Farmer
This channel covers crop loss which in my opinion is the most important aspect of the Grand Solar Minimum. Christian has his own website that tracks crop problems and losses. Visit his website as well. It's listed in each YouTube post. Christian also covers what he is doing and has recently moved to a better location. He also has very interesting interviews from time to time. Be sure to visit on a regular basis.

Channel can be found at this URL

Thunderbolts Project
This YouTube channel is a must if you want to understand the Electrical Universe. I walked around in a cloud for a week after discovering this channel. It's amazing how this channel brings clarity to the universe we live in. You can't really understand our sun which is the primary cause of our earthly climate unless you follow the Thunderbolts Project.

Channel can be found at this URL

Ice Age Now
This is Robert W. Felix's site. Robert is the author of Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps. Robert is a really nice all around guy worth following. This site has a bunch of news posted by Robert and others. This is a good one and worth bookmarking and visiting on a regular basis.

Site can be found at this URL.

John Casey
John is another all around nice guy who we should listen to. The URL below is the start of  john Casey's Dark Winter documentary. There are 6 of them. Also on YouTube there are many of his interviews. John recently has some health issues. I wish him well. John has his books on Amazon. I have all of them and they are worth the purchase.

Channel can be found at this URL.

This is a good one. On their website they say: Documenting Earth Changes during the next GSM and Pole Shift. Need to bookmark this one as they cover stories from all over the world. If you want, you can sign up for an email alert when they post a new story. I have signed up and like the service.

website can be found at this URL.

There are more, but these are the best. I know about many others, but many of them have their own agendas and some I would not want my grandchildren to listen to. If you have what you really think are good ones, please make a comment below and Ill look them over. I hope to update this blog as I add new ones.  Hope you are tracking the SGSM, and have started your garden. You don't have much more time to prepare as the Super Grand Solar Minimum is closing in on us. As this happens you will see a huge attempt to tax you out of existence as the "Climate Change" agenda is ramped up. Don't let that happen as it will be bad enough just having enough food to get through all this.

Cheers and best of every thing.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

NEW Interview with Valentina Zharkova

Here is the interview on the Richie Allen Show Tuesday June 25th 2019

Click the URL for the interview.
Note the interview starts at around 18:40

This is a very good one and is a must listen. Finally she speaks out.

Cheers Dennis
Better start growing food, you will need it.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What is wrong with people?

WARNING: This is a rant. If you don't like rants don't read this. If you don't really like it then go away but with my blessings. If you don't want my blessing then just go away.

That is a question I ask every day as I get up in the morning and contemplate when I lay there in bed at night. Is it in our genes? What makes men have this desire to kill each other? We seem to have a built in desire for violence. Its not just now but for the past thousands of years that man has walked the earth. We only seem to have gotten worse, or is it that we have really gotten good and efficient at killing each other as we have become more modern? Modern is not a term that I would apply to our society.

There is a line in the sand that has been created with our freewill. On one side there is no war, hate or greed. On that side there is only love. Not perfect love but love chosen using our freewill. On this wonderful side of the line there is peace and prosperity and a blessed existence. It is a place where everyone can see each other as a brother or sister. There is no hunger on this side and the earth is a beautiful bountiful place and is nourished and appreciated as a blessing. It is a place where children safely run and play. It is a place where we take care of each other. It is not a perfect place, but a choice that we can make. Personally I dream of such a place, not only for me but  for my children.

On the other side is only death and darkness. If we wake up we will see that death seems to be a reoccurring choice for humans. We kill with weapons, words and laws. We destroy for money and self. The poor are looked at as weak. A child is a burden. Soon this side of the line will destroy most of the earth and the people who live on it. By sitting in our home with our “what evers” and hiding there ignoring the plight of the world and never listening we have surely chosen this side by default.
If we think we are good because we have never done bad things, think again. Being good is only a start. What about everything else that is not about you or me? Strangely this has been going on for thousands of years. Our freewill has created the great storm and it is headed our way.

So why am I writing this blog? Think of it as a warming. This world is slowly becoming closer and closer to total chaos. If you don't understand this then you are asleep or a part of the chaos.  If you are reading this blog, what do you really want out of life? Most just want to be left alone. Most want to live in peace. Most just want a home and some food for them self's or their family. Must just want to be healthy. Most don't want to be controlled or robbed or raped or hurt or killed. Most don't want war. So if most want what I have listed above what on earth are we doing wrong? The answer is that we are afraid, We are afraid to speak up or demand what we want. We are afraid of them. Them may be the army, IRS, the government, police, the FBI, Russia, China, your neighbor or what people will think. Yes we are afraid we may run out of beer and pizza. Lets face it humans are just afraid, and they let just about anyone push them around.

Does the world really need the 2 billion dollar monster displayed below?

We have them (these 2 billion monsters), China has them and Russia has them. Do we really need hyper sonic Cruse what ever? How about enough Atomic Bombs to destroy the earth over two or three times?

 What could we do on this earth if we actually took all the hard work and money spent on killing each other and applied it to really good things? There are some really hard decisions coming, and I am kept up at night thinking about them. There are plenty of them and I am afraid that they will all happen at the same time. We have the voices of war out there shouting. We have our politicians wanting to control us and make our wonderful United States in to a communist one. We have a controlled rape and pillage financial system which is debt based and has nothing backing it. We have business that want to control what they want us to see. Social media has taken over our lives, and our children have been so dumbed down to the point that they can't even make a decision. Industry has hijacked the world and sliced it up in to what they think is endless commodities which they sell. There is enough plastic in our oceans to wrap up the earth in it. AND FINALLY we are looking at global cooling and a 400 year cycle that is at this moment is ushering in the  super Grand Solar Minimum and a possible REAL ice age.

If man does not get its collective senses together, then all the above will become reality and our world will come crashing down. It will be bad enough with out all the clutter that we have worked into our society. What is coming will be really hard on the good and the bad. No one will escape, man, woman or child will be intimately wrapped up in it. There is nothing that can stop it.

So what can you or I do about this? By our self, probably not much, but collectively we can. War, starvation, killing and all the horrible things happening on this earth are just a choice. Just a simple little yes or no.

Picture from Rolf A. F. Witzsche site and the video Ice Age of the Dimming Sun.

The problem is that most don't understand the following:

“Strangely enough, most people don’t see that they can kill and abuse people by their silence."

Thank you for reading my blog. I will have more out on sprouts and other ways to grow food soon. Go grow some food. Cheers - Dennis

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Vertical in house growing

Well this blog covers what you might want to do inside your house. Obviously when you go inside you loose some sun light and you will have to replace it. You could do that with AC power from your power company or AC and DC from your own solar panel power system. I will cover both. You should probably think about generating your own power if at all possible. If the grid goes down or power is not available, then you would need to generate your own. ALSO later in the Radio Communications blog I will cover radio communications. If there is no power, how will you charge your portable radios or run your base station? Solar is the answer to that. 

Take Note: Unless you have a large amount of solar power or power company power, growing inside will never be as good as outside in the sun. I am assuming in this blog that power is not available from that huge power plant in your state or country. As the Global Warmers and CO2 Addicts keep pushing the destruction of power plants and keep pushing green power, you can bet there wont be power available when its really needed. That moment will be deep into the SGSM. You can bet on it. Just ask some people who live in Australia. Green power will never work when its cold and the sun does not shine and the wind is not blowing. What do you do then? While I will be talking solar, I can almost guarantee that you will have the same problems. If there is no sun and your batteries are really low, you wont be growing food inside. So just a heads up. Soooo lets get started:

OK now come in the house.  I am going to tell you the truth, and the truth is that growing in a house is not all that great. There is some good news and some really bad news about growing in the house. Again, don't email me and tell me that I don't know what I am doing. I have been growing in my house for years. You will need hundreds of pounds of food to feed you and your family.  Its not easy to grow in the house unless you have a lot of power. Probably around 450 to 1000 watts of electrical energy to grow a few tomatoes. If you are going to grow with AC power, that's around 9 amps of current. That's also a lot of power if you are using battery power. If your using DC current then at 12 volts you will be continuously pulling 90 amps from your battery at  a minimum of 11 hours a day, day after day. Power? During the SGSM, there might not be any. If that is the case, then you will need to use water or solar power. 

Most people won't have the water to run a generator. While solar will work, there are problems with that as well. Solar panels will probably develop about 33% less than they do now because of all the cloud cover. That's just when the sun is out.    If there is no sun, (really bad weather etc. ) your batteries will not get charged. If you deep discharge your batteries, you could ruin your batteries. 

When you are going to grow in the house you are replacing the sun. That's not easy to do with solar. It takes many lumens (PARS) of light power to grow greens and a huge amount to grow something like tomatoes. Yes you can grow a couple of plants, but you need large amounts of food and probably 1200 to 2000 calories per adult person or more of food. Forget eating just lettuce.  If some one tells you that you can grow a lot of food with their really small Gee wiz super duper grow lights they are lying. You can't get around nature. Ya a couple of plants or more but so what. I am still hungry so what do I do?

So what can you grow in the house? Probably greens, microgreens and sprouts.
Its possible to grow these three things using solar powered grow lights, but not much else. If you have a large family or children, then these things will not feed you very well. You will be working hard and you will need those high density nutrient foods like meat, potatoes and beans, You can just forget living on greens. I am telling you the truth, as I have done it.

OK, you are going out on the internet to get some help learning how to grow food. BUT STOP - what you will be learning is what has been successful in the past. What is coming is the future and the past will not work in the future. You will be meeting our friend the SGSM, and he is frowning.

Don't put your eggs all in the same basket. Don't depend on one thing to survive what is coming. 

OK, before we get into vertical growing and microgreens, lets talk about solar power. below is a simplified diagram of a solar system. There are the solar panels which put out about 17v DC with no load. I would suggest that you have a minimum of 1000 watts of power. Don't get one of those cheesy power stations that have a panel, battery and an inverter. Total waste of money unless you need something portable.  You will need a solar charger / controller that will handle your 1000 watts of solar power. The controller will disconnect the battery from the system when the battery is charged and when you have discharged your battery to a dangerous level. That will save your battery's but you get no power until the batteries come back up to working voltages. You will need some deep cycle batteries. (No car batteries). At a minimum you will need a 1000 AH battery bank. Finally, if you are going to use AC appliances etc. then you will need an inverter. Pure sine would be best. Make sure that the inverter will drop out if the battery voltage gets low. If you are going to use solar, you need to have backups. Purchase two controllers and two inverters and store them away.  Graphic (C) author.

Vertical in house growing

You will not be using some commercial vertical hydroponic system because these system are really meant for a greenhouse and sun shine. They will also need power to run nutrient pumps. If you are growing lettuces, kale etc., then I would suggest that you use 10 x 20 plastic trays and coconut fiber. Microgreens like mustard and radish are what I suggest. Mustard and radish can be grown (greens) in about 7 days with the proper environment. Microgreens can be grown just using water as no nutrients are needed. There is enough energy in the seeds to take them to the microgreen level. That is not the case with things like lettuce as they will eventually turn yellow. So put some nutrient on your list or grow in coconut fiber with some of your compost. If you have a really sunny window microgreens can be grown there. If you are growing lettuce or other greens inside it will take many weeks to get plants up to size. One good thing is that they can be harvester over time.

I am sorry that I always bring up all the bad things, but I want you to survive and not starve. Microgreens are not really the solution. Although good for you, it takes thousands of seeds to grow just a little food. If you need to grow microgreens for years, then you will need many  millions of seeds and many hundreds of pounds of seeds. That's  really a huge waste of seed. You could grow for hundreds of people if you let the seed grow to maturity. So now you know. Its your choice, but don't drink the cool aide. Use microgreens to grow some salad greens but that's all.

The graphic on the left is the authors vertical growing system. This system uses 1080 watts of AC power just for the lights. its in my greenhouse but could easily be in a house. Graphic (C) author. I can grows loads of microgreens in the rack, but this for sure is not a SGSM type of system. I would suggest that you don't go there unless you want to start a business growing and selling microgreens which is what I do. 

The graphic below  system uses your  solar system to run the LED grow lights. See below how to make some cheap grow lights that will be good enough to grow greens. This system uses 10 x 20 plastic trays with coconut fiber to grow microgreens. The top of the system is used for the germination trays. Keep these trays in the dark until they germinate. Uses a 10 x 20 tray with no holes to block out the light.  Graphic (C) author

I have built a few of these lights below and they work really well. They are low power and put out enough light to grow greens. The strip lights are 16 ft. long. One reel can make 1- 5 ft. grow light. The lights stick to the wood, but I used silicon glue to make sure they are well connected. You will need a little soldering skill to make these. It looks like you can make these for about $14.00 each. They are quite bright. Use number 14 stranded insulated wire to make the connections.  Get some extra reels of strip LEDs as a backup. 

Purchase some of the strip day light LEDs. You can use them for light in your home. A 2 foot strip of them will produce a considerable amount of light and uses minimum power. Its best not to use an inverter for lighting as there is an efficiency loss running the inverter. 

Note: for home use purchase the daylight spectrum lights not the full spectrum ones.

NOTE on using AC power.
You can use your inverter or AC power if you want too, but they use a lot more power. Some of the daylight shop led lights work really well and I use them in my commercial operation to grow microgreens. I also use them to grow starts.

OK, lets talk about microgreens.
Almost any type of seed can be grown as a microgreen. Some are out right nasty and some are really tasty. When it comes to food, you want microgreens that produce dense (weighty) plants. The two best microgreens for this arc radish and mustard's. You can also grow cabbage, arugula and cilantro, carrot (no roots) fennel, kale and others. All these produce some very healthy food, but not that much calories. 

Here is how to grow microgreens. Halfway fill up the 10 x 20 tray (with holes) with coconut fiber. Wet he coconut fiber (really soak it). The tray should be so wet that water is coming out of the tray. Next sprinkle seed on the coconut fiber. Seed density should look like no seeds are touching, but that's OK too. Next water the seeds with plenty of water. Again the tray should be leaking water and the seeds should be very wet. Next, take a 10 x 20 tray (no holes) and spray the bottom of the tray with H2O2 (hydrogen Peroxide 3%). Then place the bottom of the tray on top of the seeds. Place in a warm place. Check for germination from time-to-time. Once germinated, put under the grow lights. If you really soaked the fiber and seed, the fiber should be still wet are damp. Lift up the tray and see if it is still heavy with water. If not or it needs watering, half fill a 10 X 20 tray (no holes) with water and place the germinated tray into the tray. You probably wont need to do this but once. Use scissors to harvest and enjoy. Below is an example of a tray of radish and mustard. Graphic (C) author

Below are some more graphics of microgreens.

OK that ends this blog. Hope you enjoyed it. Ill be back later with some more indoor growing like sprouts which I really like and are really nutrient dense and good for you. Cheers and best of everything. Keep growing or start a garden NOW.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL

Indoor Growing in the SGSM

This is not about growing food in your bed room, but if you want - go for it. If we want to be really prepared for the cooler times heading this way, we need to look at the complete array of things that we can do to feed our families, neighbors and communities. Indoor growing is a part and probably a large part of doing just that. I have been growing indoors for years. There are many approaches to doing just that and I will cover some of them in this blog. 
So here is a list of things that can be indoors. Indoors means indoors as in a greenhouse or actually in your house. A greenhouse even a small one is a good idea as it extends your growing season. Some  vegetables can be grown in a greenhouse when its really cold, like -30F outside. You just need to know how. People have been doing it for years. Yes, probably not tomatoes, but greens of all sorts.

  • Greenhouse
  • Cold Frames

So lets talk about greenhouses. I have two now and have had up to 5 of them from time-to-time. My smallest now is a 12 x 34 foot one and a large 30 x 96 foot one. All are enclosed and covered with 6 mil greenhouse plastic. I don't use raised sides greenhouses because of bugs and animals. The primary reason for using a green house is for the season extension. They are also useful for growing your starts for planting after frost is not a problem: and as an added advantage very cold greens growing. During the SGSM you will want as deep of beds in the greenhouse as possible. Ruth Stout beds would be great. I guess you can see I like the Ruth Stout method and it has been paying off recently as the season progresses and I harvest some of the best veggies I have ever eaten.
The secret to growing in very cold weather in a greenhouse is deep beds and plenty of cover for the plants. This will be hay and thick black plastic. Also 50 gallon black tanks of water can be used to capture heat during the day and heat at night. Kale and other cold weather plants can be grown. When its gets very cold, pull the black plastic over the beds. Make sure you have loads of hay and other matter to nestle the plants in. During the day pull back the plastic if it gets warm. This will allow the beds to heat up and for the plants to see the sun. To be successful you need to keep the beds as warm as possible and use cold weather plants. The above can be done in really large or small greenhouses. When spring arrives then you can go back to (possibly) normal growing what ever that may be.

Choosing a Greenhouse

On choosing a greenhouse, make sure it will be able to survive really high winds. The legs of the greenhouse should be driven into the ground and even cemented if possible, Don't purchase one of those cheap crappy greenhouses. They wont last and will sail off when the next storm blows through. Probably the minimum that you should spend on a greenhouse is around $1500 to $2000, anything less will just be a waste of money. Two smaller greenhouses is better than one large one. Also think about keeping your chickens in one end.

Also don't purchase one of those fancy gardener hobby type greenhouses. The fancy guy or woman growing in there very upscale cool looking greenhouse probably wont make it. Small hoop high tunnels are the best. The back and front should be made of wood with a small door on one side or both. The idea here is to have a strong structure that will take a beating. You are out of luck if you have softball size hail though! Warning: I have lost the skin on my greenhouse three times in the last six years due to high  winds - 95+ MPH straight line winds.

Keep a replacement set of plastic in a dry and dark place just because - because you will not get any later and because of bad weather. Also think ahead, most green house plastic lasts 4 years or so. Make sure to place your greenhouse in a protected area that receives a minimum of 6 or 7 hours of sunlight. East west orientation of the greenhouse is recommended. If you are handy I would suggest that you purchase a kit. These come with everything like hoops, purlins, plastic (6 mil) clips and wiggle wire. You will have to construct the front and back and provide the wood that runs along the bottom of the greenhouse. Seal it up good and make sure it is at a elevation that does not flood.

As I talked about preciously, a Ruth Stout garden would work well in a greenhouse. I would also recommend that you purchase some 5 gallon plastic grow bags. While you might grow in them in the winter, they would be really handy for summer gardening. I am using them in my outside summer garden as well. The great thing about grow bags is no weeding. I grow potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and peppers in them, Egg plant grows really well too. Ill do a blog later on grow bags.

High Tunnel Hoop House construction. If you don't have a greenhouse, the picture below is just getting constructed.  The hoop are usually 4 ft. apart. This one has 6 purlins which are the tubing that runs on the top and down the sides of the hoops. While not shown, a heavy set of 2x6's are run horizontally down the structure and set on the ground (not shown).  To place the plastic on the greenhouse, channels are run over the front and back hoop and down both sides of the 2x6's. The plastic is then pulled over the hoops, and wiggle wire is used to attach to the channels. Attach the plastic using wiggle wire across one end. Go to the other end and pull tight and connect with wiggle wire. Once connected, connect the sides. This makes for a really strong arrangement.  The front and back or the greenhouse is usually constructed of 2x4's and ply-wood. The width and length is up to you and what you want. In the SGSM, smaller may be better because of bad weather. Some greenhouses have a double layer of plastic with an air pump that inflates the two layers. The problem is that takes electricity.

Cold Frames

Actually a cold frame is usually built outside, but it all in how you look at it. A cold frame is an enclosed box that plants are grown it. The usually have a glass, plastic or wood door than can be closed. The idea is to keep the plants warm during colds nights. When things get warmer during the day and there is ample sun they can be opened. Cold Frames are good protection from frost as well.  In the SGSM, a cold frame should be built low to the ground  as the weather will be much cooler and the earth can provide heat. if you have a plastic or glass  top this will admit sunlight and prevent heat loss especially at night. If you think about it, a cold frame is similar to a greenhouse. Graphic (C) Author.

So would you use a cold frame for in the SGSM? It would be a great place to grow starts or grow some good cold weather plants like lettuce, onions, kale and others. If its really cold, and the cold frame is covered with snow, leave the snow on the frame until things get warmed up. Snow is a good insulation.

So come back later and I will have another blog on indoor growing where I will cover the following items:
  • Vertical in house growing
  • Microgreens
  • Sprouts
I am developing a blog for later on growing microgreens and also one on grow bags so you are invited back for sure.  In the grow bag one Ill show you some pictures of my greenhouse and how I use grow bags.

At the moment China is putting up thousands of new greenhouses. Hmmm I wonder why they are doing this? Perhaps they know what is coming, and so now you do too. Think Greenhouse.

Cheers and I wish you the best of everything

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Where to live during the SGSSM (Super Grand Solar Minimum)

Yuck, this is a hard one. If I had my druthers I would live on another planet for awhile, and come back in 30 years and take a look. I am not really sure what I would find. If the CO2 Global Warmers are right, I would see a bunch of hotels and palm trees right in the middle of Greenland, and property for sale in the Antarctic.  If there was an ice age starting then I would see new cities being built on the Equator. Would there be any people in Canada or England or Australia or in places that once had large populations? If it's a 400 year cycle, is the old Roman Bread Basket booming with wheat fields?  What will the central part of the US look like. Green fields or a washed with bunches of weeds and abandoned farm houses and grain storage silo's? Take your pick I guess. One thing for certain is that the Global Warmers will all be dead and they all probably froze to death or ran out of food. Just their umbrellas, shorts and sun screen will still be there!

Pick your place on this planet and you can be assured things will play out differently. Obviously the closer you get to the equator the better it will be as far as temperature. Some people following this temperature thing are suggesting plus and minus 15 degrees north and south of the equator. Personally I am thinking plus or minus 30 degrees. 30 degrees would be survivable but tough. Winters here could be brutal. Besides I want to stay in Texas. I am sure you will want to stay where you are living now as well. We will all have to see how that all works out. Because we all live on this planet, we are all in the same boat.

As you get older like me, you don't need as much sleep as you did when you were younger, so I sit up at night pondering and thinking about all of this. What I need is a get out of dodge test point. It would be a sort of "if this happens I do this or that etc." So I came up with some of the things that I could track and then come up with a plan. You know Plan A or B or C if A or B or C happens.

Obviously you and I know that you can not trust the Lame Main stream media, or the government and most other tax payer run organizations for your information so you will need to improvise.

Here are some Test Points that you might look for. These Test Points should be monitored from now on (its June 2019 now) until the end of winter 2021. If its nice and warm by the end of 2021, I will shut down this blog, but I don't think so. Below are some of what I thing are good test or monitoring points

  • Local News
  • Food Prices

Local News
No no, not your local news. You need to monitor TV station websites across the country. Book Mark all these URLs. Make a URL list of TV station web sites that are way north as possible or south if you are below the equator. Then come south by states or countries. I am here in Texas. I might start in northern Canada and Alaska and then come south. I would end my list in South Texas and go on into Mexico.  Print out a small map and with a pen, mark up all the TV stations. Some places may not have TV stations but radio stations streaming to the internet. Check out the weather once a week at all the locations. Make a city list of the temps and weather. Most radio and TV stations will be reporting what is actually happening weather wise locally. None of this will you find on CNN or the BBC or what ever. As the months and years go by you will get a good idea what is happening weather wise and local conditions. You might also want to make up a global URL list. and do the same monitoring. This will be your way of tracking the SGSM weather and climate patterns. From this information and your local weather, you can map out just how bad things are getting and if you should stay where you are currently living. I am just starting this and its amazing all the local information you can get. Of course, if the internet goes down, you might want a short wave radio. 

Food prices. 
Flood prices are not as hard to track as weather especially in the US and other large countries. Prices for items that are produced by large company's will be sold for generally at the same price across the US. Tracking prices for meat, bread, cornmeal, cereal and canned products like vegetables and meat will give you a good idea of what the weather is doing to the prices. I fully expect things that use corn or grain to increase in prices because of the horrible planting season here in the US.  If these prices continue to increase year after year, this should be a heads up for you. Is the increase because of a one time things or is because of climate change and worsening climate world wide. You will certainty know the answer to that if you track local news and food prices. 

So where will you live? If you are like me, you are hoping to stay where you are. I sure do not want to move, and it will only be life threatening conditions that would cause that. So be smart and do your own investigation and plan accordingly. Be one of the one out of ten that will survive the Super Grand Solar Minimum. Think about plan A and B and C. Perhaps Ill cover that in another blog.

Cheers and best of everything - See you the next blog. Dennis. 

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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A Wonderful Day in CO2 City

The following is fiction but watch out they (Who is they?) may read this and apply it.

John Stone is nineteen years old. He just graduated from high school at the top of his class. He has applied for college in CO2 city, but his friends tell him that it may take up to two years to be assigned to a college. John is interested in hydroponic growing and wants a degree in this high demand field. John as been assigned to a singles apartment which is about two blocks from where he has obtained a job while he waits for hopefully getting into college.

 John's apartment measures twelve by nineteen foot with a ceiling height of ten feet. A bit cozy thought John, but was better than back home here it was even more cramped. Finally some serious privacy as he had left his brother and sister. The smart apartment was of the latest design. It was completely controlled via the built in interface which controlled everything. Water, temperature, the door and all the appliances. Even the shower was computer and smart grid controlled. The main feature was a large terminal that would have to be logged into each day if John wanted to keep his social credit numbers high. You could customize some things like music, messages and also communicate with friends through the terminal. The apartment had a small bedroom, a small kitchen and a living room if you could call it that. The kitchen had a sink, small refrigerator and microwave. All were computer interfaced as well. John would have to attain a very high social credit score before he could use a cell phone or even have a battery powered bicycle of which there were hundreds on the streets each day. John was new at this and was determined to do it the right way.

It was seven AM when John's alarm system went off. It played some soft music he had chosen from his terminal. It got louder and louder if He didn't go to his terminal to shut it off. After that more music quietly flooded the room as John prepared for getting to work at eight thirty which was two blocks away. He had bathed the night before. Bathing took some getting used to. There were instructions posted on the door of the shower. It listed the following:

Remove all clothing. Enter shower and shut the door. Push the start button on your left facing the shower head. You will have thirty seconds of soak water before the water stops. Push the soap dispenser and soap up. when ready, push the shower button again. You will have three minutes to completely wash up and clean off. Pushing the button again will allow more water but will take a credit to do so.

John had gotten good at doing the shower thing and had become an expert.  Grabbing a towel of which there were only two, John dried himself off and headed for the bedroom. To get to much of his clothing, John had to pull up on his bed which locked up against and onto the wall. Now exposed were all the containers that stored much of his other clothing. His work and weekend clothing were stored in a small closet at the end of the bed. John quickly got dressed. His clothing for the day were his work uniform. All the inhabitants of CO2 city wore much the same clothing except for children, security, police, fire and other special services like medical. Johns clothing had a large patch that said Phil Mor Recycling which was where John worked.  Next was breakfast. All food was prepackaged. and was stored in the small refrigerator. It could hold about three days of food and other things like juices and tea. John chose the bacon and egg breakfast. He also pulled out a small container of what looked like orange juice. John was never really sure of what he was eating or drinking but gulped it down as he was hungry. All the containers were recycled. After breakfast, John logged into his terminal. He checked his social credit level and it looked great. Just logging in gave him more credit. If he didn't that day, his score would be smaller. Looking at the news, John picked a video that gave a credit for watching. The video was by the mayor who was blessing all the inhabitants on what a good job everyone was doing, and how the city's carbon foot print was slowly getting smaller, but more work was needed by everyone. Just be sure to recycle and limit water and energy use. Closing down the video, John's credit score once again increased.

Jumping up, and grabbing his backpack which contained some of his important papers and ID, John closed the door to his little apartment. Swung his hand close to the door sensor, and the smart chip in John's hand locked the door. The readout on the door read "Locked ". The walk to Phil Mor only took a few minutes. Entering the building, John again waved his hand at the door sensor and was allowed entry. Ahh He thought another day at Phil Mor. John's job was recycling electronic equipment. As he sat at his table, a huge container was brought to his location. John noticed that today he would be recycling medical equipment. His job would be to dismantle the equipment. Dump any screws or metal connectors into a drum. Things like copper wire were clipped and dumped into a wire container. All the circuit boards were stripped of any connectors and components and dumped into an appropriate container. All plastic was placed into the plastic bin. If he had questions like things like magnets or other strange things, he contacted his manager who looked out from his office  out onto all the busy little workers. Around Noon, a buzzer announced that it was lunch time. John now had 30 minutes to eat, relax and then get back to work. The cafeteria was all automated, and had packaged containers of food and drinks. Again just a hand swipe was all it took for a meal. John chose the mash potatoes and meat with green veggies. He also purchased a small salad with low cal dressing. Ice Tea with no sugar was his drink. John heated up his potatoes with what was something that looked like meat and sat down and ate. Closing his eyes he thought what he had to do after work. He was running low on soap, meals and drinks. His clothing credit was looking good and he thought about some new socks. After all that was over, he would be ready for bed again. Back at work, John finally heard the work day buzzer get his attention. Going out the door, john once again swiped his hand by the door sensor. Some place in a large server farm, John's social credit would increase because of his day of work. His bank credit if that is what you would want to call it increased as well. Another day another credit and another meal. It had all worked well for John as he headed to the food dispensary store. His social credit score that day was looking good and John was going to keep it there as he wanted to be assigned to that collage and that future in hydroponics

Ahh Yes another wonderful day in CO2 City - Aint it great?

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Note to Readers of this Blog

N O T E:

Before I get a bunch of comments on my blog which I would really encourage, I would like to point out some things, To start with there is this:

Copyright © 2019 by Dennis DeLaurier.

All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior written consent of the author/publisher or the terms relayed to you herein.

BUT I encourage sharing of my blogs. Just don't change them. Use the URL for this blog to give to your friend or others.

The information in this blog is data researched and every thing else are the opinions of the Author. This blog is not professional counsel and should not be viewed or taken as such. The Author specifically disclaims all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk personal or otherwise that is incurred as a consequence directly or indirectly from the use or application of any content or recommendations in this blog.

While recommendations may be made in this blog, they are only that and the reader is responsible for any interpretation or use of any of the recommendations. The Reader must also realize that any recommendations may be wrong or not fit the readers environment or actual circumstances. All of this is the responsibility of the reader alone.

With that said/ Please don't be put off with things you don't agree with. As stated above everything I have in this blog are my words and my opinions. If what I am writing turns you off, just exit and don't come back. This blog is not meant to be a format for tearing each other apart but for building all of us up. If you have suggestions and ideas I know all of us would be glad to hear from you.


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Two Eyes Better than One

Well I am finished with both eyes. The right eye is getting there, the left one has a way to go. It looks like my cataract surgery went well yesterday. Its kind of depressing as it looks like this is an old persons problem. So every place I went there were only the old like me there. I guess I am lucky as I can still string two words together that has some meaning.

This brings up what I saw with only one good eye. Ill make sure to reconfirm what I saw with both of them later.

The following is what I saw and was amazed. Totally amazed - well sort of amazed. It read:

NASA Sees Climate Cooling Trend Thanks to Low Sun Activity

I suspect the headline is caused by the following picture. Well not the picture but because of their monitoring of our upper atmospheric heating and cooling caused by what is NOT seen in the picture. What is missing is sun spots. It's blank and will probably stay that way for much of the time.

If you have been following the sun and sun spots like I have, I am sure you have noticed a reduction during this cycle. Even more amazing is that NASA is seeing even more reduced sun spots (well Climate Cooling) the next one.

 And when they really had the chance, they blew it big time. When this great moment arrived, nothing was said about crop failures, people freezing or any of those really fuzzy types of things. No what they really thought was cool to use that word was about some nonsense like less atmospheric drag on satellites. 

I don't know about you, but I cant's eat satellites very easily. I suspect they have released this to cover their posterior / rear / backside and other places you can't see from the front. So are we headed for a Little Ice Age or cooling levels that happened during the Maunder Minimum? Well much of what we are seeing points to that or perhaps even worse. Things like increased Cosmic Ray Flux, absolutely crazy climate variations, jet streams going really wobbly (cool word there) and unbelievable atmospheric compression.

If you have been following the spring planting season here in the US, you know what is happening in the US bread basket states. Many have been washed out, and what was eventually planted is not doing very well. This is not only happening here in the US, but in others places that have supplied grains for the world over the years. I think its quite obvious that this great CO2 based warm period is coming to an end. All these CO2 heads may one day wish that they had been correct. I sure hope they would have been too. Yes I truly want the now waning global warming to continue.

Cash your ticket in. Choose to be one out of the ten that will have seen this coming. I would expect our government in the next year or so to start doing some really crazy things as food prices go ballistic.
Cheers and the best of everything. See you (with both eyes) the next blog.

Start growing food now.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Rules for the SGSM

Well these are my rules. You may have different ones. And someone else may have different ones as well. One thing is for certain, if there are no rules there cannot be a game. And if you don't play by the rules there can only be chaos.

Shelter – A place to call Home

Rule 1

There is no shelter in the city In bad times.
If you can help it don’t go there and don’t live there.

Perhaps shelter paints a different picture that home does? In tough times, a home can be a shelter if located in the right place.

When I think about the word because of my age, I think of weathering a storm in a shelter. Its windy, wet or cold and dangerous outside, but I am “Sheltered” in. The shelter is warm, safe and there is food and water. Also my family is there and I have a way to defend my shelter from those would take or destroy it.  In the coming times you need to think of your home as a shelter as well, As rule 1  states, there are no shelters in a city during bad times.

Shelter is a place that protects you from weather. It will keep your warm and it is a place to be safe. Probably all your storage food will be in your shelter. Shelter will be different during the SGSM. If you live in Canada or the North East, you know what is needed during the winter. You probably use wood, gas, oil or electricity to keep warm, cook your food and keep the lights on.  So what would it be like in your shelter if the temperature was -20 degrees F. or lower with no heat for a week or more?  This is what you should be asking yourself. If your shelter is not livable at this temperature, then you will have to move. The only other option is to live underground.  If you live above 35 degrees latitude, it will be really hard during the winters and if you are above 40 degrees latitude it will probably be impossible (without power).Cold weather is hard on the electrical grid and gas lines. If for some reason the grid goes down for weeks or months, then you could be in danger. One of the problems with shelter (housing) is that they have all been insulated and built for a warm period. I live at 30 degrees latitude, and my house is built for the weather in Central Texas. Its hot in the summer and cool in the winter. Some years we only have 1 day of freezing. The infrastructure is also built for this weather. If for some reason we got New York weather for a month, we would probably loose our water because of freezing. Our pipes are not all that deep in the ground.

If we have a 400 year SGSM, then all bets are off. I am writing this in the winter of 2019 and there was some of the coldest days in many previous years in the North East. Its not over yet and things might get worse.  Trains and power plants shut down, and interstate gas distribution had problems. As the years progress and we get deeper into the SGSM, what happened this year will get progressively worse.

While I have no idea at this point how bad things will be, the best thing one can do for shelter is move south if possible. If we have a really bad SGSM, then we will need to live underground during the winter. I sure hope not!

Rule 2

A shelter is worthless unless you can defend it
If you cant defend it move to a place that you can.

Are you a tough guy? I am and my grandchildren call me “Grumpy Grampa”. Its in my nature to be that way, but what about you? The world would be a better place if we were all meek, kind, non-violent, loving and caring.  
In reality, the world is not that way and if you are of the meek persuasion then you need to be with some one that is not. In the world of competition, nice guys never win. The reason for that is the non nice guys have no morale's, and only play to win no matter what they have to do. In tough time this is the type of people you will face. 

Rule 3

You will start dying in three days if your shelter has no water. If there is no water then move to a place where there is. Most of us have never had to worry about having good drinking water. It was always there so most people don’t understand how important it is. Humans on the average drink and use about two gallons of water a day.  Your shelter should contain a source of water, be it a well, stored or a stream or river. If the water is dangerous to drink it will have to be purified. Purifying water is a skill few people even have thought about.   

Rule 4

When there is little food available having long term stored food is essential.
Long term food is food that could last up to 30 years. 

Most long term food is freeze dried or dehydrated. It is usually stored in cans or Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Long term food should be the last thing you eat as you will want short time food and food that you grew in your home or in a garden outside,  Long Term foods can be things like rice, wheat, corn and meals and meat that are offered commercially. There literally are many hundreds of long term food products on the market. You need to start storing them now.  

Rule 5

Use as much short term storage as possible.
Short term food is food that could last up to 10 years. 

Short term food can be purchased and processed in many ways. Commercial canned food is a good start. You can also dry can (discussed later) a large amounts of dry type foods (like grits) purchased at the grocery store. From a usage standpoint your short term food should be used with your shelter grown and outside grown foods. Eating out of a can while is a good option, having a mix of canned and fresh is much better.
Tip: Rotate your canned food, First in Last out sort of thing. Use the Best By date to rotate

Rule 6

Grow food inside and outside.
 Store and eat this food first.
We have covered this, but your shelter will need a garden of some type,  Even  during a SGSM there will be summers where food could be grown, You can grow indoors all year and extend your seasons outdoors with a greenhouse or cold frame. When not sleeping think about the 4 things below.
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water 
  • Safety


This is probably one of the most important parts of this blog. As we approach the SGSM and we have crop failures and progressively more expensive food costs, at some point I will not have the finances to purchase food. I will have to decide if I want to eat or pay my electric bill. This will happen to many millions of people as many of us are just getting by. You will also be told that the reasons for the price increases is because of global warming. It's your fault and they need to tax you to fix it. 

Just think about it. If there is not enough food for everyone, and food is so expensive that no one can afford it, what will you do? How will you feed your family? Of all the things I have talked about, food shortages are a certainty. 

This is where family and community come together. If you live in the city, then you are in for some severe trouble. What would a city look like if there were no food? 

I would not even like to think what it would be like.

Get out of town

If you really believe that the SGSM will happen, then you need to get out of town. If you have a large family, pool your resources and purchase or rent a home in a small outback community.  If you are above latitude 35 degrees sell your home and move south to south Florida or Texas. If you can't loose your job, keep it but send your family south. When things really get dicey, you will need your family and those around you to survive. In a small community, make as many friends as possible. What do they offer? Are they farmers, ranchers? Do they grow food? Do they see things like you see them (like minds)? Can you trust them? Be careful and join the local church and other organizations. Know the local sheriff and police. Get evolved in community service. All these people can be your community. Who has the food, grain and other local supplies? Who are the local doctors and nurses? Who are the trouble makers?  When things get really bad, because of your knowledge, you can be a local leader. 

Develop your skills. How about your family? Try living for a week without power or water. Cook and eat food just like you would if there was no power or grocery store. Don't use your computer, cell phone or the internet. No TV or any type of entertainment. No lights, read a book, get to know your family. Train your kids. Wash your clothes and take baths in cold water. Flush your commode with a bucket of water. Practicing saving dish and bath water. Practice security: some one up 24 hours a day using radio communications.

Set up codes for different parts of your environment. Have nick names for all in the family. Have an alert code and signal and where to go if there is a security problem. Practice using your family radios. Practice like the world has gone crazy and you are trying to be safe and secure. Don't use your real names. Explain this to your family and make sure that they are OK with the idea. 

Set up a radio security system with all your neighbors. Setup a base station and solar charging system for the radios. Have codes that everyone understands. See Radio Communications (in later blogs). 

Make a list of everyone in the family and their kills, same with your neighbors and community. Make a list of food and water sources. Make sure that those who you trust are armed and skilled.  If you don't have night vision get some. 

Health, food and security is what has plagued man forever. It's what he worked for, sought out and even fought for. While here in the US at the moment things are a bit quiet, it doesn't take much to change that. While it may be in the back of peoples minds, these three things will jump forward and become a primary concern. If we face this now and develop solutions, then we will have already jumped over the first hurdle. I did this years ago even when I was ridiculed by my immediate family and people looked at me funny when I brought it up. I may soon be vindicated but there will only be bitterness and no joy in it. 

OK, well this finishes this blog. Tomorrow I will have my left eye repaired. It will be nice to see how wonderful and beautiful the sky, clouds and a sun set is once again. Ill be back in a few days and give you a report. If it goes as well as my right eye it will be a good one.
Wishing you all the best - Dennis

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer.

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