Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Final Play

There are some really crazy thing happening. It's happening in the air and on the earth and on the sun and its happening everywhere. There is only a little bit of time left in the game and it's coming down to the Final Play. The score is a tie. It's you and them and they want most of you dead.

The whole universe is watching and many things are heading at head breaking speeds to one great crescendo. They have been waiting for this final play for many years and have made their plans on what they will execute.  The humans are not very well prepared for the game and that has been part of their final game plan. The earth is exactly where they want it, and they have been watching the sun in it's position in the galaxy for hundreds of years. It's all coming together at the exact right time.

All of their useful idiot human surrogates have been brought up to speed and placed in the exact positions where they may act at just the right moment. Huge amounts of money and positions of power have been parsed out to insure compliance with their wishes. It's all a shallow lie but they don't know that.

The poor humans don't have their game together at all and are wrapped up in things like global warming, social media and insane politics. They have no idea how stupid and brain dead they are to what is coming their way.

The earth is cooling and many different things will insure that soon there will not be enough food to feed the billions of people on the planet. They have know this was coming for many years and are prepared to use this one great catastrophe to win the final play.

In order to make the final play as effective as possible, the last great power on earth which is the US must be brought into subjugation. The surrogates are feverishly working at this at this very moment.

A look into the future

What will the final play look like and how long will it take? Bringing the US down may just take at perhaps two or three more years, especially if all the craziness continues. The coming food shortages might even speed this up. Once that is done, and the US becomes much like China it will all be over. Then they have only to sit back and watch the climate play out the destruction of the worlds growing systems. The Final Play is the starvation of billions of people.  When its all over and the game ends, there will perhaps be only a billion or less people alive on the planet.

At that point the rats will come out of their holes and they will have won. They will now control the food, weapons and anything of value and they will move what is left of humanity into their little smart cities where they will be abused and controlled.

Note: while the above is fiction (??), it probably is how things will work out, especially if nothing is done to prepare for the SGSM or a possible Ice Age. What do you think, and what will you do?

The question remains who is THEY and who are THEIR useful idiot human surrogates? I will let you fill that in as I don't really want to go any further. We live in interesting and very dangerous times, so don't waste the precious time left. There may be a huge human culling coming which will be caused by global cooling and food shortages. You can do something about that right now if you want. I was in the grocery store today, and food is still relatively inexpensive, but I am just waiting for the day when that changes. I will assure you when that happens and I am still around, I will have a blog on the subject.

Another front blew through here in Central Texas today. Even received some rain, but we are so dry that it was hard to see that we actually received inches of the wet stuff. I have a feeling that the Central Texas climate gods did that on purpose. Perhaps tomorrow I will be deep in cardboard and starting the potato bed for the spring garden. Got loads and loads of hay and horse manure. Lucky Me!

Wishing all who read this blog the best of everything.



I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Brain Dead

While a bit of radiation is not all that harmful, what we are beginning to and about to be exposed to will have short and long term health problems. In-fact it may have civilization ending consequences.
5G is probably the most insane thing being pushed out on humanity ever except for atomic weapons. As you will read below there are two very dangerous things about 5G. Health and Control.

Man has been exposed to natural radiation like Cosmic Rays all of his existence. It has been more intense at times and may have caused his DNA to be changed.

As an young teenager, I worked weekends for a research company that did weather research. At the time we had one of the most powerful radar system in the world. We also had small radar systems in the lab that I heated my lunch (Microwaves did not exist at the time) on. When it was cold stupid me would warm my hands up on small aircraft and boat radar systems. Thinking back, while it did not harm me as far as I know, I was worried about my eyes and made sure that I never got in front of the dish focal plane. Of course these were microwave systems. Working with microwaves at that early age (I started when I was 15) reinforced the knowledge that they could be dangerous to the human body.

Humanity is literally now being surrounded in a fog of electromagnetic radiation and it will get much worse if we put thousands of satellites spewing out RF radiation onto the earth. It will also get much worse if we put out this huge 5G infrastructure we are planning Where does it stop?

There will be no place to escape all this RF and the consequences of being exposed to it. I certainly don't want to live in such a world.

This blog while citing all the problems with the roll out of 5G will not cover that in any great detail, as there is an enormous body of work and sites that cover this. Here is one URL that you can start with.

Another good YouTube site is at this URL 

What I will be covering is why governments think 5G is needed. The fact that fiber cable is a much safer option to provide fast internet speeds that some think are needed.

What I would like to address is that the Internet of everything is what industries and governments  are drooling over and for and about. It's all about control and greed. It's about smart this and that. It's about smart cities, cars, roads, homes and just about anything you can connect to the internet. How about a smart toilet?


5G is about total  control and subjugation of humanity.


To connect everyone to everything will take many many millions of local in your face 5G cell towers. These towers will be large and small.

They will be literally on every street in the city and in every neighborhood. This is necessary because of the frequencies being used. 5G is about line of sight and can be blocked by such wonderful things like a tree.

We have been told how earth saving 5G technology will be, but the fact is that at the frequencies and data rates being used, 5G transmitters use huge amounts of energy and require cooling of the RF generating circuits. This is a fact and each 5G box will probably need a cooling box along with it. Does this sound earth friendly? Not really.

One last thing. 

While company's are going crazy about all the money to be made with this technology, what they don't realize that it will eventually kill any future customers as 4G and 5G technology is leading to population reduction as men develop low sperm counts and eventually become sterile. 

So why is all this needed? You will be told it is about efficiency, convenience and all that video you can access almost instantly. You can talk to your car and refrigerator and it can talk back, but there is a darkness being hidden in all of this, and it is about control. It will eventually come to what is happening in China, and being pushed big time in the UK and especially for our Brit friends, Its crickets here in the US and was planned to be that way.

It's all about who you are and what you are doing. With this sort of system (internet of everything) that will be complete. This could be taken down to even what you eat and when you flush your toilet. It's about video monitoring and facial recognition. It is about social credit scores and if you are a good or bad citizen. It will control what you can buy or sell and what it cost and what you made. All of this will take 5G technology as the bandwidth of this will be enormous. All of this will require that you live in a very small smart home in the city. That way they can control all the sheep easily as you are not strung out all over the place.

Oh what a lovely world that will be. but it will eventually kill us.

So what does this have to do with my SGSM Blog? It is my thinking that the coming global food shortages will facilitate the introduction to all his.

People will go crazy if there is a shortage of food, and they will need to be controlled. It will be a race between 5G control and the whole world gone crazy from the lack of food.

My bets are on the Climate Cop which is the sun which will in the end determine the final results.

It's been hot and cool and on and off here in Central Texas. Those crappy weather gods are playing cards somewhere and are not paying attention. It seems to be getting crazy on the streets here especially as those ME ME type of people drive cars (especially trucks). Not just quite yet, but soon I may give it all to them and let them kill each other. There is a sense of unevenness out there and people really don't seem to know exactly why. I guess it's just a ripple in our universe.

Now is a good time to:

Get your seeds
Start a garden and grow your own food
Start or join a community
Take care of your family and neighbor
Look after those who have less than you do

Wishing you and yours all the best


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Between a rock and a hard place

If you are caught between a rock and a hard place, you are in a difficult situation where you have to choose between two equally unpleasant courses of action. Not choosing may be even worse.

Is it Global Warming or is it Global Cooling? Actually it was both and we are now living with the fond memory when things were warm and toasty and our crops grew and the food was good. But we have departed that wonderful period that man may not experience ever again.  Yes as I have said before there was such a thing as Global warming and for sure it was a real blessing for the people of this earth. But the warming part was hijacked by very radical people who if not stopped will make it into a cult or almost religious like.

Slowly people have been waking up and realize that the sun is the Climate Cop and enforcer. The Sun is a cyclic monster that does what it wants, and your carbon footprint is like a grain of sand in the universe when it comes to climate. Not so much like that when it comes to polluting our precious earth.

The little ice age was actually broken by a great burst of energy from the sun that started about 300 years ago and was advancing until around 2008 when it ended and like a light switch being flipped on has started to cool.

The cooling was followed by a great decline in sun spots which is an indication of a cooler sun. Between 2008 and around 2017, things slowly changed, but the 2018 and 2019 winter and planting seasons finally showed what was started back in 2008 and talked about by John Casey. Crop failures and more brutal winters took the place of warm season wide planting and harvesting ones.

The Grand Solar Warming period is slowly fading quickly and will be only be a fond memory of all those prosperous warm days spent by most of us. Those alive today will never see a period like we just experienced ever again.

The abundant grain and wheat harvest will also fade into the past as our seasons narrow and crops fail from the new environment of the SGSM. It happened before and it is happening now.

We are now just starting a decent into the SGSM that may end with the sun cooling so much that it will flip into a low glow mode. At present we are seeing that cooling by a huge increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays that cause the earth to cool by effectively causing more clouds which reflect the suns energy back into space.

So lets look at two things. These things are the Super Grand Solar Minimum and a transition into an Ice Age. The real problem is this:

What happens in a SGSM and what happens in a transition into and Ice Age are the same.

An increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays occur during these periods.
A reduction in Sun Spots occurs as well
The earth slowly cools and crop fails
The earth's and suns's magnetic fields are reduced

But there is one thing that is very different from a 200, 400 or 3200 year cooling cycle and a transition into another real ice age that could last for millions of years.

This difference is the decreasing of the suns solar winds and the energy that feeds our plasma sun.

This decrease exhibits and mimics the same problems a SGSM would cause. A cooling earth, crop failures and very crazy weather and climate.

So a coming ice age could be like a stealth aircraft. You would not see it until it was too late!

But and it is a large But, we are seeing a reduction of the suns solar winds at the present time.

From the late 2000's onward, we have been slowly living in this hot / cold boundary time zone where the sun is receiving  less and less energy being fed into the sun. This energy feeding the sun is galactic in nature and the sun (and the earth and planets) go through these galactic cycles  every millions of years causing the almost digital on and off of ice ages.  This reduction at some point ten years from now could cause the sun to finally not receive enough energy to keep up its hot strong energy output and actually go into a plasma low glow mode.   This is basically what worries me at night.

While we cannot escape an ice age, we sure can prepare for it if we only choose to do so. And that really is the problem isn't it? For humanity to prepare for such a thing it would take an acknowledgement NOW and we would have to start thinking what we could do TOMORROW. Hmmm doesn't seem to be something anyone is worrying about right now does it?

So we need to be facing the consequences of what is coming our way but sorrowfully that may never happen. The reason is that humans seem to be tied up with some really crazy notions brought on by the CO2 heads that our sun is just one stable atomic power plant that just pumps out energy in a very consistent manner. If that is so, then we humans are causing all the change. This is so false to be actually funny but a deadly funny at best. If we stay in this small black box of stupidity, it will almost kill us all.


While some look at things like ocean currents and temperature variations, greenhouse gasses and volcanic activity which indeed do effect climate. Nothing I repeat nothing will stop an Ice Age if the sun shuts down into a low glow mode. The sun is the only factor we need to look at and we better do it quickly. 


The new term most do not hear is solar forcing. This is not just some new word, but describes what the sun does to our climate. We can see this in history and climate records and in ice cores and other cores like river and ocean beds. All this points to the sun as the one thing that forces and drives our climate.

So how can it be hot as hell as it was reported last summer in France? What most people don't get and just don't perceive, the sun is dying. No there will not be a burial, but it is getting weaker by the year. The hell point is like a pan full of many gallons of water. If you make that water boil and then remove the heat, how long will it stay hot. The sun has done the same thing to our planet. The water is still a bit warm, but will then really cool off and even eventually ice over. It's inevitable and our earth will just be like that pan of water.

So what can we do as a society. Well I have already covered that as we slurp up all the crazy media hype. So it looks like nothing will actually be done and we are on our own. What I think we can do as individuals and a community will be the subject of another blog.

There is one thing that I suggest that at least you think about, and that is the sun is the solar force that drives our climate. If the energy that feeds the sun weakens enough the sun will go into a low glow mode, and then an ice age will be a certainty. That energy feeding the sun is being reduced year after year.

All the above is what I think and are my opinions. This blog then is what I think, and I really don't want to and have time to argue about any of my beliefs, but you are really welcome and encouraged to make sane nice comments on what you believe.

Get your seeds
Start a garden and grow your own food
Treat each day like it will be your last

Wishing you the best of everything from Central Texas

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Where Do YOU Live?

And what will you do if one of the graphics is correct or both?

The two graphics below are my opinion of what I think is coming. I may be completely wrong so I have two of them below. If we don't ease into a coming new Ice Age in the next ten years, we may be looking at what I have posted below in Graphic 1. These zones are not about freezing your posterior off although that could happen, it is about food production and availability. It is also about places you might want to live.  Which brings up the question, "Where will all those people in the off line zones live"?

The ???? zones are places that you might live, but it would be a game of dice as to growing seasons and cold temperatures. Looks like I may just live close to that line. So where do you live? Pick your place and then if you believe what I have posted below, make up your own mind what you might do. Graphic 1 is what I believe will play out if we are looking at a SGSM.

Graphic 1 above- SGSM zones

Graphic 2 Above - Ice Age Zones

Graphic 2 covers what new glaciation and a start into another Ice Age may look like. Again the graphic mostly is about the ability to grow food but the Off Line Zones will be very cold or even see the start of glaciers or ice sheets although this will take some time. Interesting things about Ice Ages is that they can take perhaps, millions, thousands, hundred, years or just one year to actually start. The important word here is START. It is not like we are covered in ice in an instant.

To me the above graphics are also about population migration. Every time we see climatic disruptions to societies, migration took place. It was freeze to death or starve, or just pickup and move south. Again as I have posted in previous blogs, I think that governments will try to prevent this migration. If we start seeing food shortages, then there could easily be unrest. Our governmental leaders are always creating or looking for reasons to put their thumbs down on us, and this would be a really prime,  juicy, wonderful, amazing, outstanding opportunity for this. This would absolutely be better than anything they could ever create and of course it would be your fault and they just want to help.

If I was contemplating migrating to the US at the present time, that may seem to be a good idea. Things are tough south of here and I can understand why some one would want a better life, but eventually this decision will be a bad one as the SGSM plays out. They just might meet me going the other way!

So do you just pack up your bags and bug out south? I would be very careful if you do that as it is not all that apparent where on this planet that would be a good place to live. As for me, I will probably just ride it out for the next few years and see what develops.

I may even modify the above graphics depending what plays out this winter and the next.

One thing is for sure we are living in interesting times, and we are going where modern man has never gone before.Where that is, is yet to be seen and must be lived through.

If all this is bugging you and you don't have a bug out bag (I don't), I would just suggest that you plan for the worst and enjoy the times if they are good.  My only suggestions are below:

Order or purchase your seeds
Start a garden and grow your own food
Care about your family and neighbors
Take care of those who have less than you do.

It went from the 90's to the low 40's here in Central Texas last night. Had to get up early to make deliveries, and there was steam coming off the roads as the very cold rain hit the pavement. What has just happened was a wake up call at least for me. I hate cold, and had to grab a coat. Winter is coming and its name is The SGSM.

Wishing you and yours the very best


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Distant Storm

We have all experience it. Far off in the distance, we can hear it. It is a very weak rumbling rolling sound that shakes your home ever so lightly. You ask your wife "what was that"?

"The Distant or Coming Storm". Sounds like a good title for a book does it not? The distant storm is not so far off, as we are starting to feel its sound and fury in many places.

Some storms have covered whole countries. We had two last winter here in the US and it left our farmers frantically planting what crops they could.  Note look at the GFS temperature model for today (10/10/2019), Looks like our winter (fall) is off to a bang. Also looks like I will cool off for a bit as well.

The GFS model is a good example of what a wandering jet stream can do. The SGSM is all about climate and atmospheric storms. When it is all filtered down to only one single important thing, it's all about food. 8 billion people eat a lot of food every day. The GFS model below is the snow model. Looks like snow even down to the one other state I really love which is New Mexico.

Amazing for October 10, 2019.

While you can argue about semantics (which I will never do) and this or that almost endlessly until you fall into an insane stupor, no food is no food. While we argue or point out little child like things, people starve. It's like "Feed your SUV corn" not people which is one of my pet peeves. We as a people have become really hugely disconnected from the rest of the world here in the US. It's worse than shameful, it borders on evil.

This coming winter seems to be shaping up as another epic one. One person recently ask me if I am enjoying my blog and that I seem to be a gloom and doomer. I had to think about that, and must admit that I enjoy writing, but the subjects I write about are pretty gloomy.  Actually what drives my blog is my Family, Children and Grandchildren and my concern for them. I am just placing that concern out here on this blog in the hopes you to have the same concerns that I have.

There is no joy watching people starve and going out and looking for food for their children. Much of this is happening in Africa and in other places at this very moment. Soon much of the world will be having the same problems. Hopefully this blog will help a few get through it. Also remember that what I am writing are my ideas and may be wrong or not even apply to your situation. If I was right about everything I would be drinking a Diet Coke which I am addicted to in my mountain home in New Mexico.

So lets talk about storms again. The SGSM storm coming our way is very deadly, but there is also one just as bad and perhaps even more dangerous for the human spirit.

That storm is the one I often blog about. It's the coming domination of humanity by governments around the world. As I wrote in my last blog, it is happening in China, and our politicians are pushing for the same things here in the US and in Europe. The EU wants an army, and the politicians here in the US are pushing for socialism and eventually Communism much like in china. If you like what is happening in China, just sit on your rear end and it will happen soon to you.

I would like to end this blog with a graphic I developed. Enjoy.

It was really warm in my greenhouse today, but my many trays of radish actually like the heat so I leave it to them mostly with short intervals of visiting and watering by me.

Best of everything - Get ready for the two storms they will all happen at the same time!



I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Can a leopard change it's spots?

The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it's impossible for one to change their character. I have heard rumblings that the new IPCC release in 2022 on climate change will actually take into account some new things like Galactic Cosmic Rays.

Speaking of spots, the sun is getting quiet for the past few years as shown in the graphic below. Note that 2019 is not finished, and may even be lower than 2018.

Hmmm is the graph telling you something? There seems to be a trend of some sort for sure.

Back to the IPCC coming report in 2022, I think that they will not change their spots, as the IPCC and the UN are run by a bunch of globalist. Sort of like the European Union which is a really bad use of the term Union.

From what I am hearing and reading, I understand that they will not really use all the things that actually control the earths climate.

It really does not matter what the IPCC comes up with by 2022 if there is a huge failure of our food growing areas.

Here is a soon  be faced problem. The US has not put away any reserves of grain. It was all sold. Smart right? You and I are now eating last years harvest and the coming 2019 harvest is looking very poor. This can only cause anything made with grain to increase in price. I am not sure what is going on in Europe. Australia is importing grain. Here in the US I suspect we will not import grain, and will just jack up the prices on things to cut consumption.

If the US 2020 planting and harvest season is as bad or worse than 2019, then we are in for a world of hurt. Not only is this years harvest really bad, but some of it was not even planted. What was planted was planted mostly late, and now we are looking at really bad harvesting conditions, as it is damp and wet and we are looking at really cold conditions in the coming weeks.

None of this is really something new, as every previous Grand Solar Minimum had the same conditions. We just have almost 8 billion people to feed now.

It's really easy to understand. With the earths magnetosphere weakening, we will continue to see huge excursions by our jet streams that will bring down arctic conditions to the worlds growing areas. This will continue to happen over and over. On the other end of the scale, the jet streams will just do the opposite. Hot / Cold and massive atmospheric compression's that cause rain, snow and ice conditions will continue to break records year after year.

I suspect by 2022, it will not matter what the IPCC report has in it. An empty grocery store or one that has products too expensive to purchase will make the IPCC report look rather feeble. We can argue and argue about semantics, but reality will over ride most everything. Science can finally come up with what the truth is, but will it be too late? I am thinking it will be too late.

With all the crazy things going on it doesn't look all that good for the 8 billion inhabitants of this world. What is coming is what is happening in China. They are in the process of subjugating all their citizens. It will take 5G to really make it work. After it is tested there, I am sure that our lovely ?representatives? will certainly bring it here to the US. Face recognition and social credit scores will just be part of our controlled life. That is for those who are alive anyway.

So yes, the government is not coming to your home to help you. If we slide into colder times or a new ice age where glaciers eventually cover large portions of the earth WE ARE ON OUR OWN.

I suspect that in the next 5 years the SWHTF to use a term I don't use often. To use a graphic that I used in a previous blog, look below:

The only way out of all this is to go through it.

Personally I am thinking when its all over that at most there will be about 500 million people left on the earth.

There could be many more, but it's the item B that will crap up the works big time. If we could only eliminate Item B!

When its all over I am not sure there will be much to work with, so the community graphic below may not even be something that would even be possible. I sure wish we could get along and actually prepare for what is coming our way instead of the political and social suicide we are cultivating.  Are not you sick of it? I sure am.

If you believe in a God, then you better pray that He stops all that is happening in this world.

It's nicer this week here in Central Texas. I am thinking about a small solar system to put in my office RV and Ham Radio shack. The Ruth Stout garden for the spring is slowly taking shape. I can taste those tomatoes, squash, potatoes and eggplant already- that is if those crappy dumb ass weather gods permit it.

Wishing you the best of every thing for you and yours.


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

SGSM Smoking Guns

Welcome to the smoking gun blog. There are so many things that point to the fact that we are slipping into a new Ice Age. If you have read any of my blogs and look at some of the ice core data, you will notice that the earth is generally an ice planet. Between these really cold time where glaciers covered large portions of the earth, there were periods of warmth much like we have just experienced. These periods don't last very long and then the earth dips back into very long periods of cold. The earth's climate is mostly a very icy and cold one for almost 85 to 90% of the time.

So what are some of the things we can look at and come to a conclusion that we are headed back into a million year long cold period?

I am sure that if I printed out this particular blog and handed it out to 100 people, probably 90% or more will laugh and toss it away. Another 5% would read it and just go on their way as nothing in the blog even causes an increase in brain activity. It just does not fit their present reality. Speaking of reality, please look at my last blog: This is Your Future.

So what about the remaining 5%. Perhaps and just perhaps they might read it and then do their own research. Of course, none of the research will point to cooling as it is kept mostly hidden by most news outlets. 

So below are some of the smoking guns that I see that just about clinch what is coming our way. And if you have read any of my blogs, it is starting now and will increasingly get worse for the next five rears, alter which it will almost be too late for humanity to do much about it.

The SGSM and the coming ice age or glaciation period is something that will not end in anyone's life time unless you can live for millions of years. Knowing this would it might be a good idea to actually plan for this?

So lets take a look at what what is happening. It's right in your face if you only look and read about it. Most of what is in my blogs don't belong to me but was something I read or studied. I am certainly not a solar physicist or scientist or anything like that. I just hate to be lied to, and is one of the reasons for this blog among many other reasons.

Smoking Guns and my beloved bullet points:

  • Collapse of the Sun's Solar Wind
  • Large reduction in sun spots (soon probably almost to zero)
  • Reduction of the sun's magnetic field (going in and out of phase)
  • Increase in Coronal Holes. (the sun turns dark)
  • Huge increase in Cosmic Ray Flux
  • Earth's Magnetosphere is weakening
  • Weakening and wondering of the earth's magnetic field (perhaps ending in a pole flip)
  • Wandering Jet Streams and huge atmospheric compression
  • More and larger hale storms
  • Huge flooding events
  • Uptick of earthquakes and volcanic activity
  • Droughts that are destroying crops and animals
  • Shortening of growing seasons
  • Record cold records and snow volumes
  • Excessive heat in places
  • Large price increases in food
And Finally

  • Stupid and insane activity by our ?representatives? here in the US and in Europe (and down south)
  • Football, Pizza and Beer on the back of a pickup!
  • Pushing of the human caused climate ----   --- Fill in the blanks
  • Huge amount of atomic weapons that if used would destroy you and the world (no need for anythings else)
  • Completely ignoring anything that has to do with the real climate and the cooling of the planet. (makes you wonder I hope)
You would have to be crazy, blind (or perhaps stupid) not to see any of the above. So click your heels and you will be back in Kansas Dorthy!

Or take the red or blue pill - its your choice. The Biggest 'Matrix' Question of All: Red Pill or Blue Pill Mr. Anderson?

As winter really starts to settle in across the US and Europe, what will you be doing or thinking about? Is all this silliness or is there some truth in it all? Only you can do that for yourself. I have made up my mind and will not back off until I can't go any further or I am absolutely wrong about all this. Don't take too much more time as there is little left. In the coming year or so it will all play out before your eyes to see and ears to hear.

Cheers and best of everything from here in Central Texas where people make it one of the best places to live you will ever find.

Be sure to check out the Smoking Guns and:

Get your seeds, start a garden, prepare and start or join a community.



I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

This is Your Future

I have been asking myself this questions (is this our future) for the past two years and even more intensely lately. Driving through traffic, I often wonder what possessed us to create such a world. I often tell my self that I really don't want to live like I am living. I feel trapped by what we have created. I may get my wish soon and perhaps regret what I have wished for. After thinking about what I just wrote, I can understand why people seem to live in their own little worlds. It's sort of like the movie the "Matrix". The world seems to be on automatic, and we go out into it every day, hoping that we get back home soon. There is very little creativity in that sort of life and it suppresses any options that we have available to choose from. The problem is that the Matrix is not really our creation. We think it is real, but it was created and is run by others. We don't even know who is running it and they like it that way as it was created to be that way.

The world we are now living in must end soon and a new one created quickly or none of us will get out of it alive for much longer. Even if there were no SGSM or a coming Ice Age, the results would be just as devastating.

In my world, life is all about choices. It should be that way for you as well. You and I don't have to be daily robots driving to work every day. Like the Matrix, we are trapped into what we think is reality and don't understand that it's not ours, That is where the choices come in. You and I actually have millions of choices available to us. We just have to understand and live that way.

Soon the whole world will have to make one big choice. Will we have to put up with all the insanity we have pushed at us each day? Or will we say enough? Personally I had enough of it when I was a small kid. I often thought that people looked like all those ant beds I messed with. Ants only purpose is to serve the Matrix and don't seem to even know it. Please understand that I am not saying you are ant like, I am just saying we are trapped in the ant bed.

My choice is life, love, happiness and community.

Very soon there may be a sign placed in my neighborhood. Things will be pretty bad then as people will have woke up about what is happening with our food production. The sign may look like the one below. The only thing that worries me is that the sign may make me a target so placing it in front of my farm would probably be a bad idea.

You might think about what your sign may look like as well. I can understand that you may be apprehensive about doing some thing like this, but there will come a time.

Perhaps even the telephone number may be too much to start. I would suggest that you rent some local facility or use a local church for your meeting.

If a sign is too out there, perhaps it would be much better to personally contact those around you and hand out a pamphlet.

OK, you think you are actually reading what I just wrote above. Perhaps you think that what you are reading will never have to happen right? I can understand that, as I hope I never have to go through anything like the above.

If this bothers you just click the big X at the top of your laptop, PC, or what ever and don't come back. But you will remember what you just read.

If what I am writing about actually happens, then the above is a good start. I think you will find that starting a community will be a life changing thing.

Today was an amazing day for me anyway. It really cooled off and the North Wind pushed down all the way to the Texas Coast. The AC never came on. The climate gods here in Central Texas are a lazy sort, but their cousins elsewhere are just getting started.

A new world is headed this way and it's your choice what it looks like. The only problem is that it will take many millions to make it one you would like to live in.

Purchase your seeds
Start a garden
Join or start a community

Cheers and best of everything

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Global Warming - Bad Fiction

What can you do when you are writing a fictional story? Well you can say and do just about anything. It's fiction so you have a really large scope of things you can say and do.

Things like the earth is burning up and the polar ice is melting like crazy. Soon New York will be under water and the Boston airport will be no more. We only have 10. 12, 15, 20, 30 years left. CO2 is killing us all and we need to reduce it to much lower levels. Animals are warming up the planet and we need to quit eating meat. That darn gas powered car and truck you are using is killing the planet. Also those oil and gas powered power plants are the worst and need to be shut down. Solar and wind is the answer. We all need to live in a smart city so our carbon foot print is much smaller. Geoengineering is now a good idea, and we need to block out the sun so things cool off. We need to reduce the population as all those worthless eaters are destroying the planet. All the above needs to implemented quickly, and to encourage people to adapt, we need to tax everything that increases carbon output.

I don's know about you, but I could write a real science fiction novel just using the above. 

Most pieces of fiction have a beginning, a middle and an end. In fiction, the story always has a plot and you have to read the whole book before the plot is given away. The global warming fiction is not like that at all. The story is the plot and it's pushed right in your face from the start. The plot is that humans are causing global warming and destroying the planet. The Global warming fiction has a surprise ending though. Just when you think you understand the plot, you find out that the real ending is that its about the subjugation of the human race. Its about control and greed.

The Surprise Global Warming Plot

Well there is another book to write, but it is not fiction. Just like the global warming fiction novel, I will give the plot away at the very first. The plot is that it's not you, it's not CO2, it's the sun. The book / novel is my blog, and the novel will never be finished as it is an open book and it is written by the sun, climate and the universe. This non fiction book also has a surprise ending.

True Climate Plot - A decent into a new Ice Age

In the first global warming fiction, it's all about you and that huge ball of plasma is completely ignored. Its crazy as our little blue ball of a planet is amazingly taken out of our universe and all our warm climate is blamed on human activity. Amazing is it not. WELL ITS FICTION and fiction can be amazing. If you have a brain at all, its almost comical to think about.

Something interesting about both books / novels. Both books have the same final endings. If we believe that the world is warming when it really isn't, then we will believe this and it will be too late when our food growing areas go off line and food becomes really scarce.

If we believe the true novel / book, and don't do anything about it, then it will be too late when our food growing areas go off line and food becomes very scarce.
Hmmm - please notice that the fiction book does not even mention food being scarce

That is enough for now here in Central Texas. I was dumpster diving today for cardboard boxes for my new Ruth Stout garden. I even had a policeman ask me what I was doing!! Wow, the US is going to cool off this coming week. The weather gods are holding back and allowing a bit of cool weather to make it down here.

Don't believe the fiction book.
It's Time to:
Start your garden
Get your seeds
Start preparing
Join or start a community

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

From Millions to Billions

People that is!

Yes it has only taken about 300 years to reach our present almost 8 billion people on this earth that like to eat and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Hello and if you are a CO2 head you are alive because of this period. If it had stayed as in the Little Ice Age, you would probably not exist along with billions of other people including me the blog author. The sun then went through its last gasp so to speak, and we climbed out of The Little Ice age. We are enjoying the tail-end of that now, but things are rapidly starting to cool.

Above graphic from Rolf A. F. Witzsche's site at this URL Annotation by Blog Author.

Just think, we went from burning witches to advanced medical equipment and techniques. We grew more food than we ever did before and in places that were impossible in the Little Ice Age. And sadly we created a bunch of horrible weapons.

My wife and I are alive today because of the availability of the drug Penicillin when we were small children.

So don't think or blame me for the past 300 years. It was not CO2, and it was certainty not people. It was the sun!

It took 300 years, but we are at a time that we actually have technology that could get all of us through the coming cooling. It's my opinion that cooling is coming, but we are also looking face-to-face with an Ice Age.  As I have talked about in previous blogs, we are looking at a reduction of the solar wind pressure. This reduction is gradual (as in years), and eventually will complete erase the increased solar activity of the past 300 years in the next 10 or so. We can't wait ten years nor do we have that luxury, and in the next five years we will see our planet wide growing systems start to fail badly. Then it may be too late to actually use all that cool (pun by accident) technology we have created. 

In the next 10 years we are going to see our wandering jet streams bring more and more frigid Arctic air and temperatures south. This is what will completely destroy much of our now modern food growing areas. If you are in the US, the North American grain growing regions will be hit the worst.

Unless you had your head some place, surely you noticed this destruction which started in the 2018 and 2019 planting seasons, It is my opinion that the intensity of these failures and problems will double each coming year.  If you look it up, it normally takes 100 to 130 days to plant and harvest wheat and  60 to around 100 days for corn. It is these periods that are shrinking and will get shorter and shorter as the SGSM makes it's headway.

Our friends in Europe will have much the same problems. Note that the SGSM does not just mean snow, ice and cold. It can also bring with it torrential rains, intense heat and drought like our good friends in Australia are experiencing right now.

To repeat, it all about a weakening sun,  Galactic Cosmic Rays, clouds and the Abedo Effect.

Yes clouds, wonderful clouds and that amazing reflecting snow and ice.

At present, we are headed back in the direction of the Maunder Minimum, but will not stop there as an Ice Planet Earth is in our future. If mankind does nothing but just look at what is happening, the population loss will eventually become astronomical.

The SGSM and the eventual fallback into a million year Ice age is something we can not do anything about as it is a built in reality, and nothing can stop reality. We do have the technology to do something about this reality if we would only use it. We could build a new world, but then that's a choice and that choice is not being made at the present time. 

The count down has started. Tick Tick Tick!

So while the SGSM is proving out to be a fact, it may be even worse than that as it looks like we are going into a grand collapse of the sun (GCS). This 300 years or so of warmth I write of above has really allowed us to create some wonderful things. Will we let it all fade into insignificance? 

This coming short period we have left will essentially determine the very existence of the human race. While I keep repeating how - well you know how humans are? We really do have some absolutely wonderful qualities that are worth saving. How many other creatures on this earth can think and love and create? How many other creatures have survived some really environmentally catastrophic happenings and survived? We really have earned our place on this planet even if it is an icy one, for now we have the ability if we only use it to create a new world. Hopefully we wont fail our long line of ancestors.  

Well its finally cooling down a bit here in Central Texas. This summer while not brutal, it felt that way when you are my age. Jeepers those pesky climate gods will be bringing temperatures in the mid 50s,

After talking to one of those worthless climate gods, he told me that they have plenty of  moisturize, heat and wind all stored up for the northern part of the country this winter, so look out.

Wishing you the very best of everything. It's your choice, so choose a nice day.

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Whats Coming and What You Can Do

What is coming is pretty predictable. You can smell it in the air and you can see it in the media. It's always been there but more in your face at times. Russians and Europeans and many others have suffered from it by the multi-millions. Man has been plagued with it his whole existence on this earth.So what is the problem?

It's man's inability to get along and care for each other. It's greed for power and control by those than can and of course those who we let do that to us which is YOU and I.

Ya some times we get along but at best for very short intervals and there was probably an outbreak of security and plentiful the time. When things got bad, the care went out the door and it was back to the old plague again. It seems that what most don't understand is that community is a very useful thing in coping with things when things get really bad. But as I have said before, humans seem to be a rather stupid species of animals. Below is a graphic that will solve most any thing or crisis. It encompass what we need for a peaceful existence on this earth if adopted.

I am sure I will be reprimanded for not including religion, but that's for another blog by someone else. No place above will you see a need for atomic weapons, tanks, drones, armies, bombs, and oppressive governments or the UN or Democrats or Republicans or any other nonsense like that. The above is the only way that we will get by during the coming global cooling and SGSM.

The atomic weapons, tanks, drones, armies, bombs, and oppressive governments or the UN or Democrats or Republicans or any other nonsense like that will not save you from what is coming, and will only complicate and even destroy what is needed. You and I and all the people on this earth probably have only five (5) years to do anything. After that most of the almost eight (8) billion people on this earth may be lost.

In the next five years, the world needs to sort out what is coming and quit fighting and hating. Its time to develop technological solutions in protective growing of crops. Its time to develop housing and structures that don't care how cold it is outside. It's time and we have so little. I am going to show the following Ice Core data again:

Again I will say that the earth is an ice planet punctuated by very short periods of global warming which we are just leaving.

There is no CO2 emergency and people are not causing global warming.

What they are doing is polluting this world into oblivion with their / our "DICE and SLICE" selling of the earth. Your eating plastic now and drinking birth control pills and antibiotics. Take a look at that next time you drink a glass of water Sir!

So what happens if the next five (5) years are wasted? If they are ignored which I think they will be, then we will go from hopeless to helpless as we stare at the empty shelf's in our local grocery stores.

If the next five (5) years are wasted, you will need to have formed a community. We will need many thousands of them and there concerns should be the above first graphic I placed in this blog.

You, Family, Community, Food, Water, Shelter, Community and SECURITY.

I have posted a free book on Community. I am not sure how many have downloaded it or even read it. There doesn't seem to be much interest in community. I guess people are so plugged into their own little boxes, that they can't fight or think their way out of it.

Speaking of boxes, here is one of the songs that has driven me all my life. You can find it at this URL. And then there is Pete at this URL

Don't live in a box people. It's time to change,

Wishing you the best from Central Texas

Dennis - Grumpy Grampaw

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

The World Stupidity Zone

Above slide from this URL

Annotations by Blog Author

I think I have labeled this blog appropriately as we only have at most possibly 4 to 5 years to get our collective house in order. After that it will be all over except for the really nasty point as our world collapses into nothingness.

Actually I may have mislabeled the slide. The Too Late Point is probably around 2024. At that point much of our food growing zones will have failed and there will be huge food losses. It should have been labeled:


It won't really matter because there wont be too many people around to worry about it. If I am correct and I really hope I am just a crazy old man, we have just 10 years until it's all over with. If we do nothing in those 10 years which it looks like that will happen, there will be a lot fewer humans running around on the earth.

Here in the US, things are really getting crazy. People have been sidelined into thinking all this political garbage is important, while the SGSM creature slowly stalks them and the whole world.

Soon it won't matter what the Republicans or the Democrats or the President think or say. It's hog wash in my way of looking at it.

HOG WASH - really stinky nasty water that can kill you if you drink it!

Its" Much to say / do about nothing". If we can't eat we can't speak.
Much Ado About Nothing - a comedy by Shakespeare. Its really is a comedy, but a very dangerous one.

Above graphic published under the  GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

It's all about clouds.

The SGSM is a really creepy slow killing creature. It's up in the clouds for all to see, but clouds are beautiful are they not? Well not so beautiful if they cool the planet and cause food crop failures or a new Ice Age. If you think about it, our growing seasons are JUST LONG ENOUGH to actually plant and then harvest. That just long enough time is getting shortened year after year. One day soon, those who say they represent us will be silenced and that yelling and screaming noise will be starving people demanding they do something. You probably won't like their solution as they run like crazy animals into their bunkers leaving you out literally in the cold.

I never ever thought I would write what I have written above, but over the last few years it's looking like the above will happen. The Smoking Guns are the ever increasing Cosmic Rays and increased cloud cover along with a decrease in the sun's and earth's magnetic fields. I have just about exhausted the subject in my many blogs. The scary point is not much is being said about the cooling and crop failures which make me loose sleep at night. The real killer is that the earth's magnetic field is wandering all over the place and may flip. Again this will increase Cosmic Radiation hitting the earth and even more cloud cover.

So where are we headed? It looks like we are headed for some dark places. It looks dark even more if you watch the news and the never ending political insanity. We are now in the endgame of  "Don't look here as there is nothing to see".

I am Hopeful a few who read this blog will at least take a second look and come to a decision one way or another. Is that old guy in Central Texas crazy or not?

It's been rather hot and humid here in Central Texas. Those crappy lazy rain gods have not passed this way at all. In a week it will be in the 80s here so get out the wool coats.

Don't live in the "World Stupidity Zone"
Note: If you are really a sane person and want to destroy that sanity, I have a tip.
Go to the DRUDGE REPORT 2019® and read it a couple times a day for a month. Soon they will wrap you up in a white suite and pack you away. You will be screaming "Trump Trump Trump what can we do with Trump". You will then be given a new address where your family can visit you on Sundays between three and four PM. Don't forget to bring the red gimme cap!

Wishing you all the best

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A New World Waits

“The moment between deciding to open your eyes and then actually doing it is as scary a thing as there is in the new world.” ―  Josh Malerman 

There is another world on the other side of the Super Grand Solar Minimum. What it looks like will be entirely up to you and those around you. I have talked about it in the 68 blogs that I have written in the past few months. We live in interesting times, and some of the things that will become our new reality we can not do much about. Global warming has made it possible for you to be part of the present reality, but that will soon all change.

The past 200 years have made it possible to create and invent things that we never thought about. In an instant, I can communicate with some one across the earth. Four years ago in an operating room, my heart was stopped, and technology allowed me to breathe while my stopped heart was worked on. At this very moment technology has made it possible to add a graphic and text to this blog. I can take my thoughts and place them so you at this very moment can read what I thought.

All this technology has created many wonderful things but has also made some very dark things possible. In my opinion, much of the technology we use today has dehumanized us. Also this technology has put our very existence in jeopardy. We are just one second from a technology shutdown if the sun decides to do its thing. Much of the social media, cell phones, and our little portable devices, have created brain dead people. I am amazed to watch people who are driving in really bad traffic have their cell phone rested on the steering wheel.

So what is this all about? Well it seems that we have arrived at the end of our global warming party. Personally I wish it would stay around for a few hundred more years. We are looking at the cooling of our planet. It could be a 400 or 3200 year cycle or even a new Ice Age. We will just have to wait it out, and we should have a good idea where we are going in the next 5 or so years.

One thing is for certain, In the next 30 to 50 years, this planet will not look the same as it does now. If you are young, you will have to live through all of this, and at the end it will not be a a new world order but a new world. If you really believe that global cooling is taking place, you can be the 1 out of 10 that will make it through all of this. The new world can then be your, your families and your communities world.

So its your choice. The choice you and many others make will one day create this new world. There will be many small remnant communities that will hopefully be composed of all the wonderful things that our human species possesses. Those who are lost will see you and seek you out.

Being 76 years old, I am not sure how far down the the SGSM road I will go. You might go much further. What I am concerned about are my children and grandchildren. At the moment, the world is going crazy with and about things that absolutely are worthless and very destructive. None of this will really matter if there is no food. No Food - No Life

All the best from Central Texas

I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Time to Start Growing Indoors - 2

More other ideas to grow indoors during the SGSM.

No Energy Hydroponics

"No-energy hydroponics system are so simple that even the smallest child could operate one". The milk container system above is an example of such a system. The milk container and plastic pot were free and had been tossed out. The media and nutrient cost very little. This system will produce lettuce and herbs for many months if cared for. Think what 50 or 80 of these could do! 

The "No-energy hydroponics systems (see above) are also simple. The strawberries and herbs are both hand watered with nutrient when needed. Both of them use a perlite / coconut  fiber mixture. The strawberry bag has holes at the bottom to allow excess nutrient to drip out. This nutrient is collected and used again. Most small root plants can be grown in a tray. Scallions, radishes, lettuce and chives come to mind. Even small patio tomatoes would work.

Wick System

This hydroponic wick system below has also been around for years and has been used in schools all over the United States. While the operation of the system is simple, construction is a bit more work than the 1 gallon bubbler system I had in one of my blogs.

Parts List
2 - plastic containers with lids. Click here for graphic of finished system. Containers held sliced meat that my wife purchased at the grocery store. 
6 - Pieces wick material.  1 inch strips of white felt 12 inches long
6 - Pieces wick material.  Cotton 1/4" cording (piping) 12 inches long
(courtesy my wife)
Medium - perlite or other things like coconut fiber
1 - can spray paint (green) made for plastic.

Wick material suggestions
The felt and the cotton cording did not work the first time I tried to see if they would work as a wick. To get them to wick water, I had to hand wash them in the sink and then dry them out in the dryer. After that, they worked really well. I have no idea what is on the material but it repels water. Cut a hole on the top of the nutrient tank and feed this through a hole in the bottom of the media container. Keep the holes just large enough to pass the wick material through.

The 2 graphics below are of the completed system. Note that a piece of masking tape was put on the side of the nutrient tank before it was painted. After painting it was removed. This open strip becomes the nutrient tank level indicator. I also put some round circles on all 4 sides of the media container. This shows the media and will show condensation as the wicking process draws the nutrient up into the media container.

Add 1/2 of the required nutrient in the nutrient part of the system. Run the wick up into the media container and snake the wick while adding medium. Leave enough room to place the net pot into the medium. Take the remaining nutrient and completely wet the media and wick material. Add enough so that the nutrient container is almost full (90%). Place the top cover on the media container and insert the net pot into the opening and into the media. 

If the medium is wet, you can place seeds into the medium. Then place something over the seeds until they germinate. You can also place starts into the netpots if you have them. You can harvest for a long time if you only pull off leafs from time-to-time. If you used larger containers, you could use up to  3 or 4 netpots for even more lettuce or greens.  Note: While I have not shown it, I eventually added a hole on the nutrient container. To add more nutrient, I lightly lifted the upper container and pored nutrient on the top of the nutrient container. 

Completed system  and Happy Lettuce

So here are some other ideas in growing in the SGSM. All the above is easy and if you build enough of them, you can grow a lot of greens and herbs. While growing herbs and greens will not fill your belly completely, they are a good addition to other things you may be eating. Things like Kale are really good for you. There are many really good things you can grow that will add nutrients to your diet.

Now is a really good time to start growing your own food as the world seems to be going crazy. We all need to take our own health and security into our own hands. The government is not coming to your house to help you! It's up to you and your family and friends and community to make what is coming work out.

It's cooling off here slowly in Central Texas. I am in the process of expanding my Ruth Stout garden for in the spring. I am planning a 200 ft. potato bed. My greens are looking good in my greenhouse. Its your time too.

Get your seeds
Start a garden
Start or grow a garden
Winter is coming


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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