Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Progression of the SGSM

I can hear the wind outside. Its been a bit icy as the rain froze a bit and my stairs to the front of my house are slippery. It went from 73 today with a low of 29. I was in my greenhouse building a small greenhouse that I could heat. (greenhouse inside a greenhouse) I do it every year to keep all my greens alive. I finished just in time as the north wind hit our area here in Central Texas.

Building small greenhouses inside of a larger one is a really good cold weather solution to growing food during the winter. Takes a minimal heater to keep above freezing. If you are running lights they add heat as well. Growing cold weather crops makes for more success.

Its November 11, 2019 and it's a cold day across Canada and the US.

Checking some temperatures at 7:30 PM here CST

16 F Edmonton Alberta Canada
14 F Bozeman Montanna
-2 F Bismark North Dakota
13 F DesMoines Iowa
It will e 29 tonight and 24 F tomorrow night in the Austin Texas area

The sun continues to be quiet as it looks like 2019 is more quiet that 2018 and will set a new higher record for fewer sunspots by the end of the year.

And the Galactic Cosmic Ray count is increasing

AND from Dr. Tony Phillips
Cosmic rays in the stratosphere are intensifying for the 4th year in a row. This finding comes from a campaign of almost weekly high-altitude balloon launches conducted by the students of Earth to Sky Calculus. Since March 2015, there has been a ~13% increase in X-rays and gamma-rays over central California, where the students have launched hundreds of balloons.

So more and more clouds. 

Geoengineering in Central Texas
Yesterday and the day before the Geoengineering was going full throttle as The Central Texas area was covered with all their little trails that soon developed into very high altitude clouds. 

Their tactics have changed from what was going around here last year. The are now spraying at very high altitudes. 

I can't even see the aircraft like I could last year. Also the clouds don't dissipate and there now is a huge haze in areas of the sky where there are no clouds. This is a very high altitude haze as well. With all the clouds caused by cosmic rays and all the geoengineering some pretty nasty things could happen.  

The above picture is some of the low level spraying. What I am seeing here is at a much higher altitude, say 25 to 35 thousand feet or more.

There must be huge amounts of money spent on the aircraft and chemicals. I wonder if those flying these aircraft know they are killing the planet and any future for them or their families if they have any? Anything for a dollar I guess.

And then there is Professor Valentina Zharkova and her data and presentation. So what is going on in Zharkova’s model? What she is predicting is that the magnetic fields of the sun will get out of sync starting where the A is displayed on the graphic below. This will start some time during sun spot cycle 24 and continue through cycle 26. During this period as shown by the arrows, there will be a reduction in solar activity as these waves go out of phase and cancel each other out. Note that sunspots don’t control the climate but are an indication of what the magnetic fields on the sun are doing. Note the faint red dotted lines are actually what happened on the sun. Note that the prediction is so accurate that it almost perfectly overlays the actual. This is what caused such a commotion at the presentation. These canceling waves will cause a very large reduction of SI (Solar Irradiance). Please note that as we progress, the earth should really start cooling and our climate become much cooler and violent.

While Professor Valentina Zharkova's data and presentation lays out a 400 year cycle, there are many more thing happening at the moment that will cause all kinds of global climate problems. To list them:

  • Reduction in the Solar Wind and an increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays
  • Professor Valentina Zharkova's 400 year cycle
  • Magnetic pole flip of the earths magnetic field.

Around 8 billion people will face the consequences of the above three bullet points. None of them are man made. Even more worry-sum is that fact that there could also be more devastating man made activities like a financial collapse and war. Throw all the dice and it's only outcome is trouble for humans

The problem with the three bullet points is that we have little or no history to look at. The reduction of the Solar Wind is an indication of a coming Ice Age. The Professor Valentina Zharkova data indicates a 400 year cycle which could destroy crops and cause global starvation and migration. Finally, the pole flip is almost an unknown, except it could be just as world ending and the two other bullet points. 

The earths magnetic fields (shields) are getting weaker and weaker at the moment making just a minor sun spasm capable of taking down our power grids. We could see ozone damage as well as DNA damage to all living things.

Things are bunching up and it looks like we will soon face a perfect storm of earth, solar and galactic devastation. Good reasons to prepare. 

Now is the time to
Prepare (cheaper now than later)
Get 7 years of seeds (and some for others)
Start your own or a community garden (grow thousands of pounds of food)
Join, start or contemplate being part of a community (you could be a leader)
Take care of your family and neighbors (especially the older ones like me LOL)
Look after those that have less than you. (they are all over the place)

Cheers and best of every thing to all my readers.


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Solar Man - Almost at the End of a Lifetime

Purely Fiction? - Part 3 of ? A continuing Story
Part one is at this URL
Part two is at this URL

As I write these words, over fifty five or more years of my life flow through my thoughts. All the really good things like marriage, children, travel and all the really wonderful people I had met and had seen over all those years made me smile. I was a bit sore having slept all night in my wife's easy chair. It was tough getting back on my feet as 76 years of living was catching up with me. I had three weeks to make it out of my house and hand the keys over to the new owners. There wasn't much left in the house. Most of everything that would be useful had been taken months before by my family.

All the food that I had prepared and stored was gone. Our solar power system had been stripped down and repackaged for the trip. Water filters, all our medical and trauma equipment had been packaged by the two nurses in our family. It had been a group effort, sons, wife, grandchildren and the rest of the family had efficiently packaged it all and the back two bedrooms where it had all been stored was empty. The only weapons that remained were my side arm and my beloved knifes. The place just didn’t look natural any more. Natural was that it was crammed with preps and even things I had boxed up and forgotten about. Some were packaged long before my family came to the conclusion that I was not the crazy one in the family.

My cell phone beeped its familiar tone that announces the arrival of a text message. How was your final delivery old man? was the text from Bill who was my partner in my baby greens crime. Not very well I replied, it was a bummer if nothing else. How are you doing I asked? We are finally settled in replied Bill. I just finished the solar greenhouse. Well done I replied and Ill keep in touch as I will update you on my travels as long as possible. Keep safe. You too he replied.

Bill had been a blessing as business had become almost too much to handle. He was younger and had the energy I lacked. The business really flourished with his input. Bill had left almost a year ago for his hide out in the deep south west. It was his secret location and only I knew where he had located. He moved there in an old RV with the intention of building an earth sheltered home and a solar greenhouse which he had just finished. I helped with his solar growing system using solar power and everything I had ever learned about permaculture and sustainable growing. What we both came up with would be the model of what I would do later and was happening at the moment by my distant family who I really missed. Bill had to travel 50 miles to get me that text message as cell towers and of course tracking all your movements where he now resided was void of any of that. Bill had traveled that far for needed supplies. When it was all over, all of our cell phones would become pieces of electronic trash.

With that I proceeded to the kitchen to microwave the thousandth bowl of oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. I had gone sort of vegan four years ago and it had given me the energy to think. I had never felt better after that decision.

Somewhere in my mind I thought about a strip of bacon. No I thought only in your dreams. Besides, pigs were a scarce thing as disease had almost totally wiped them off the face of the earth because of what started in China and had spread globally. Only the super-rich could afford pork if they could get it. Governments all over the world had made eating meat evil as it was warming the planet they said.

Things in the states were getting pretty toxic. The harvest of 2020 had been a disaster. It make the fall 2019 harvest look like a good one which it wasn’t. 2021 crop failures were coming in with losses of 80 to 90 percent. Very few crops were actually planted because of the wet and cold temperatures and the biblical flooding that had occurred for the past three years. Fewer and fewer farmers could even afford to stay on the farm and pay their bills. Most were going on food stamps and the suicide rate was skyrocketing. The president was telling everyone to stay calm, that experts were saying this would all turn around in 2022. Fingers were being pointed every where and it was the same old dribble about CO2. Even this late in the game it was still humans that were causing all the misery. We just needed fewer people and that would solve all our problems. I noted that they were soon to get their wish but it would not be CO2.

Things here in Texas were not as bad, but were desperate in a sense that food prices were almost out of reach of the average person. Farmers here did a bit better because of our more southern location. It was a crap shoot though as those who planted early were blessed with a very hard frost that took out a bunch of freshly sprouted corn. Those planting a bit later were greeted with some nice rain and a good crop. Those who waited even later planted into a typical hot summer Texas drought. 

As I stood there thinking about food, I can still hear it in my mind “Eat our factory produced meat”. I must confess the idea of a factory produced piece of meat sickened me at the thought of what they were doing. I was not eating meat which was a choice. Soon there would not be enough grains or forage to even feed animals as the Super Grand Solar Minimum took effect, increasing in intensity year after year.

The Super Grand Solar Minimum was exactly why I was standing in the middle of a mostly vacant home with a hot bowl of oatmeal and a five dollar banana cut up in small pieces to give it some sweetness.  Then as I sat down in that large easy chair with my bowl, my mind wondered again.

How would I get this wonderful chair I was sitting in back to my wife?

Friday, November 8, 2019

Why Ice Ages?

If you have followed my blog you have see this graphic below.

The graphic depicts ice core data that show how cyclic and digital like ice age transitions occur. To repeat and I have talked about in multiple blogs, almost 85% or more of the time this planet has been a cold and icy one. This is a fact and an absolute fact that is impossible to discredit. But the question may remain why this occurs? Note that there are periods of short warming which we are now in and and are descending back into a cold and icy climate. This back and forth has remained a question for many years. Some think (and still do) that it is the orbit of the earth and its cyclic wobble around the sun. While this may cause climate variations, it does not cause ice ages.

It was not until we started looking at plasma that things made much more sense than a gravity atomic power plant type of sun. The sun is actually a great ball of plasma. Strangely enough for the gravity, atomic power plant model, something was wrong. The suns surface was cooler on the surface than in it's corona. This is not possible in a gravity model. The suns internal temperature would be hugely more hot and cool off the further away you were from the sun. Only a plasma sun will cause what we are seeing with an intensely hot corona.

So what is happening and why?

Below is a graphic that I think explains what is causing what is happening on the sun and the coming Ice Age.

The whole universe is made up of magnetic fields and plasma. Our universe is intensely magnetic and the current streams that cause and power plasma streams and these magnetic fields are caused by Birkeland currents. These currents flow along a twisted magnet field and cause ionization of gases that the current flows through. As you can see from the graphic above, Galaxies and everything in a galaxy is powered by these Plasma streams. This includes our sun.

So why do we go in and out of warm and very icy and cold periods? It really comes down to the intensity of the plasma streams that power our sun. Intensive plasma streams cause the sun to warm and so does the earth. Weaker plasma streams cause the sun to go into a low glow mode and cools and so does the earth. So where does the cyclic nature come from?

The answer lies in the fact that our spiral galaxy has a circular movement. Our sun is captured up in this movement as well as our planet and as it moves it goes through weaker and stronger plasma streams causing the sun and the earth to warm or get really cold. At the moment our sun is moving rapidly into one of these reduced plasma streams. Your silly little carbon or CO2 foot print is nothing against the movement of our galaxy unless you are some super CO2 head or something like that.

Well that's my explanation, and is the reason I am very worried about what I see coming. Read many of my blogs about this and the presented evidence. Not only is there a super grand solar minimum coming but an ice age is just around the corner. Good timing Right?

Cheers and keep warm


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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It Will Not Matter

Are you a prepper? Are you a take charge type? Are you always ahead of most things? Are you the winning type? Are you really smart and educated and good looking? Are you the nicest person in your state? Are you so mean and tough that people shake from fear when you walk by?

Well then prepare to fail.

Is Failure an Option? If you look back in the news before all this CO2 nonsense started, scientist were worried about a coming Ice Age. It was in the news and in scientific papers. It was a worry at that time. It was on the covers of magazines. Well it was a worry until the whole climate thing was hijacked by some very evil people with their own agenda. Because of that we are heading for the greatest failure that humans have ever experienced at least in what we call the modern age. It almost looks like we have chosen to fail as we come closer and closer to that final boundary or shift into the new Ice Age which is a glaciation period of the present Ice Age we live in. Yes we live in an Ice Age, but it is that really short period of warmth that pops up from time-to-time and warms the earth.

Stupid us believe that this most wonderful warm period is a death sentence but is actually the most productive time we have experienced in the last three hundred years.

We ignore this knowledge and facts and instead play idiot almost child like games with nuclear weapons, war, greed. war on terror and even burn that yellow stuff we call corn in our cars!.

While Rome burns we fiddle-faddle. The insanity is almost complete. It looks like collectively we intend to fail and fail as hard and as deep as humanly possible.

Can we afford this? The answer is a BIG YES. We can afford to destroy everything, at least that is what it looks like. The failure will be intentional and by default. Most won't even know it is coming until it is too late.

This wonderful little planet is actually an ice planet. As I have talked about in multiple blogs, almost 85% or more of the time this planet has been a cold and icy one. This is a fact and an absolute fact that is impossible to discredit.

The consequences of this is that all of this (as in now) is at a turning point and that really nice CO2 warm wonderful world of plenty is ending. This ending is not something horrible at least for the earth as it has done this many times. Its just a natural thing. The problem though is that it is a train that is headed our way and we are a warm weather, food loving species that may be run over by all the cold and icy conditions that will return the once pristine unspoiled cold world back to it's other natural state.

There are very few places for humans in this new state UNLESS they prepare for it.

If we choose to ignore this then we choose suicide by default.

The Train

The consequences of this rapidly approaching train is that Europe, Russia and of course most of the US will eventually become mostly uninhabitable. Intense snow and ice and arctic temperatures will be the problem. So the question is how can you live in an area where where there is no food and would take enormous amounts of energy to live? The answer is you could not no matter how macho you are or how good a prepper you think you are. You can't prep for a cold lasting thousands or more years. During an ice age the earth looses a huge amount of rain (water and water vapor) which is stored up in the ice and snow.

So all of us human are asleep. We are dreaming of all sorts of things. Endless good crops, CO2 killing us all, the endless glory of war and the huge profits made from killing each other. The world has become completely corrupted and the globalist are pushing their one world agenda

Soon and very soon all this will end. It will FAIL in a huge catastrophic explosion as everything collapses.

Is it hopeless as I seem to have described it? Yes it is from an individual standpoint. The world must wake up, It must get ready and prepare for what is coming, and it seems that is not being done. 

So what am I planning on doing? While I am on the edge of of the ???? no mans toss of the dice zone I am going to wait it out but prepare to move much more south perhaps deep into Mexico. That could be a dangerous move but so is freezing and starving. 

Unless the world wakes up, it is my opinion and my alone that it will have to be a community thing and conditions will be very tough and dangerous. As in prepare or move if needed as a community.

Well so much for all the doom. One thing though is that I actually believe all the above will happen. Weather report here in Central Texas this coming first of the week is the possibility of ice or snow! I absolutely hate the cold and winter is coming!

Keep your eyes and ears open. Make your plans and plan wisely.

Cheers and wishing you the best of of everything from Central Texas


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Possible Problem - A 200, 400 or 3200 year SGSM cycle or worse.

There is ONLY ONE solution to surviving the above problem and the graphic below depicts what will be needed.

For those who are saying - Ya but don't you .........

This will not work:

I will go out and live in the wilderness and live on the land.
I will steal and rob what I need
I will survive and hide in the city
People will give me food
I will live on the food stored away by others
I have a weapon
The military will ensure food is distributed fairly
The government will help us
We can use our country's surplus
There will always be food available
Things are warming not cooling
I am a Democrat or a republican!
I am a Christian! (note I am one, but I am not pushing that on you)
My family and I will survive together
I live way out in the country

While some of the above I can not argue about, none of them will insure you have three good meals every day or even once a day. I could write many pages after pages why all the above is really foolish.  Note: Thomas Edison did not live during the SGSM. If he had he may of gotten away with one or two.

One person recently commented about tribes. Have you ever wonder why most Indians here in the US were organized into tribes? Well Indians didn't use the word community, but that is what they belonged to. The reason was that for thousands of years Indians and other civilizations depended on the tribe or community for the things listed above. Food, water, skills, security and shelter. In a nutshell, it just worked and worked well.

In our present times they are very few communities. It's so bad that even the family has slowly been destroyed. A family is a very small community. When my parents were growing up, they lived next to their aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Most were only a house or block away. There was great cooperation and when some one had some tough times in the family, all the family was ready to help. That's just an example of what an extended family was like, and that's just a small example.

Americans and people globally have lost a sense of community and even nationalism which is a form of it as it is being demonized. Gee if you are a French National, you may make some one feel bad by not being inclusive what ever that means! It's that stupid. It's no wonder that community is sort of an alien thing to most.

If we do not come together as communities, then get ready to see the greatest destruction ever seen of human life by humans on this planet. Billions will die, and it's because most people just don't get it. It's food stupid and there will not be enough if we don't get along and live in  communities that has only one great function and that is to stay alive. It's that serious.

While this blog is about some really gloom and doom things, the real reason for this blog is survival.

Not just a few humans here and there but for the almost 8 billion humans that have wants, needs and dreams just like you and I. They all can hurt and bleed just like all of us. They get hungry when there is no food and they will die if there is no water. They love their children and family just like most of us do. Most of them will not know what to do when things get really bad and it is my and your responsibility to light the way. That way can only be community as the world will not survive a "EVER ONE FOR THEM SELF'S" attitude and actions. IT WILL NOT WORK.

A coming Ice Age Problem

If what is coming this way is actually a relapse back into a icy and cool period of the ice age we are living in, then things will get even more complex.

There is really ONLY ONE SOLUTION to that as well. All the countries of the world will have to cooperate in developing new and known technologies to actually live in this sort of environment. I have covered what this would be like and where mankind would have to move to actually survive the cooling of a cold period which could last many millions of years.

Lets hope we don't see a relapse, for at the moment humans don't seem to have any thing to agree on except to hate or kill each other. Not a good sign of things to come are they?

Who said hope in one hand and spit in the other and see what one fills up first? Nasty example but probably true. Hoping and doing are two different animals.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it makes you think. It is quite possible to get through this, but we must all wake up and see what we are doing and what we COULD be capable of. As usual, I suspect that most of our "Leaders" will gum up the works.

Now is the time. In a couple of years it will be too late if what is looming is global food shortages.

Now is the time to
Prepare (cheaper now than later)
Get 7 years of seeds (and some for others)
Start your own or a community garden (grow thousands of pounds of food)
Join, start or contemplate being part of a community (you could be a leader)
Take care of your family and neighbors (especially the older ones like me LOL)
Look after those that have less than you. (they are all over the place)

Those crappy lazy Central Texas weather gods are trying to get back at me, as we will be soon be seeing temperatures in the low 20's. What they don't know is that I have some well planned methods of blunting them. Ill tell you about that soon.

Cheers and best of every thing to all my readers.


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Solar Man - The Awakening

Purely Fiction? - Part 2 of ? A continuing Story
Part one is at this URL

The truth comes hard to some people, especially when it involves their well-being. While I have an open mind, it’s a bit overly open at times and I seem to get sucked into thing that are not actually true only to be disappointed that it had happened to me again.  What had finally convinced me that the coming cooling was indeed a fact, was the incessant pushing of CO2 and human caused global warming. The word that really clinched it for me was the word "tax". Being a lover of science, weather, geology and astronomy, I was always looking for new things to study even as a young child and later in high school. Global cooling caught my interest and because of my obsessive interest in things that - well just interest me, I found the science that was convincing at least to me.

I can bet people hate obsessive people, but it started a long time ago.  I absolutely hated school and was just passed on just to get rid of me as I finally made my way to graduation. I think I ranked 250 out of 262 students who graduated that year. I really feel bad about that student who was 262! Even as a small child I generally looked on people in their cars going here and there as ants. I know it must have frustrated my parents and teachers, but I never compromised in what interested me and what I wanted to do. Thanks Mom and Dad (who are now deceased) for supporting me. Generally that was electronics, radio and radio astronomy. I was easily at college level and beyond even in my teens. It was what I knew and what I wanted that was missing in school that made me hate it. As far back as I can remember I never did a homework assignment. The only A's I made in school were in math and the only other thing I liked was my Latin and Spanish classes. I guess I was just a jerk who wanted it my way. Now as I look back I am glad I was a jerk from the start, as it provided me with most of everything I ever wanted or needed. I was not a jerk about people or family as I was raised in the most loving one you could have found on the earth at that time.

Everyone told me I had to go to college at the time, so I gave it a try which became a disaster from the first day. I guess it’s the jerk part of me. I had signed up for all sorts of classes, spent my money and purchased my books. The first day was an English class. The teacher walked in and right out of his mouth declared that perhaps 50 percent or more would fail his class. Looking at this sorry scum bag excuse for a human and what he said really got to me. I thought that he was a teacher but I was wrong. This guy was no teacher and didn't care about education as it was all about himself. After the class was over, I returned my books and got my money back for the classes. Eventually I finished up at a technical school studying electronics that I already knew when I was nine. All those years just frustrated me except for one thing; little did I know that I would soon meet my future wife. I can thank my lucky stars for that as it would form me into things I never thought I could ever be. Finally I was having happy thoughts and soon I would be doing things I always wanted to do. My outlook on life was to always do what I wanted to do, and to get to do things I wanted, I would have to do some things I really didn’t want too.

 Freedom had at last come to me as I was finally the captain of my ship, and there were seas to travel. As I split from my girlfriend of four + years who wanted to get married, I was smiling as I had things to do and she did not want to go where I was going. As I look back, it would have been a caustic relationship being married to her. Perhaps both ways. The years that followed were wonderful as marriage and a family followed. All of that is still in my mind and is a story in its self. Perhaps one day.

There are probably many levels of being awake. It took me many years to go through them all and to get to where I was now. I wasn't sure that I was where I needed to be, but it seemed that even knowing what I knew, I still wasn't sure. Making all those delivery's over the years, I had come to one conclusion and that was this wasn't a life that I really wanted. Being in traffic and just sitting there at lights and traffic jams was not living. It seemed that I had been trapped in the swamp and could not get out. It’s amazing what happens when you get older. Things that were important years back had no meaning or worth anymore. A lot of It was excessive baggage and I wanted to travel light. There was one new thing in my life and that was the coming cooling and the survival of my family. It was a new opportunity that would drive me to places I had never thought I could be driven.

The Super Grand Solar Minimum was a new opportunity for the human race as well. Many were just now awakening to what was coming and it was almost too late for them. The world had been stripped and raped. Everything was a commodity, even humans. The world had become so polluted that there was no place on earth that didn't have a piece of plastic on it. More and more people had less and less and fewer and fewer people had more and more. Soon just a few would have everything. That is why I thought that the Super Grand Solar Minimum was a new opportunity. As I looked at what was coming, it looked more and more bleak, but the bleakness would be a positive thing as it would take down this well-oiled evil world we live in and create a new one. Gold, silver and a large bank account eventually would have no value. Only love and the human spirit plus a little food and water would eventually have extreme value. Security and food would become the new money. I hate to admit it, but when I go in public I often look at people and decide if they will be the one out of ten people who will survive. I see only one who will make it to the new world. The others will just sit there and be surprised that no one came to help or feed them. Their Cell Phones eventually will go dim and they will go crazy. It was the crazy and the crazy cold I was trying to get away from.

Why the Crazy? I am not sure when it started, but it must have been forty years ago. It started with people not allowing their children to fail. If you could wipe your rear you were given a "good job". At about that time, personal computers were becoming available. Being a technical head sort of person I purchased many of the first ones and supplied my sons with them. While I enjoyed the technology, the PC became a huge waste of time. Sitting at the monitor playing games removed our children from the real world. As technology grew and became a part of our daily life's, we became more and more addicted and removed from reality. I must admit that I was wrapped up in this. I should have listened to my wife who could see it coming. Now we are at the point that our cell phones are part of our life. People actually run into things while there eyes are glued to their screens. About a year ago, I could see that it had actually peaked. I was in  a restaurant when a family came in for lunch. All of the family had a cell phone and there were no conversations taking place between the family members. While looking at what was going on, the only words I could think of was "Failure to Communicate".

Technology while interesting and useful will soon destroyed the world because of the reliance we put in its hands. I loved technology all my life. Some very wonderful things happened especially in the medical field. I lived and breathed it. I am alive now because of it. Now that I look back I see all the bad things that arrived along with it. Around 2020, we had placed our actual survival in the hands of technology. Our just in time food delivery system and banking systems could not operate without it. Physical stores were being destroyed by online ordering and delivery. I have mixed feeling about technology, as I would not be writing this story if it were not available.

Now in 2021, things were getting worse as food inflation was destroying everything. People who worked had to decide to eat or get a new pair of shoes or a pair of pants. Anything not absolutely necessary no longer was in a budget. As this financial decision was made over and over in homes. big box stores began to fail and lay off people. Unemployment increased exponentially. Things were looking and getting grim not just for the US but for the world. Even I who had planned was looking seriously at the amount of cash I had to get through the next three weeks before I made my final big move. Thinking ahead, I wondered if the world would hold together for three more weeks?

There is one really bad thing about our modern technological system. Not all that removed, my great grandparents  and grandparents grew most of their own food. I can remember my grandparents had a large back yard garden and chickens. They smoked their own hams and sausage and washed in a large black pot heated by wood. They had a cistern for water. Now we are fed out of a box by large mono-culture farming company's and GMO laced foods. Weed killer has been found in almost all our raw and processed foods even mothers milk. Our clean water systems are now contaminated with all kinds of chemicals.

Even worse as I noticed from conversations with people I knew and from comments made at the grocery store, people had no idea where their food came from. In my travels delivering greens from my greenhouse, I seldom saw anyone actually growing food in a little garden as that may have been illegal and you could get a visit and a citation from the home owners association. Insanity were the words that formed in my thoughts. As prices escalated and grocery shelf's became empty, much of the world was now seeing what was coming and had no idea how to feed them self's and no idea what to do. As I told my children multiple times, it was a concoction of ignorance fed by a supply of apathy.

The global plan to keep silent about this until it was too late was working really well as it was now too late and a visit to my local grocery store pointed that out. Eight dollar bread and a nine dollar small box of cereal were just staring me in the face, How would we fed our children I thought?

As things plunged into darkness, I now carried a gun in my van as I made my rounds. There was a KA-BAR on my belt and a mini-KA-BAR around my neck. Even with all this hardware I didn’t feel safe. I made sure my van was locked when I stopped to make a delivery. I always parked out in the open, and I never talked with anyone except for my customers. Carjacking and break-ins were becoming a serious problem, as many homeless and destitute people hit the streets.

It was no longer safe on the streets of Austin and I was glad that would soon stop for me. There was no joy in the faces I saw on the streets. They all had a hollow burned out  look and no life in their eyes. I felt like a ripe tomato that needed harvesting when they looked at me.

The state of all the homeless in Austin was formed politically long ago and seemed to mimic places like San Francisco and other cities that had become rat infected and had the stench of human waste. It just took a bit longer in Austin. California and soon parts of Texas started to look worse than many third world cities in-habituated by the poor, destitute and malnourished that I had visited in my global travels.

There was one big race happening in the world. It was a race between the deep state who wanted to control everything and the Super Grand Solar Minimum. I was counting on the snow and Ice, but the swamp monsters were winning too. They had made their plans years before and it did not seem that I was a part of their plans. In the past two years most of humanity had been taxed to death. It looked like they would own it all just at the point when the poor masses had nothing and the food would run out. Good timing I thought. In a way that was what I was running from. Evil and ice and snow. Who would win? I didn't like the odds so I bet on both.

In the back of my mind in a very persistent way was another thing that bothered me. That bother was that perhaps I had overlooked things and not planned well. it was quite possible that we were not just getting cooler which was bad enough but that we were actually approaching an ice age. As I drove around making deliveries, these thoughts never left me. If there was going to be an ice age, my plans for the future of my family would eventually fail. At my advanced age, I might just see the tip of it. In my mind’s eye I could see my family packing up and leaving our new home for parts very south of where we were. I would be too old for the trip. Man are you a gloomy old man I thought. As I pushed the ice age thought out of my mind, I realized that it could very well be the end for humans, as we were not planning for such an event. As usual, people were the same. Greedy, self-centered and extremely dumb. Yes people were awakening, but to what? They had no idea what they needed to do, and the fall back default of nothing was deadly.

Only love would have been an option, but humanity had lost what true love was all about.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Super Grand Solar Minimum Banker

For sure they would come for you, take you before a judge, fine you millions of dollars and probably put you away for twenty years if you opened a bank and issued your own currency. So don't even entertain that idea as it will not work.

But there is another option, and that is to start you own Super Grand Solar Minimum bank. This bank would be soil bound and encased in a greenhouse.

Entertain this thought and answer this question.

You are a smart fellow and you have ten thousand ounces of silver all laid out neatly on a large table along with 100 ounces of gold,  On another really large table you have laid out many hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables, some home made jelly and other caned things.

You are deep into the Super Grand Solar minimum. Our modern agriculture mono-culture of growing food is failing and prices for food have risen to the point of being almost unaffordable. People are starving in some countries and the US will soon get the opportunity to experience hunger first hand.

The question is which of the two tables has more value?

 Don't you think it's time to start your own SGSM bank? Soon you could be rich in life sustaining food while those who just ignored what is coming will get the wrong end of the stick. Your SGSM bank could be a place that hundreds of people would love to use.

Problems starting a SGSM bank

  • To start with you you must start - Ya actually start as in make a decision and actually get your hands dirty. Yep real work and an enduring stubborn mean ass attitude.  
  • No land? The solution is to use the land of others and share in your surplus.
  • Have a family? or brothers, sisters aunts and uncles? You will need them and many others.
  • Its called a community and you will need one. Just make sure those that claim to part of it you can trust. Kick out the lazy and the greedy.
  • If what I am blogging about is correct, then many will try to rob your SGSM bank and that's where the community comes in. In dangerous times a community will always do better than just being some macho rock headed type with a pickup and few brains. I like pickups though!
  • A SGSM bank will require members of the bank to be like minded or brothers or sisters of the bank. 

Greenhouse Part of a SGSM Bank

What I find really strange and depressing

I visit many types of blogs and websites that push survival or the Grand Solar minimum, It seems that they mostly push the prep and gloomy part of all this (actually I do too). They talk about gardens and doing this and that. Building this or caning that and on and on. Most of this is very good information and has real value. BUT...............

But very few (as in it almost never happens) talk about community. This is a huge flaw in the fabric of surviving what is coming. As in "like a fly in the pudding".  While you have been sleeping, I have written my own plans, developed handout information and in my head decided just who I would approach first and generally looked over those in my general area. Many make me afraid. 

Have you done even a bit of the above? If you believe anything in this blog what are you waiting for?

Here is why and what you are waiting for as you do nothing.

You are probably a spitting image of my wife (who I love dearly). It seems that the worst thing in this world is to be duped (deceived). After getting over finding out that there is no deception, then it is to wait to be REALLY REALLY SURE. I guess it's a conservatism of energy. Don't spend all that effort preparing until I actually see that it is needed.

Well enough of that, but if you are convinced about the darkness coming this way you are endangering yourself and you family for doing nothing. Please note that does not necessarily apply to everyone. I can assure you that starting a community (or just a small group) will not cost you anything to get started.

So you might point you finger at me and ask why have I not started my community?

While I have developed hand outs and a good explanation of the SGSM and written what a community would look like and how it would work, I am waiting for that magic time and moment when everyone mostly gets it. I am thinking it will be in the fall of 2021. That's when I will put out my sign(s) of a coming meeting that invites my neighbors. I will probably rent a building in town for the meeting. I will have a big screen TV and a laptop connected to it. My talk will be done in PowerPoint. I will have USB sticks with PDF documents available as well as paper products. Are you that prepared?

There is nothing in this world more precious than human life. It's time to stop being afraid and actually try to trust other people. To toss the fear and mistrust that keeps all of us walled off from each other.

A story

Years ago I taught electronics. It was the end of the class (final day) and all of us were talking about the future. As an old est (look it up - Erhard Seminars Training ) graduate, I asked all of my class to prove to them self's that people were afraid of each other. That most people walked around walled off from things around them. My class was on the second floor and all were interested in this experiment I was proposing. I told them all to go up and down the elevator during their break and when there were other people in the elevator to look them directly in their eyes and say hello and how are you doing? When it was all over to report their finding in the class.

The results

Most were amazed and said that what I had told them about people being afraid of each other was true. Most said except for a very few, they got no response, or a shrug and few if any looked back at them directly. It was a crazy day in that elevator in Houston Texas that day!

The SGSM will for sure cause food to become money. Yes you can grow your own, but what about others around you" I think you will be abundantly surprised what bringing in others in to your life will create, Just be careful as the world is full of people who disgrace the title of being a human.

Food may soon become a precious commodity. You at a bare minimum will need food and water. These have been the bedrock of society for many thousands of years. In my travels, I never saw a place where humans prospered if there was no way of growing food and water for the fields and for humans to drink. Wars have been fought over these two things, and it will be no different very soon.

Appreciate what is now available and plan for times when it will not be there. Inflation will soon cause your SGSM bank to be worth Trillions and also priceless. .

If enough people come together they can flip a car over easily. There is little strength in one, it always takes many.

Here in Central Texas, those crappy climate / weather gods are complaining. It seems that all the horse manure and hay is stinking up the place out in my Ruth Stout garden. Too bad weather gods, it's your fault I will soon need my garden.


Start or at least as a minimum think about a community - Start even at a small group level
Gets your seeds now - later they may be very expensive or not available
Start or plant your garden
Look after your family and friends
Take care of those who have less that you
Be not afraid of what is coming



I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

Need Seeds?

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Solar Man -The End of the Beginning

Purely Fiction? - Part 1 of ? A continuing Story

It was hard to believe. I had made this trip for the past four years, and this would be the last one. The traffic was light and I had some time to contemplate the trip. I tried to soak in what I was seeing and appreciate the things I liked and confirm again for the hundredth time things I had almost hated about these trips.

The trip into the Austin hills was my favorite except for the excessive traffic at times. If I was allergic to Cedar I would have been in a bad place, but my allergies were never a large problem. My old van hummed along as in all the years it made it's way up and down hills and endless stops and the almost excessive number of lights which seemed to be adjusted to really irritate me. At least that will not be a problem in the near future as I contemplated why this was my last trip and that I would soon leave all these people I encountered on the roads today to their own life and death experiences which I felt were in the future.

It was mid-September 2021 and I had to run the heaters to keep my greenhouse warm enough. I was delivering my last batch of baby greens. This summer was the shortest I had ever experienced and had ended early. It was far worse in the northern states, as they were looking at many inches of snow this month and complete crop failures. Many of the farmers this year didn't even get a crop planted. Things were getting crazy. Gas was $8.99 a gallon and seemed to go up every day. The prices were eating into the money I had put aside. I had asked all my clients to pay with cash if they could.

The trip I was making was the delivery of fancy baby greens which I had started and developed as a business right after my first encounter at growing old in the hospital with a heart attack. Before that trip in a blaring ambulance, I had problems just walking up and down our simple stairs on a trip outside to get something from the car.  As I look back I could see it happening even 10 years before but tried to not even notice it. That eventually caught up with me as I was now looking at a bypass, and before it was over there had been five of them. The doctor told me I would feel like a truck had hit me after it was over, and he was right. I could hardly walk to the house after being released.

Being forewarned by others who had gone before me, I chose rehab at the hospital. Soon I was running on the tread mills at the hospital. Things would not go well that year and the years before, as I had to deal with My brother’s death and My mother needing attention in a nursing home. I had soon after that lost her, had surgery and even before I could even get rehabilitated, I was laid off from my job of 10 plus years. It was a triple whammy that would make me think. I felt lucky though as at least I had a business and could feed myself and my family. 

As I look back, being laid off was a blessing. It freed me from the man and having to put up with crazy clients. I could focus on what I needed to do and not have to answer to others. It was getting cold and things were getting out of hand.

My new business. 

The area I live in has many really wonderful restaurants. While things are going crazy all over the US, this area still had some money. This place that I live is a foodie, local food type of place that many advertised as using local farmers for their produce sources. Looking for something to start a new life, I decided to start growing fancy greens. There was little or no competition and I grew in my greenhouse that had been abandoned because of my health. I was greeted with open arms and quickly my business expanded.

Snapping out of all this thinking as a car honked at me as I had partially wandered into his lane. Wake up dummy I told myself. I have a tendency to go over things both past and present. Becoming cognizant of my environment I tried to refocused on my driving, but was soon thinking again the one thought that I had focused on for the past 4 years almost exclusively. That thought was the coming cold period and the Global Super Grand Solar Minimum, huge crop loses and probably starvation. This fact was the reason for this being my last trip as I was soon to be the last in my family to leave for warmer climates and location and the possibility of surviving the Grand Solar Minimum that promised to be a Super one or worse.

As I looked out on all those people driving their cars to places unknown, I could see that perhaps 1 out of 10 would be alive in 4 or 5 years. How depressing I thought.

After I had made my last deliveries and tried to absorb all the goodness and joy I had all those years, I arrived back at the farm. It was really weedy as no one had cut the grass in the past year. It was in the late late summer and what fruit trees were left were not bearing fruit, and the sweet Texas Dew Berries that were extra sweet this year had already been picked. Getting home brought no joy as I opened the gate, for I was the only residence here. I was alone and only memories and my physical body inhabited a once thriving loving place. 

My first step was to turn off all electricity to the greenhouse. I took one last look inside as the dripping stopped in my hydroponic NFT trays which would eventually kill everything and shut the latch on the large door that My son had installed. The cooling  and heating system would never run again and eventually, what sun we would get here would destroy all the plastic that covered it. That thought even depressed me more. Hopefully the new owners would use it.

Looking around, I could see that the cats, dogs, chickens, horses and other farm animals were no longer around. My wife's two ducks, our chickens, cats and pet pig which needed feeding every morning making their demands known as I walked outside would never happen again.

The place was essentially dead except for me and a few bugs buzzing around my ears. Well I need to prepare for the trip I thought as I headed for the house. It was just a house now, as it did not contain my wife anymore. She had made it a home, and when she was not here it quickly just became a house again. It was devoid of life, warmth and any kind of good feelings as I sat on my wife's favorite easy chair she had cherished for years. It was to be mine after my surgery, but I gave it to her as I was too busy to even sit in it. There was very little furniture left. Just enough for me to live here for a few more weeks. The Farm had been sold, and I had to be out in three weeks. Most of the simple furniture would stay as it had been sold with the house. The easy chair I sat in was just too heavy and big to transport all those miles but had not been sold. Slowly I drifted into a semi-state of sleep. It seems My mind could not even rest in this quiet house and even as sleep approached, my mind stayed focused. It was all about what was coming. It had been discussed a thousand times and was the reason we were no longer going to live here.

Yes it would be cold I told myself as I drifted into sleep.

(too be continued)

The Value of Life and Love

Here is something I wrote about love. Do you think the world is really happy? Are you really happy with the world? Do you wonder if your children will always be happy and safe? I ask these questions often, do you? The answer to all these questions is love. Not the romantic type of love we read in cheesy novels, but about love given freely and without expectations.

The Line

There is a line in the sand that has been created with our freewill (ability to choose). On one side there is no war, hate or greed. On that side there is only love. Not perfect love but love chosen using our freewill. On this wonderful side of the line there is peace and prosperity and a blessed existence. It is a place where everyone can see each other as a brother or sister. There is no hunger on this side and the earth is a beautiful bountiful place and is nourished and appreciated as a blessing. It is a place where children safely run and play. It is a place where we take care of each other. It is not a perfect place. This side of the line is a choice. Only the greedy and evil would not choose it. Only those trapped up in their wants and desires would ignore it.    

On the other side is only death and darkness. 

If we wake up we will see that death seems to be a reoccurring choice for humans. 

We kill with weapons, words and laws. We destroy for money and self. The poor are looked at as weak. A child is a burden. Soon this side of the line will destroy most of the earth and the people who live on it. By sitting in our home with our “what ever” and hiding there ignoring the plight of the world and never listening we have surely chosen this side by default. 

If we think we are good because we have never done bad things, think again. 

Being good is only a start. What about everything else that is not about you or me? Strangely this has been going on for thousands of years. Our freewill has created the great storm and it is headed our way. It is coming and looking for a climax that will destroy most anything of value. Some perhaps will survive but not many. The good, pure and purely evil will die. What a waste as it is only a yes or no choice. 

What is coming is a lie and you and I may have been fooled beyond belief. We are believing a lie and think everything will be OK.  

So what will be written in the story of the billions of people on this earth at this time? Will it have a happy ending? Or will it be filled with only darkness? Will the human race survive? Are we really worth saving? 

For all of us the last train has arrived at the last station. There are two paths leading out of this station. One leads to that where life and love prosper.  The other is a path to death. What path will you and I choose?

Don't look for love in all the wrong places URL Song

Thanks for reading my Love Blog
Wishing you all the love you will ever need
Choose LOVE


I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Politics and the Super Grand Solar Minimum

So what can be said about politics. From the start of what you would call politics, it's never actually been about the well being that the politicians seem to say they are looking out for or representing. In the end POLITICS has always been about - AGENDA. Obviously it's never about your agenda.

What I can not really understand and fathom is how humanity has always believed what politicians were saying, as it was so obvious what they were saying never really matched what they were doing. This is even hugely more obvious today than it has ever been. In fact is actually obvious to see that our present political agenda is actually about destroying our country here in the US.

Have You Been Trained?

As I said in a previous blog "Have You Been Trained? Have you been trained to believe that all this craziness and stupidity is actually important, or is it a really big well planned deception?

I can see that many are trained by what their car bumper stickers indicate! 

I am not sure what has caused all these people into being blinded by what they are so intense about.
Strangely what seems to be so import about is nothing important or useful. It does nothing to improve the life's of Americans or anyone for that matter. While Washington is in awash with craziness, hate an complete stupidity, it looks like it is a fight to the end for power and money and the heck with non political beings who have wants and needs.

The Power Base

So what is really going on (it's never really what we see)? Is what is going on in Washington really an intense one act play? Is it being put out there to distract from our view to see what is really important? I think the answer is yes and no. Yes it's a detraction, but the agenda is to eventually destroy our present nation.

The Detraction

Here is a list of what I thing why the detraction are needed and what is being hidden:

  • The dollar is worthless
  • What the Stock Market is really worth
  • The deep state (our rulers) have stolen trillion of dollars for their dark causes and agendas.
  • Debt is money. LOL
  • Most banks are bankrupt
  • We are slowly being enslaved
  • The constitution is slowly being destroyed
  • Science has been hijacked and science is purchased with money not actual research
  • We are slowly being taxed into poverty
  • Trafficking of humans for slavery and sexual abuse
All of the above is what humans do, cause and become when they go as low as they can go. Like into the pit's of hell or worse. It's the worst kind of human you can think of and there are a bunch of them and a huge surplus of them in Washington and globally in all the seats of political power. 

But piled on top of all this is: The earth is cooling not warming.
No one wants this to get out and here is why.

Our owners and politicians are not just yet finished raping and pillaging any thing they can get their slimy hands on. It goes as deep as selling baby parts, and sexual abuse of children and selling humans into slavery. If this bothers you it should, but this has been going on almost forever. If this bothers you then you have been asleep because you are naive, blind or just don't give a crap. It is important that we think every thing is OK and that Trump needs to be tossed out of office and a wonderful lady who lost the last election be there. That's really uplifting isn't it? 

So if every one on this earth suddenly found out that they might starve to death in a few years it would crash the wonderful system that our politicians are milking like a big fat cow on antibiotics.

This is the REAL AGENDA and what we are all facing. Its not just here in the US but globally. We are at an increasing speed approaching the Final Play as I wrote in one of my blogs

So is Politics and the Super Grand Solar Minimum reality? It certainly is and is in your face each day. The effects are seen every day in your financial life, in your civil rights and in your safety.


This is not play time though as the final play will not be fun. We have two enemies showing up in the dangerous final play, us humans and the SGSM and a possible Ice Age. 

It's time to untrained if you are finally see what is important - Politicians, Trump, power and greed and what our ?leaders? are doing to all of us


our hopes and dreams and needs and the well being of our family neighbors and our 8 billion brothers and Sisters. As always, it a choice,

but in the end it will all work out even if it doesn't! So choose wisely.

All the best from here in Central Texas.



I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

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These are my two of my recommended seed suppliers at this URL

Galactic Cosmic Rays

The sun sends out a constant flow of solar material called the solar wind, which creates a bubble around the planets called the heliosphere. The heliosphere acts as a shield that protects the earth for Galactic Cosmic Rays. The solar wind, emanating from the Sun, creates a bubble that extends far past the orbits of the planets. This bubble is the heliosphere, shaped like a long wind sock as it moves with the Sun through interstellar space.

Galactic cosmic rays come from outside the solar system but generally from within our Milky Way galaxy. Galactic cosmic rays are atomic nuclei (Protons) from which all of the surrounding electrons have been stripped away during their high-speed passage through the galaxy.

As the cosmic rays interact with interstellar gas, they can produce gamma rays, which can be seen in the EGRET gamma ray image of the Milky Way galaxy shown above.

The Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope, (EGRET)

As I have been blogging about for the last few months, solar activity until recently has been really intense. This was marked by large numbers of sunspots. This all abruptly changed (in solar time abruptly) and is descending into a weakness not seen in hundreds of years. This weakness has allowed a very large increase in galactic cosmic rays.

To repeat, galactic cosmic rays come from outside of our solar system. They are subatomic particles (pieces of atoms) and mostly are high energy protons. These particles have been stripped of their electrons and accelerated to almost light speed. The source of these particles are created by supernova explosions.

It is speculated that during these periods of intense cosmic rays man has created things like a written language and made evolutionary leaps. New species were created and some died out. It is thought that this change is created when cosmic rays pass through the brain. they do little damage as they pass right through, but they do have a magnetic effect.

So lets talk about magnetic effects. Take a radio wave for example. How do you detect say a radio wave that was transmitted from a short wave radio in England and received by some one in Central Texas?  How did it travel that distance and how did it get to Central Texas? How did a galactic gamma ray travel from another galaxy and travel through your brain? The answer is all about magnetic fields. Nothing flows (as in electrical current) in the universe be it a ray or radio wave or light photons without creating a magnetic filed. Essentially the wave or ray creates it's own medium of travel. While I fail at completely understanding all of this, but it's an amazing fact. Some would have said many years ago that space was empty. The problem was they were using their eyes to see things. In reality the universe is one large magnetic field and all of that missing matter scientist don't see is plasma. Probably the universe consists of 99.999 etc plasma.

These magnetic fields are all around us. If you live in a house with electrical wiring you are surrounded by magnetic fields created when you use energy. The more things you turn like lights, the microwave or your electrical heating the larger this field becomes. 

So what does this blog have to do with galactic cosmic rays? Where I am going is what this huge increase in galactic cosmic rays is telling us. What it is telling us are things are happening not just here on earth but in and on the sun and eventually the galactic plasma stream that powers the sun. That may be hard to conceptualize as I know it was for me, but it's all about the plasma universe. Suddenly a whole new way of looking at the universe I live in was opened up to me. Especially with my interest in electronics, semiconductors, radio astronomy and radio in general.

We are seeing a huge increase in Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux. As I wrote about in previous blogs, we are passing a new (for us) but a repeating boundary condition from a nice cozy warm period into the next glaciation cycle. This boundary crossing can be a good or bad thing. The good thing may be the evolutionary changes it could cause which may be highly beneficial for us dummy humans. Perhaps we may see the lights go on so to speak. Perhaps we will finally see and develop some of the most wonderful things a human can be.

On the other end, the crossing the boundary between warmth to intense cold could be a really dangerous thing, especially if it is ignored as we fight about mindless and stupid things like politics and other human garbage we have created.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

While we fight, something dark is heading our way.

It doesn't have to be that way, but its a choice even if it's a choice by default.

Usually default choices (failure to do nothing) are usually the worst. 

This coming darkness could be made into something most wonderful and new. We could actually see this deadly death causing boundary change and actually do something to protect the billions of people who will desperately need all of us to do something. We could make the new world I have blogged about. We could take what we actually know and develop new things that would blunt this coming boundary change, but it seems like our rulers have decided to keep all this for them self's.

It has always been that way. Knowledge was dangerous for those who rule.

 I am not a betting man, but what do you think the chances of this happening (the good and enlightened part)? If things could be less than zero, I think that is where the chances would be!

Perhaps there may be something to this  evolutionary leap and Galactic Cosmic Rays? Does mankind every once-in-a-while get a good shot of enlightened brain power? Are we seeing this as people are waking up to the fact that we are being used and abused? Are the pitch forks coming out? Well that remains to be seen. But as in the song:

"Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin". Listen on YouTube at this URL.

So where do we go from here. Do you actually believe anything I have blogged? Does it matter to you or is it all hog wash and fantasy? One thing is for certain, and that is if what I are writing about is true, you will be in a world of hurt if you ignore all those Galactic Cosmic Rays going through your brain.

If you don't believe this perhaps you need to be like Pascal:

Pascal's Wager about God. Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) offers a pragmatic reason for believing in God: even under the assumption that God's existence is unlikely, the potential benefits of believing are so vast as to make betting on theism rational.

AND NO, my blog is not god like!! LOL It's just betting about the likely outcome that we will see a new Ice Age and about this boundary we are crossing. It's your bet so wager on.

So to sum it all up, there has been and is  continuing to be a large ramp up of Galactic Cosmic Rays. This increase tell us three things:

  1. Humans are being exposed to more Galactic Cosmic Rays
  2. We are seeing increase in clouds which reflect the suns energy back into space
  3. The cosmic plasma stream that feeds the sun is weakening
One is perhaps good for human cognitive development. Two and three not so good as it is looking like we are descending into a new cold part of the present ice age we live in.

As I have blogged about in the past almost 80 plus blogs we are and will soon to be experiencing  a perfect storm. All the cycles that cause cooling are coming together. We are looking at the following:

  • 400 year or greater Grand Solar minimum cycle
  • Not talked about in this blog but a magnetic reversal of the earths magnetic field. Nasty thing could happen during this reversal. Perhaps talked about in another blog.
  • Magnetic cancelling of the suns magnetic fields
  • Increase in clouds
  • Earths magnetosphere becoming weaker causing jet streams to wander all over the earth.
  • Intense atmospheric compression which cause biblical weather patters and occurrences
  • Our solar system going into a galactic plasma stream that is weaker and powers our sun.
The above occurrences are happening at the same time and creates the perfect storm. Are not we lucky and for sure we are living in interesting times?

So what will we do. Will it be the end of most of the almost eight billion people on this earth that require warm weather and good crop harvests to actually live? What is coming is a choice. With mans addiction to hate, war and his destructive nature things are not looking good. You and hopefully your community come together and at least take care of your collective self's. From history there is no bailout coming so it is up to you.

It has been cold and a bit icy here in Central Texas. We had a freeze and a hard frost here on my farm. Had to scrape ice from all the windows on my car. The weather gods spent the night in my greenhouse and were complaining about all the horse poo they had to walk through to get there. 

Its time to:

Get your seeds and plant a garden
Look after your family and neighbors
Take care of those who have less than you



I have updated and enlarged the Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum book. I also have the SGSM book and three others at this URL. They all come in a PDF format.

I am plan to keep the paperback book (older version) which was very popular at Amazon at this URL for a bit longer. Its a great book to pass out.

Need Seeds?

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